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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 34 Recap

Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue Zhang Xiufen, the treatment failed. Du Di learned that her mother Zhang Xiufen was brain-dead. She was devastated and vowed to take good care of her sister.

After Du Di took care of Zhang Xiufen’s funeral, Tian Yunshan called her to talk to her. Du Yongfu’s rioting in the hospital had a bad influence. Although Du Di did not identify the sex of the fetus, the hospital must always be a waste. Du Yongfu sued Du Di to the court, Tian Yunshan suspended Du Di for a period of time. Huang Yunling briefly introduced the internal and external problems faced by the Women’s Department, and encouraged Wu Congrui to hold on. The next hospitalization must be hers. Wu Congrui felt that victory was impossible, and she refused on the spot. Huang Yunling advised her not to miss this rare opportunity. Wu Congrui felt that It’s unfair to Du Di, and Huang Yunling can’t be the master.

Du Di picked up his sister from the hospital and went home. Liu Nianbai prepared a full set of baby products and promised to face the next troubles with Du Di. Du Di was enthusiastic. That night, Liu Nianbai and Du Di took care of his sister together. Liu Nianbai was exhausted and napped in the hospital during the day. Wang Ying persuaded Liu Nianbai to return the child to Du Yongfu to avoid endless troubles. Liu Nianbai asked Tian Yunshan to intercede for Du Di, not wanting her to miss the hospitalization because of this, and Tian Yunshan could do nothing.

Du Di placed the ashes of his mother Zhang Xiufen, and Liu Nianbai and Wu Congrui stayed by her side all the time. Du Di wanted to make his mother proud through his own efforts, but he caused her to die early. Liu Nianbai advised Du Di not to take all the blame. On himself, Wu Congrui also encouraged Du Di to cheer up as soon as possible. Li Junxiao came to join Ye Ying, Ye Ying welcomed him warmly and signed a contract with him on the spot.

Zhang Ying and Guo Xiaoting made an appointment to have a baby together and lived in the same ward. Zhang Ying’s mother was worried that Guo Caiting was not right, and asked Huang Yunling to change Zhang Ying’s ward. Now that the ward is tense, Huang Yunling had no choice but to wait until someone was discharged from the hospital to vacate the bed. Zhang Ying and Guo Caiting talked very happily. After Zhang Zilu was forced to divorce Zhang Ying, he looked for Guo Caiting everywhere. Guo Caiting deliberately avoided him.

Ye Ying invited Li Junxiao to dinner and welcomed him back, but Li Junxiao was not happy. Ye Ying took the opportunity to express his heart to him.

Liu Nianbai hurried home after work to help Du Di with everything, both of them were exhausted and exhausted, and his sister suddenly burst into tears, Du Di hurried to make milk, accidentally broke the bottle, Liu Nianbai hurried to go Looking for a spare feeding bottle, my sister shivered again, Liu Nianbai and Du Di were in a hurry to clean up, Wu Congrui came to help in time, and wanted to leave the child to the parents to take care of.

Li Junxiao took advantage of Ye Ying’s drunkenness to copy all the hospital’s customer information, and also found many contracts for illegal operations from the safe. Ye Ying came to the hospital early in the morning and learned that Li Junxiao had not come to work. She found that the contract in the safe was missing, and only then did she realize that the situation was not good.

Liu Nianbai came to Du Yongfu and showed him the photo of his daughter. Du Yongfu thought of his dead wife Zhang Xiufen and wept bitterly. Liu Nianbai took the opportunity to persuade him to withdraw the prosecution against Du Di, and briefly recounted the time when Du Di was in college. hard work and effort. Li Junxiao asked Li Fei to hand over a large bouquet of flowers to Wu Congrui, and left in a hurry. Wu Congrui learned about this and called Li Junxiao immediately. Li Junxiao wanted to go back to work in the hospital in his hometown. He was not worthy of Wu Congrui. , crying and begging him to come back, but Li Junxiao made up his mind. Wu Congrui felt that Li Junxiao was a good doctor and firmly believed that he had a bright future.

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