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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 11 Recap

The thief looked solemn, indicating that Lu Yan was more terrifying than the hunter. He told Deng Deng that three thousand years ago, there was a decades-long war between the Eldar and the human race, which caused all beings in the world to be wiped out and bloodshed. At that time, Gu Shu newly appointed a young general, who ended the war between people and spirits with one person, so he was called “General Yan” by later generations. And this General Yan is naturally Lu Yan.

According to legend, General Yan fell in love with the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Race, and was hunted down by the Spirit Race, so he was seriously injured. In order to save him, the Holy Maiden of the Spiritual Race dissected her Yuan Dan to him. After obtaining the Priestess’s Yuan Dan, General Yan’s cultivation level soared and he became half-human and half-spirit. Deng Deng understood, it turned out that Lu Yan really had an old friend. The sea on the side sounded excited, and asked the thief what happened to the saint.

The Holy Maiden’s Yuan Dan was originally the source of energy for the Spiritual Race. After she lost her Yuan Dan, her cultivation was greatly reduced. In the end, her Golden Crow Divine Bird was injured and her spiritual consciousness dissipated. However, there are rumors that three thousand years ago, General Yan wanted to reunite the saintess’ spiritual consciousness, so he placed a remaining spiritual feather of the saints in Qingquan Mountain.

And he is also self-proclaimed there, nourishing and offering spiritual feathers with Yuan Dan every day, suffering day and night, only for the saintess to reshape. Deng Deng remembered what happened when he was a child, and couldn’t help but suspect that the divine bird that his father brought back to him was the Holy Maiden. Deng Deng suddenly collapsed on the ground in fright, and finally wanted to understand why Lu Yan wanted to kill him. Now that Lu Yan is in Qianhe Town, Deng Deng decides to run away immediately.

Gu Beixi quietly came to Lu Yan’s room and warned him that it’s best not to move Deng Deng, or he would let him go. Afterwards, he rode on a steed to chase Dengdeng and the sea. On the way, a child suddenly stopped him and took Gu Beixi’s purse. Gu Beixi and Deng Deng chased after them, but they ran into a girl who saw the injustice and drew her sword to help. When the girl heard that the three were going to Flower Town, she invited them to stay in her own hotel. Unexpectedly, the three of them met Lu Yan at the hotel.

For self-defense, Deng Deng and Hai Hai cut up the “spirit grass” bought on the road, made a sachet, and hung it around their waists. However, as long as they saw Lu Yan, the two were still frightened. But Dengdeng’s purpose is that even if he dies, he shouldn’t be a starving ghost. But she was helpless, so she could only order some vegetarian dishes. Seeing this, Gu Beixi offered to exchange money for her sachet. Of course Denden readily agreed.

When going out, Lu Er gave Deng Deng and Da Hai an amulet each, but Deng Deng felt that he had spiritual blood and didn’t need it, so he gave his amulet to Gu Beixi. Gu Beixi held the amulet, deliberately showing off loudly, and mocking Lu Yan secretly. But before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt that his throat was blocked by something, and he couldn’t make a sound.

Deng Deng stood up immediately and asked Lu Yan to withdraw the spell. Lu Yan was helpless, so he had to get up and go upstairs, and reminded Deng Deng to pay attention to safety at night. It was originally a word of relief, but Dengdeng was very flustered when he heard it, thinking it was Lu Yandu’s own warning. In the middle of the night, Hai Hai was too hungry, so he planned to go out to find food, but when he opened the door, he saw Gu Beixi sleeping at the door. Deng Deng was a little soft-hearted, so he let Gu Beixi go into the room to rest.

Da Hai came to the kitchen boldly and found a child playing. When he went to the sea to check, he found Yu Paralyz’s belongings in the child’s place. The child told the sea that this thing was picked up from the strange city from generation to generation. Dahai hurriedly told Deng Deng and Gu Beixi about the matter, and the three decided to get up immediately and set off for Wei City. But as soon as he went out, he saw A Chang and A Xin teaching the girl, and Lu Yan didn’t know when he appeared behind him. After some tossing, Deng Deng finally realized that this spirit grass was useless at all.

Lu Yan told a few people that the girl was a spirit clan, and she had transformed this hotel to steal passengers’ money at night. Lu Yan invited Deng Deng to go to Wei City together to find something that could save these passengers, but Gu Beixi and Da Hai needed to stay. Deng Deng thought about it and agreed to Lu Yan, but she asked Da Hai and Gu Beixi to follow. Lu Yan was helpless and had to agree.

The strange city under the night was very lively. In order to hide people’s eyes and ears, Lu Yan dressed the three of them as spirits. After walking around for a long time, Deng Deng and Hai Hai felt that this place was no different from the human world, and felt a little more relaxed. Lu Yan brought a copy of “Hundred Spirits” and introduced the spirits to Deng Deng.

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