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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 32 Recap

Feng Yuanhang came to the obstetrics and gynecology department for consultation. Huang Yunling persuaded him to explain the real reason for the sterilization to Wu Congrui. Feng Yuanhang wanted to wait until Wu Congrui became the hospital chief. He didn’t expect her to talk about marriage with Li Junxiao so soon. Huang Yunling reminded Feng Yuanhang Tell the truth, otherwise Wu Congrui will regret for life.

Wu Congrui passed by, curious about what Huang Yunling and Feng Yuanhang were talking about, and Huang Yunling told the ins and outs of the matter. Wu Congrui’s last miscarriage was not an accident. She suffers from congenital cervical insufficiency and will have another miscarriage in her next pregnancy. If she wants a child, she must undergo cervical cerclage and stay in bed to protect the fetus.

Huang Yunling told Feng Yuanhang the truth. Feng Yuanhang could not bear to watch Wu Congrui spend such a big price to give birth to a child, and her carefully planned future was completely scrapped. Feng Yuanhang asked Huang Yunling to hide Wu Congrui first, and he resolutely did the sterilization. , took all the responsibility on his own head, did not expect Wu Congrui to be so obsessed with having children, and divorced Feng Yuanhang in a fit of anger.

Wu Congrui was very aggrieved when she learned what happened. She and Li Junxiao both wanted children. Huang Yunling advised her to think carefully before making a choice. Wu Congrui cried to Du Di about his grievances, worried that Li Junxiao would leave her because of this. Du Di persuaded her well, but Wu Congrui couldn’t let it go.

Li Junxiao saw Wu Congrui gloomy and thought she was still angry about her part-time job at Ye Ying’s hospital. Li Junxiao had decided to leave Ye Ying’s private hospital and find a part-time job in a regular medical institution. Li Junxiao wanted to accompany Wu Congrui to dinner after sorting out the case of the pregnant woman he just received. This is an elderly woman who had undergone seven transplants before she became pregnant, but the result was an ectopic pregnancy. Wu Congrui tentatively asked Li Junxiao’s opinion on the Dink family. Wanting his own child, Wu Congrui hurriedly found an excuse to leave first.

Ye Ying’s old classmate Li Guang already had two girls, and his wife was pregnant with the third child. He brought his wife to Ye Ying for an ultrasound, but it turned out that it was a girl again. Li Guang wanted to abort the child, and Ye Ying tried hard to persuade him. To no avail, he was willing to spend more money to kill the child. Li Junxiao came to Ye Ying to resign, and Ye Ying asked him to finish the induction operation. Li Junxiao found out that the pregnant woman was 28 weeks pregnant, and the test results were normal. She refused to induce labor for her. Ye Ying promised to pay Li Junxiao 50,000 yuan. , as long as he performed the operation, he promised to let him go, and Li Junxiao was immediately tempted.

Her parents were busy preparing for Wu Congrui’s wedding every day, and they also listed the guest list for her to look over. After Li Junxiao performed an induction operation on Li Guang’s wife, he found out that it was a baby boy. Li Guang turned his face on the spot, punched and kicked Li Junxiao, and even sued Ye Ying. The security force took Li Guang away. Ye Ying worked hard to keep Li Junxiao and promised him to inherit the family property. As long as Li Junxiao was with her, Li Junxiao categorically refused.

Li Xiaojuan saw that Li Junxiao was beaten with a blue nose and a swollen face, and asked the reason why. Li Junxiao regretted it too much. He performed several operations against his conscience. Very distressed. Wu Congrui suddenly called Li Junxiao. He hurried to the appointment. Wu Congrui told Li Junxiao truthfully about his situation as soon as they met. She didn’t want to drag Li Junxiao down and decided not to get married.

Xiaoke’s body gradually recovered. She was discharged from the hospital today. The couple thanked Lin Wei for his life-saving grace. Lin Wei had already performed 8,000 operations and was about to resign and leave. Xiaoke was his last patient. Colin didn’t make up his mind. Li Junxiao came home from get off work and saw that Li Xiaojuan had left. She broke up with Wang Da and reminded Li Junxiao not to look for her.

Lin Wei proposed to Tian Yunshan to resign, but Tian Yunshan disagreed and advised him not to waste so many years of hard work and efforts, let alone destroy his future. Lin Wei wanted to fulfill his promise to Feng Ke, and he could no longer find a doctor. significance. Tian Yunshan asked Huang Yunling to persuade Lin Wei, but Huang Yunling was anxious and angry. She knew that Lin Wei said she was not interested in being a doctor, but every time she tried her best to do the surgery, and always thought about the patient.

Feng Ke and Lin Wei made a decision before he died. This promise is to make him a good doctor. Huang Yunling persuaded Lin Wei not to let Feng Ke’s hard work. Tian Yunshan gave Lin Wei a long vacation and let him go out to relax. Huang Yunling finally divorced Lu Yu after much trouble, and Tian Yunshan invited her to dinner to celebrate.

Lin Wei packed up and left the hospital. Liu Nianbai came to see him off. Lin Wei handed him the repaired disk and asked him to go back and take a look. Tian Yunshan found a bed for Du Di in the dormitory. Du Di picked up Du Yongfu overnight. Liu Nianbai played the repaired disk, which recorded the video of Liu Nianbai’s birthday every year after his birth. The family of three talked and laughed. Du Di sent Du Yongfu to the subway entrance, bought a late-night snack to share with Liu Nianbai, and Liu Nianbai watched the video with Du Di.

Bai Qing recorded a paragraph at the end of the video. She admitted that she suffered from depression, because she could not balance the relationship between work, family and children, which drove her crazy. She lost herself and wanted to die. I hope Liu Zhenghua and Liu Nianbai can meet to those who love them more. After watching the video of his mother Bai Qing, Liu Nianbai was heartbroken, and Du Di persuaded him to understand the helplessness and despair of a depressed patient.

Liu Nianbai’s eyes were swollen from crying, so he had to wear sunglasses to go to work. Du Di lied that she had swollen Liu Nianbai’s eyes, and Wang Ying couldn’t help making fun of them. Du Di and Liu Nianbai took over Lin Wei’s patient. Lin Wei stated on the medical record that the pregnant woman was carrying the second child, but both the pregnant woman and her husband insisted that this was the first child. Du Di firmly believed that Lin Wei would not commit such a low-level act. I want to call him to confirm after checking the room.

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