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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 12 Recap

A transparent, golden ray of Kun streaked across the night sky, like a dream. People stopped what they were doing, stopped and bowed their heads in prayer. Whenever the spiritual clan with powerful Yuan energy passed away, there would be such a phantom in the night sky of the strange city, showing that they once existed, and turning the last Yuan energy into a blessing and leaving it to the still living spirit clan.

The sky sprinkled many petals, decorating the whole city with a very romantic romance. Lu Yan took a petal and planned to give it to Deng Deng. Unexpectedly, Gu Beixi shot out halfway and snatched the petals. Deng Deng felt a little embarrassed, and hurriedly urged the sea to go quickly. Several people came to Changle Tavern, planning to look for a medicine called Wuxiang Pill.

The Changle Tavern is a place for those Spirit Races who cannot live normally in the human world and whose Yuanneng is very powerful. And this five-spice pill is made from the excrement of the centenary cockroach spirit clan, the wings of the stink bug, and those things that grow on the corpse. But because it is very rare, many Spirit Races want to get it, so they chose a nicer name. Five-spice pills can not only wake up those who are dizzy, but also can be used to invigorate Qi and kidney.

Lu Yan was worried that the identities of several people would be exposed in front of the powerful spiritual clan, so he asked them to wait outside. As soon as Lu Yan left, the three of them hurried to find the whereabouts of the paralyzed child. Entering the tavern, Lu Yan learned that the second half of “The Millennium Zhenti” had been taken away by a giant spirit. Lu Yan hurriedly went to the giant spirit, and exchanged the first-class fluorite with him to get the second half of “Millennium Zhenti”. But at this moment, he suddenly heard something and hurriedly left.

Half an hour ago, Deng Deng, Da Hai and Gu Beixi split up to find Yu Paralyzed. Da Hai and Gu Beixi discovered the secret words left by the paralyzed child, and learned that he seemed to be looking for something, and had already left Qianhe Town. Here, Deng Deng’s human identity was inadvertently discovered, and a group of spirits gathered around and pointed at Deng Deng. A mysterious person cast a spell on Deng Deng, allowing her to “see” the terrifying Eldar with their teeth and claws. Deng Deng only felt a splitting headache, touched the hairpin on his head and shouted Lu Yan’s name. Lu Yan appeared in time and took Deng Deng away.

Da Hai and Gu Beixi, who heard Deng Deng’s shouting, also rushed over, but they were both caught in an illusion. In the illusion, Gu Beixi returned to Qingquan Village and found that everyone in the village had been killed, and Deng Deng was being strangled by Lu Yan. The sea dreamed that he was holding a wedding, and he was a pregnant bride. Before Hai Hai recovered from his surprise, two children gathered around to call his mother.

Gu Beixi, who woke up first, took a sip of wine at the sea, and then woke him up. Gu Beixi took out the amulet that Deng Deng gave him, and found that it had turned gray, and the same was true of the sea. The two quickly got up and went to find Dengdeng. At this time, Deng Deng was being taken by Lu Yan to the forest outside the city, and then the two came to a cave together. At this point, Deng Deng simply had a showdown with him, saying that he knew the reason why he had been following him. Speaking of this, Lu Yan couldn’t help but fall into memory.

On the battlefield 3,000 years ago, Lu Yan’s team fell into the illusion of the Spirit Race on the march and began to kill each other. Zhu Rong suddenly appeared and attacked Lu Yan ruthlessly. At the critical moment, Yun Xi descended from the sky and rescued Lu Yan.

Yunxi told Lu Yan that in the past, she and the Spirit Clan thought that Kyushu and human beings were inferior beings and were the food of the Spirit Clan, but after arriving in Kyushu, she found that everything has a spirit, so she planned to go to Kyushu to find a way to make human beings A way to live in harmony with the Eldar. So, under the leadership of Lu Yan, Yun Xi came to Kyushu and saw the customs and feelings of the land of Kyushu.

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