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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 30 Recap

Huang Yunling came to the bar to find Lin Wei as soon as she was a full moon, and discussed Xiaoke’s treatment plan with him. Lin Wei insisted that Xiaoke give up the child for cervical cancer surgery. Huang Yunling repeatedly emphasized that medicine is developing rapidly now, and Xiaoke and Fengke The condition is not the same, as long as Lin Weiken makes efforts, Xiaoke’s mother and son can be kept safe. Huang Yunling knew that after Feng Ke’s death, Lin Wei was completely disheartened, gave up academic research, and only immersed herself in surgery. Huang Yunling encouraged Lin Wei to cheer up and work hard with her for the progress of obstetrics and gynecology, so that more people like Feng Ke could be saved. the same patient.

Lin was not touched by Huang Yunling’s remarks, so he decided to make a change. Huang Yunling was busy with Lu Yu’s divorce recently. Lu Yu refused to leave. . Xiaoke’s husband asked Lin Wei to save his wife’s life and promised to persuade Xiaoke to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, Lin Wei persuaded him to respect Xiaoke’s idea and use the drug with the least impact on the fetus for neoadjuvant chemotherapy first. The success rate of cervical cancer pregnancy can be improved. When it reached 60%, he was not sure. Lin didn’t promise to be responsible for the safety of Xiaoke’s mother and son, so he felt a little relieved.

Du Di told her mother Zhang Xiufen the good news of her love. Zhang Xiufen had been in a coma, and the nurse urged Du Di to pay for the hospitalization fee. Du Di politely declined. Li Xiaojuan did an infertility check-up and the result was ovarian cancer. Du Di came to get the patient’s examination report, saw Li Xiaojuan sitting there in a daze, and offered to help her check the examination results, but Li Xiaojuan categorically refused.

Du Di learned from colleagues in the examination department that Li Xiaojuan had ovarian cancer, and advised Li Xiaojuan to be hospitalized. Li Xiaojuan denied that she was ill and was not allowed to meddle in her own business. Du Di asked Liu Nianbai for help, and Liu Nianbai gave her an idea to give Li Xiaojuan the common sense of ovarian cancer, which made Li Xiaojuan realize that ovarian cancer is not so terrible.

Du Di told Li Junxiao Li Xiaojuan’s condition truthfully, and asked him to persuade Li Xiaojuan to receive treatment. Wu Congrui entered the door and saw Du Di and Li Junxiao were both serious, thinking that they had quarreled. Li Junxiao tried his best to cover up, and quietly asked Du Di not to tell Li Xiaojuan’s condition. Wu Congrui didn’t want to make her troublesome.

Li Junxiao came home from get off work and persuaded Li Xiaojuan to be hospitalized. Li Xiaojuan did not want to implicate Wang Dacheng, let alone spend money on treatment, and wanted to leave the money to Li Junxiao. Li Junxiao promised to cure her disease, and then got married and had children. Li Xiaojuan reluctantly agreed. Huang Yunling came to work after taking maternity leave and wanted to hand over the project in her hand to Lin Wei, but Tian Yunshan agreed.

The general medical staff welcomed Huang Yunling’s return, and Huang Yunling and Tian Yunshan took everyone to the ward round. After the unremitting efforts of Lin Wei and the medical staff, Xiaoke’s condition was stable and she gave birth to her child smoothly. Xiaoke’s husband cried with joy. Huang Yunling handed over the project in his hand to Lin Wei, but Lin Wei did not accept it. He resigned if he wanted to perform 8,000 operations and went to Nepal with Feng Ke’s ashes. This was his promise to Feng Ke. Huang Yunling was a pity for him, but Lin Wei made up his mind.

Ye Ying invited Li Junxiao to visit her private hospital, took the opportunity to persuade him to change jobs, and expressed his heart to him. A girl with cervical erosion came to see the doctor. Ye Ying asked her to undergo surgery. Li Junxiao made it clear that cervical erosion did not require surgery. Moreover, it will cause unnecessary harm to the patient and may cause infertility, but Ye Ying does not take it seriously. As long as she uses the instrument to lightly burn, she can get the operation fee of 8,000 yuan and relieve the heart disease of those girls. Ye Ying’s hospital makes money by treating these unspeakable patients.

Ye Ying promised to give Li Junxiao a high remuneration and let him sign on the spot.

Liu Nianbai came to Liu Zhenghua to ask him how to make more money for Du Di. Liu Zhenghua asked Du Di to help him translate an English medical document. Du Di worked overtime to translate, and soon received the first manuscript fee. Du Di found that the term he had translated before was wrong, so he asked the other party to send the translation for revision, only to find that the error had already been corrected, and the translation was better than hers. The submission was too good, Du Di guessed that Liu Nianbai was secretly helping her.

Du Di gave Liu Nianbai a pair of shoes and sewed his name on them. Liu Nianbai couldn’t put it down. Du Di told her face to face that Liu Nianbai had been helping her revise the translation, and promised to cook to thank him. Liu Nianbai was ecstatic. Take the opportunity to kiss Du Di. Du Di made a large table of dishes with his own hands, and Liu Nianbai ate a lot, and was full of praise for Du Di’s cooking skills.

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