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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 31 Recap

Du Di opened his heart to Liu Nianbai through Jiu Jin. Liu Nianbai understood the pain and joy in her heart, as well as her ideals and ambitions. The two talked very happily and had a good night.

Li Junxiao learned about the medical examination fee that Wu Congrui paid for Li Xiaojuan and wanted to transfer the money to her. Wu Congrui felt it was not worth mentioning, and couldn’t wait to know the results of Li Xiaojuan’s medical examination. Li Junxiao received the 8,000 yuan remuneration from Ye Ying for the operation, and he was very happy. Li Junxiao suddenly saw Li Xiaojuan coming to work again, and persuaded her to go back to rest.

Du Di and Liu Nianbai came to work together, and they both laughed and slapped as they walked. Li Qiaoer brought her classmate Wang Lu to find Liu Nianbai to see a doctor. Liu Nianbai was still Dr. Gui Pei and had no right to consult alone, so she brought Wang Lu to Lin Wei. Lin Wei and Du Di read Wang Lu’s examination results separately and found that she had ovarian hyperstimulation. , it is a serious complication after ovulation induction and egg retrieval, which may cause permanent organic damage.

Lin Wei suggested that Wang Lu be hospitalized first, then enter albumin and expand the volume for symptomatic treatment, and arrange surgery tomorrow. Wang Lu is still a student and worried about the operation. The fee is too expensive to afford. Li Qiaoer wants to discuss with the counselor tomorrow and let Wang Lu be hospitalized first.

Both Du Di and Lin Wei had treated young girls like Wang Lu who were injured by selling eggs through irregular means. Liu Nianbai heard about this for the first time, and he was deeply sighed. Wang Lu told Li Qiaoer the truth. She had no choice but to sell her eggs because she didn’t have the money for the online loan. Now that she is penniless, she begs Li Qiaoer to borrow money from Liu Nianbai. Li Qiaoer has not paid back the money she borrowed from Liu Nianbai. She is really embarrassed to open her mouth again, but she can’t stand Wang Lu’s softness.

Du Di came to inform Wang Lu of the operation tomorrow and asked her immediate family to sign. Wang Lu begged Du Di to save her, and she wanted to get married and have children. Du Di reminded her not to do stupid things in the future, otherwise it would cause irreparable damage. After work, Li Junxiao came to Ye Ying’s Kaiming Women’s Hospital for a consultation. A pregnant woman with fatty liver came to see the doctor. Li Junxiao asked her to be hospitalized as soon as possible, otherwise it would endanger the life of the fetus. The pregnant woman suddenly suffered unbearable abdominal pain and vomited. Ye Ying stopped her and sent the pregnant woman directly to Shengji Hospital for surgery.

After Li Junxiao sent the pregnant woman to Shengji Hospital, he left in a hurry. Wu Congrui saw Li Junxiao from a distance and was full of doubts. Li Junxiao hurried back to work at Kaiming Women’s Hospital. Ye Ying didn’t blame him, and promised to let his family get treatment here for free. Huang Yunling performed a caesarean section for the pregnant woman brought by Li Junxiao. Wu Congrui asked the pregnant woman’s husband that Li Junxiao was working at Kaiming Women’s Hospital. She found on the Internet that the hospital was opened by Ye Ying’s father.

Wu Congrui called Li Junxiao, Li Junxiao lied about being at home, Wu Congrui heard clearly from the phone that Ye Ying was going to send Li Junxiao home, and she asked Emperor Du to block Li Junxiao, and saw Ye Ying bring Li Junxiao back with her own eyes. Li Junxiao admitted that he had been in Ye Ying’s private hospital for more than a month. Wu Congrui advised him to leave. Li Junxiao could not leave for the time being, and Wu Congrui left in frustration.

Du Di pressed Li Junxiao bitterly, so he had to tell Li Xiaojuan’s ovarian cancer. Ye Ying agreed to let Li Xiaojuan have surgery in her hospital, Du Di asked Li Xiaojuan to do surgery in Shengji Hospital, but Li Junxiao didn’t have that much money. Du Di explained the situation to Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui was very distressed. He didn’t expect Li Junxiao to hide it from her. Du Di felt that Li Junxiao refused to tell the truth because he loved face.

Lin Wei performed the operation for Wang Lu, and the operation was very successful. Liu Nianbai told Li Qiaoer to do science popularization to the classmates, and never do such silly things again. Du Di followed, and Liu Nianbai disclosed their relationship to Li Qiaoer. Li Qiaoer felt in her heart. Sour. Wu Congrui was upset, and Du Di invited her to eat skewers and drink to relax. Wu Congrui persuaded Du Di to cherish the relationship with Liu Nianbai.

Du Di came to work with Liu Nianbai early in the morning. Liu Nianbai didn’t open the door for a long time. Du Di felt that something was wrong with him and suspected that he was hiding in a golden house. He didn’t expect Du Yongfu to be at his house. Du Yongfu sent his mother back to his hometown. When his mother fell ill, Du Yongfu spent all his savings. He settled down for his mother to visit Zhang Xiufen. He had no money to live in a hotel, so he had to go to Liu Nianbai. Du Di asked Du Yongfu to move out. Du Yongfu kept claiming that he lived in his son-in-law’s house, and Liu Nianbai was also willing to take Du Yongfu in. Du Di was speechless with anger.

Du Yongfu came to see Zhang Xiufen and prayed that the child in Zhang Xiufen’s belly would be born as soon as possible, hoping that Zhang Xiufen would wake up when she heard the cry of the child. Du Di could not bear to blame Du Yongfu when he saw this scene, so he had to leave silently. Wu Congrui went home to discuss with her parents and wanted to use her savings to help Li Xiaojuan pay for the surgery, but her parents were inconvenient to object and urged her to marry Li Junxiao as soon as possible.

Liu Nianbai ordered takeout to eat with Du Yongfu. Du Yongfu wanted to drink some wine. Liu Nianbai was allergic to alcohol, so he used water instead of wine and took the opportunity to ask him about Du Di’s childhood. Liu Zhenghua suddenly came to see Liu Nianbai, and seeing that he and Du Yongfu got along very well, he felt very uncomfortable, and hurriedly made an excuse to leave first.

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