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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 16 Recap

The man who killed Rong suddenly appeared, transformed into a golden butterfly, and controlled Miss Bai’s horse. The horse suddenly lost control. He ran forward like crazy. Seeing this, Gu Beixi quickly broke the rope and ran towards the carriage. Seeing that the carriage was about to rush into the cliff, Gu Beixi acted swiftly and grabbed the reins. But the horse did not stop, but ran forward more violently. Gu Beixi had no choice but to open the car door and pull out Miss Bai. The two rushed forward due to inertia, and their eyes met, and an inexplicable feeling arose spontaneously. After learning Gu Beixi’s name, Miss Bai seemed very surprised.

Here, Hai Hai and Deng Deng, who were driving for Bai Fu’s concubine, finally controlled the horse, but they felt more and more that something was wrong. Why was there no movement behind them. The two were very suspicious, so they got out of the car to check, but only saw a cat. After the director learned of this, he was furious and asked people to investigate the thief quickly. After seeing the painter’s description of the thief, the squad leader was not at all angry, and vowed to find the sea and Gu Beixi.

Lu Yan found out that it was an phantom who was behind the stumbling block this time, and guessed that the recent disappearance of Yingdu had something to do with her. In the dead of night, thick fog filled the air, and many wounded soldiers came towards Lu Yan, shouting “help me”. Seeing this, Lu Yan shook his head, then waved his hand to eliminate all these phantoms. Lu Yan set up an enchantment to allow him to find the phantom without outside interference. Sure enough, Lu Yan discovered the trail of the ghost. But the phantom swears to the death, and is unwilling to reveal a clue.

The police have found the hotel, but they are one step away from Deng Deng. The three of Deng Deng fled to a hidden place. After calming down, they reviewed today’s affairs. No matter how they thought about it, they could not understand how the aunt of the Bai family disappeared mysteriously. But in order to find Yu Paralyzed, Deng Deng decided to go to Bai Mansion tomorrow. Before that, she had also made a special trip to Lu Yan’s place to ask if what happened today was his fault. Seeing Lu Yan’s repeated denials, Deng Deng naturally did not want to entangle any more. Before leaving, Deng Deng did not forget to warn Lu Yan to stay away from him.

Deng Deng and Da Hai pretended to be servants and successfully infiltrated the White House, and found that the people in the file were very strange. When the two went out, they were accidentally recognized by the team leader. Deng Deng and Hai Hai split up and got rid of the team leader very smoothly. Deng Deng accidentally found some fierce paw prints in an alley. Walking along the paw prints, she saw a pig. On the other side, the sober sea finally turned back into a man, but was recognized and arrested by the police.

Since the last time she was rescued by Gu Beixi, Miss Bai has been obsessed with him. In addition, Miss Bai found out that Gu Beixi had arranged a baby kiss with her, and she couldn’t let it go. But she heard surprising news that Gu Beixi was very similar to the masked robber that day. Just as Miss Bai was about to go out to check, she encountered Officer Zhang questioning Gu Beixi. Miss Bai claimed that Gu Beixi was her friend, which allowed him to escape.

Deng Deng was very anxious when he learned that Da Hai was arrested by the police station. After thinking about it, she decided to turn herself in and return to the sea. In fact, Deng Deng also wanted to take a gamble. She felt that Chief Bai might also want to find those missing people, so she planned to go to the police station as a hunter. But if this plan doesn’t work, she still has Lu Yan to help.

At this time, the sea has been tortured by Director Bai to such a degree that there are wounds all over his body. In fact, Director Bai also guessed that the sea that had only been in Yingdu for a few days would have much to do with the disappearance case, but now he was staring at him, and he urgently needed to find a murderer to solve this urgent need.

Director Bai was just about to ask Da Hai to sign the letter of incrimination, but Deng Deng suddenly turned himself in. At the beginning, Deng Deng deliberately angered Director Bai and made him interested in listening to his next words. Deng Deng told everyone that Yingdu did have the spirit clan, and he and the sea were the hunters who solved the spirit clan. But Director Bai didn’t seem to believe her words.

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