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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 29 Recap

Mu Ze learned that King Yi was preparing for the lantern lighting ceremony, and there were a lot of goods entering and leaving the house, but one thing was very suspicious of phosphorus powder. Mu Ze guessed that King Yi planned to attack Mu Chuan at the Lantern Lighting Ceremony, and planned to take advantage of this matter.

Now that Xiao Jingque’s title of princess is dead in name only, Mu Ze handed over the account book in the mansion to Lu Anran to take care of it. Although he couldn’t accompany Lu Anran to keep her year old on New Year’s Eve, Mu Ze arranged for the servants to hang up the room full of rabbit lanterns to make her happy. He hoped that Lu Anran could treat himself as a family member, never betray him, and at the same time promise to belong to them. The day will soon come.

Lu Anran checked the account books of the Fuzhong, and saw that King Qing’s mansion had purchased ten tans of melons from Myanmar half a month ago. Add lots of melon. Lu Anran noticed the problem and looked through the ledger to know that the mansion had purchased a sufficient amount of fireworks, but after a search, he found that the gunpowder in the fireworks had disappeared, and knew that Mu Ze was going to rebel. So he hurriedly asked Xiao Jingque to enter the palace token.

King Yi’s subordinates put the poison into the lamp, and only waited for Mu Chuan to burn the lamp and died of poisoning. On the other hand, Mu Ze also arranged everything properly. The lighting ceremony officially started, and the ministers began to light the lights one by one. Afterwards, Mu Chuan hung up the lamp eye, and the singing and dancing banquet began. King Yi waited for the lanterns and candles to burn out. At that time, the phosphor powder would make the entire lantern array disappear without a trace, and when King Qi died of poisoning, he would also die without proof.

The candles burned the ropes, all the lanterns above the ceremony fell, the fire was fierce, and all the ministers and palace maids fled. Mu Ze took the opportunity to ignite the gunpowder lead, and Mu Chuan came to the ceremony to rescue the emperor. He was stopped by Mu Ze. He learned from Mu Ze that King Yi had poisoned himself. Mu Ze changed the poison, but he still planned to kill the emperor and the emperor. King Yi.

Seeing Mu Ze so obliterated his conscience and murdered his father and brother, Mu Chuan seemed to not know Mu Ze. Mu Ze sent his subordinates to besiege the ministers, citing the unexpected death of the emperor and King Yi, and wanted to take the opportunity to seize the throne. In order to protect their lives, the ministers naturally supported King Qing’s enthronement as emperor. Unexpectedly, at this time, another pair of soldiers entered the hall to surround the soldiers of King Qing, and the emperor also appeared, regretting letting Mu Ze’s life in the hall that day.

Mu Ze had never regretted it until now, believing that it was the emperor who forced him to the current situation. He used to be loyal to the monarch and serve the country, but the emperor never put himself in his eyes. At this time, Lu Anran was worried about Mu Chuan’s safety and rushed to the hall, and Mu Ze took the opportunity to hold Lu Anran hostage.

The emperor ordered Mu Ze to be executed on the spot, Mu Chuan begged the emperor to be merciful, and the emperor ordered everyone to let Mu Ze and Lu Anran go. It turned out that the emperor originally wanted to invite Mu Chuan to dinner, but unexpectedly, because the melon eaten by Mu Chuan was contaminated with the smell of gunpowder, an investigation discovered the conspiracy of King Qing and King Yi, and the emperor could arrange in advance to avoid death.

Mu Ze brought people back to the mansion and wanted to take Xiao Jingque away, but Xiao Jingque did not want to be called a rebel and would hide in Tibet for a lifetime. I was willing to go, and then drew my sword and killed myself, paying a heavy price for my love for Mu Ze all my life.

Mu Ze took Lu Anran away, and the entire Qing Palace was full of bleak eyes. Mu Ze had known for a long time that Lu Anran and Mu Chuan had met, and the account book was also used to test Lu Anran, but in the end Lu Anran still showed up to save people when Mu Chuan was in trouble. Mu Ze couldn’t understand why Lu Anran and Mu Chuan fell in love, but chose to come back and marry into the Qing palace, ignoring his sincerity. Although Mu Ze kept saying that he had no choice, every time in Lu Anran’s view, he chose rights and desires, hurting people’s lives and hurting people’s lives.

Mu Chuan will bring the things found in the secret room of King Qing’s mansion, knowing that Mu Ze set up a private mourning hall to worship his biological mother. I also know that Mu Ze has cherished his words and deeds since he was a child. Mu Ze, who came from a humble background, cherished the emperor’s approval from beginning to end. The emperor felt something and asked Mu Chuan to retrieve Mu Ze, and he was willing to give Mu Ze a chance to speak.

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