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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 30 Recap

Since he couldn’t get Lu Anran’s heart, Mu Ze simply wanted to get her body, but Lu Anran was not afraid of it, and told Mu Ze that she would drink the coldest thing on the night of her marriage, and she would never be pregnant in her life. Mu Ze didn’t know why Lu Anran hated him so much, but he once promised to grow old with Lu Anran and make Lu Anran the happiest woman in the world. Those words were true. In anger, Mu Ze wanted to strangle Lu Anran to death, but in the end it was difficult to do so.

Mu Chuan sent someone to inquire about Mu Ze’s hiding figure, and Shanyue came to him with a wooden carved rabbit lamp. Lu Anran once explained that Shanyue told Mu Chuan that if everything went well for Mu Chuan, she must not compromise when forced to choose. Shanyue handed the rabbit lamp to Mu Chuan for safekeeping, turned and left to find Lu Anran.

In order not to be despised by others and to be recognized by others, Mu Ze did everything possible, but in the end it became a joke. Now that my luck has run out, I can’t change this ending of nothing, but I can only choose how to end the curtain. Looking at Lu Anran who was asleep, Mu Ze made up his mind to end all this. Mu Ze has been a soldier all his life, and has been entangled in the chaotic court and endless tricks for too long. He is not going to retreat today, and plans to fight to the end. Mu Ze didn’t intend to accompany his soldiers to his death, but Nan Xing and other soldiers were unwilling to abandon Mu Ze and were willing to accompany him to the end.

Mu Chuan led someone to chase after him and woke Lu Anran, who was sleeping soundly, in the room. The two noticed that Mu Ze was going to attack the city, and hurried to stop it. At this time, King Qing Mu Ze led his troops into the Dahan Palace and fought desperately against the officers and soldiers guarding the palace. The soldiers around him fell to the ground one by one, and Mu Ze finally fell to the ground with an arrow. Mu Chuan and the emperor came later, but until this moment, Mu Ze also believed that the emperor was never a father, and he only treated himself like an emperor without any warmth. .

Mu Chuan explained to Mu Ze that he was not here to force the palace, but to give himself a break. The emperor was willing to let Mu Ze live, and Mu Chuan left with the seriously injured Mu Ze. Mu Ze came to the dry well where his mother was buried at the end, and begged Mu Chuan to bury himself with his biological mother after his death. Mu Ze asked Mu Chuan to give him a happy life and take his own life. Mu Chuan couldn’t bear to do it, Mu Ze borrowed Mu Chuan’s hand to personally cut himself off, Mu Chuan lost his brother and cried bitterly.

Although King Qing Mu Ze committed rebellion and died, the ministers were still dissatisfied with the emperor’s letting go of the wife and concubines of King Qing’s mansion, and believed that the body of King Qing should be displayed to the public to convince the people. But the emperor felt that Mu Ze was his own flesh and blood, and did not want to involve innocents anymore.

Lu Anran returned to the Qing Prince’s Mansion, looked at the grass and trees here, and thought about everything that happened in the past and this life. The lovers, relatives, and enemies of the past all passed away with Mu Ze’s death. Lu Anran finally let go of everything and started life again. Mu Chuan was also recalling the past between him and Mu Ze. They once agreed that Mu Ze would protect the mountains and rivers of Dahan, and he was responsible for the food and clothing of the people.

Mu Chuan buried Mu Ze and his biological mother, promising to visit them here often in the future. Mu Chuan was established by the emperor as the crown prince, and officially became the real candidate for the throne of the Dahan Dynasty. Before Mu Ze died, he wrote a letter of divorce, hoping that Lu Anran could find another good match. Mu Ze once heard Lu Anran’s dream of her previous life before she fell asleep. In his letter, he left a message wishing to apologize for what he had done in the dream, but Mu Ze also envied Lu Anran’s deep love for him in the dream.

When the dust settled, Lu Anran and Mu Chuan sat on the street and watched the crowds. Lu Anran told Mu Chuan that he had decided to go back to Su City and did not want to stay in Hanjing City, which was full of memories of the past. Mu Chuan was born in a high position, and now he is naturally willing to take on his own responsibilities. Mu Chuan hoped that Lu Anran would be happy now and in the future, and that she would not be entangled by the past, not afraid of the future, and he would always be waiting for her in Hanjing City. The two looked at each other and smiled, said goodbye to each other and turned to leave, hoping to continue the frontier in the future.


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