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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 14 Recap

If only one of Yun Xi and Lu Yan could live, Yun Xi would choose to let Lu Yan live. Because she believed that Lu Yan would take her Yuan Dan to see Jiuzhou and see for her the day when people and spirits coexist peacefully. Yun Xi cut out his Yuan Dan with a hairpin and injected it into Lu Yan’s heart. Taking advantage of the last breath, Yun Xi summoned A Xin and ordered him to take Lu Yan away and follow Lu Yan’s instructions from now on.

Seeing that A Xin led Lu Yan away smoothly, Yun Xi slowly leaned his body against the bamboo branch. At this moment, she suddenly realized that this is the love between men and women. The living can really die for it. Yun Xi seemed to feel that he had no regrets in this life, and finally left with a smile, leaving only a golden feather.

There is a legend in the spirit clan that as long as a person with Yuandan encloses himself in a mountain with a lake and nourishes the scattered fragments of spiritual consciousness with the power of Yuandan, they can reunite their spiritual consciousness after three thousand years. But this method will cause great harm to those who carry Yuandan, and this is just a legend. But even if it was only one in ten thousand, Lu Yan had to give it a try. Therefore, he placed the spiritual feathers left by Yun Xi in Qingquan Mountain, and he also declared himself in the mountain.

After listening to the stories of Lu Yan and Yun Xi, Deng Deng was no longer afraid, but somewhat admired Yun Xi’s love and righteousness. But she didn’t expect that Lu Yan would stop her in the next second. Lu Yan got the second half of “Millennium Zhenti”, and naturally wanted to know whether Deng Deng was Yun Xi. When Lu Yan waved his hand, some pictures appeared in the air.

In the picture, a spirit feather turned into a little girl. The Yu family passed by and met this little girl, and they were afraid that she was a spirit race. But Mrs. Yu saw that the little girl was about the same age as her dead daughter, so she decided to take her home and raise her as a daughter. Deng Deng was very shocked and didn’t understand why there were two himself. But she didn’t notice that the hairpin on her head was emitting a strange light, and the mark on her forehead was also showing. Lu Yan couldn’t help but smile and let the Yuan Dan in his heart be released. After three thousand years, he finally found Yun Xi and rescued Yun Xi.

But Dengdeng was reluctant to admit that he was Yun Xi, because Yun Xi’s memory was so distant and unfamiliar to her. Deng Deng shook off Lu Yan, walked out aggressively, and returned the hairpin to him. Lu Yan told Deng Deng that this hairpin belonged to Yun Xi and had Yuan energy. If one day she felt threatened, she could easily hurt herself. Hearing this, Deng Deng was a little puzzled, why did Lu Yan give him such an important thing at will.

Lu Yan explained that he was anxious to save her life at the time, and perhaps this was the chance between the two. What is destined will eventually return to the hands of the destined. Hearing this, Deng Deng turned his head shyly and pretended not to believe it. Seeing this, Lu Yan had no choice but to cut his hand with a hairpin to confirm what he said. Deng Deng knew that even if Lu Yan was injured, the wound would heal quickly, but the wound cut by the hairpin could not heal for a long time. Deng Deng thought about it and decided to accept the hairpin.

Lu Yan and Deng Deng took Wuxiang Pills back to the hotel and woke up the passengers one by one. Afterwards, Da Hai and Gu Beixi also returned to the hotel. Everyone carefully questioned the shopkeeper from generation to generation, and learned that her parents and the parents of those children had disappeared in Yingdu for no reason, and they opened this black shop just because they wanted to collect money to go to the police station in Yingdu. Deng Deng was a little moved, and promised to track down the whereabouts of her relatives on her behalf.

The group finally arrived at Yingdu, and Lu Yan also obeyed the agreement with Deng Deng, kept a certain distance from her, and only protected her from a distance. At night, Deng Deng was thinking wildly with the hairpin, and he couldn’t believe that he was a saint. Hearing about this, Hai Hai laughed and laughed, not believing that Deng Deng was a saint. Dahai Ben promised Deng Deng to keep this secret, but Gu Beixi knew it the next day.

Deng Deng, Da Hai, and Gu Beixi sat in the forest to rest, laughing and joking, so unhappy. Suddenly, a heavy rain came. Coincidentally, the three found an umbrella in the desolate forest. Lu Yan’s figure quietly appeared in front of him, and Deng Deng’s heart was full of mixed feelings. On the other hand, Gu Beixi felt equally uncomfortable.

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