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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 33 Recap

Du Di’s inspection found that Ma Ruo had obvious side-cut scars, but she insisted that she was the first child. Just when Liu Nianbai, Du Di and others were puzzled, Ma Ru’s husband Lin Dayou took the initiative to come to Du Di to explain the truth. I had a son with Ma Ru 18 years ago. His son died unexpectedly three years ago. Ma Ru was hit hard. Because of his excessive sadness, his temperament changed and he completely forgot that he had given birth to a son. The psychiatrist suspects that Ma Ru has selective amnesia. .

Du Di performed a mental examination on Ma Ru, and her indicators were all normal. Du Di thought it was very strange, so he asked Wu Congrui, Li Junxiao and others to discuss it. , he remembered that Liu Zhenghua had received similar cases. Du Di and Liu Nianbai brought the case of the pregnant woman to Liu Zhenghua for consultation. Liu Zhenghua looked at Ma Ru’s brain imaging examination and found a small tumor in Ma Ru’s brain. It was recommended that the tumor be removed after giving birth. Du Di went to Lin Dayou After consultation, let Liu Nianbai and Liu Zhenghua have a good talk.

Liu Zhenghua asked Liu Nianbai to take time to go home. Liu Nianbai heard that Liu Zhenghua had a cold and brought him special medicine specially. That night, Liu Nianbai quietly returned to his long-awaited home. He came to his room and saw that the furnishings were still there. Liu Zhenghua then bought a box lunch and went home. Liu Nianbai felt distressed that his life was so hard. Liu Zhenghua was used to it. Liu Nianbai complained that he did not take out the video tape sooner. Liu Zhenghua would rather let Liu Nianbai hate him than see Liu Nianbai hate him. His mother, Liu Nianbai persuaded Liu Zhenghua to find a nanny, Liu Zhenghua asked him to move back in, and Liu Nianbai promised to think about it.

Ma Ru successfully gave birth to a boy. She was so happy that she named the child Lin Xiaole. Lin Dayou felt bitter and couldn’t tell. This was the name that their eldest son used. Du Di and Lin Dayou discussed that the tumor in Ma Ru’s brain should be removed as soon as possible to avoid brain damage. Lin Dayou was worried that Ma Ru would remember the death of his eldest son after the operation, and he did not want Ma Ru to return to his previous life as a walking dead. And Liu Nianbai is also in a dilemma.

Li Guang and his mother came to the hospital to make a riot, arguing for Li Junxiao to pay for his life. Tian Yunshan called the security guard to dissuade him. Li Junxiao came over after hearing the news. Li Guang beat him and the security force took Li Guang away. Li Junxiao admitted that he induced labor for Li Guang’s wife at Kaiming Women’s Hospital, but Li Guang had signed the consent form in advance. Tian Yunshan had long heard that the private hospital was in bad shape, and Ye Ying deliberately disclosed Li Junxiao’s work unit to Li Guang Xiang put all the blame on Li Junxiao, and decided to fire Li Junxiao in the consent letter, so as not to bring more trouble to Li Junxiao himself.

Wu Congrui came home from get off work, Feng Yuanhang waited for a long time and wanted to invite her to dinner, but Wu Congrui categorically refused, Feng Yuanhang had to leave, and his parents learned of Feng Yuanhang’s good intentions for sterilization, and persuaded Wu Congrui and Feng Yuanhang to get back together, Wu Congrui didn’t want to go back to the past, Parents are no longer reluctant.

Liu Nianbai thought about it again and again and decided to go out and persuade Ma Ru to have an operation. Liu Nianbai came to visit Ma Ru and her children whenever he had time, and gave them a busy schedule. Lin Dayou saw his intention and made it clear that he would not. Surgery on Ma Ru, and I will be discharged home tomorrow. When Ma Ru heard their conversation, he tried hard to ask the whole story. Lin Dayou tried his best to cover it up. Ma Ru decided to have the tumor resection in Liu Nianbai’s face.

Liu Zhenghua performed the operation on Ma Ru himself. Liu Nianbai, Du Di and others observed in the observation room. The operation took eight hours. Liu Nianbai was worried that Liu Zhenghua’s body would not be able to withstand it. Liu Zhenghua insisted on completing the operation, and the operation was very successful. . Liu Nianbai bowed deeply to express his gratitude to him, and took the initiative to call him “Dad”. Du Di looked at the distant figures of Liu Nianbai and Liu Zhenghua, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Zhang Xiufen caused trachea and digestive tract infection due to long-term intubation, and also developed hydronephrosis. Huang Yunling was worried about the infection of the fetus, so she made a decision to perform caesarean section for Zhang Xiufen. Du Yongfu called Du Di to go, and begged Du Di to save Zhang Xiufen. With his son, Du Di asked to participate in Zhang Xiufen’s operation, but Huang Yunling couldn’t beat her, so she had to let her participate.

Huang Yunling gave birth to the next girl by Caesarean section for Zhang Xiufen, Du Di took the initiative to sew up Zhang Xiufen, Feng Yuanhang and the neonatal nurse picked up the child, Du Yongfu suspected that he was holding the wrong child, Du Di had to admit that he lied to him as a boy, Du Yongfu was angry He slapped Du Di.

When Tian Yunshan heard the news, Du Yongfu knelt on the ground and begged Tian Yunshan to call the shots for him. He listened to Du Di’s words and always thought that Zhang Xiufen was pregnant with a son, which made her suffer so much, and she has not yet recovered.

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