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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 9 Recap

Daqian took Lu Yan’s things to the street and sold them at a low price. In a short while, these worries were swept away. In addition, Da Hai also invited a troupe to sing on the street, and they sang Lu Yan’s ungratefulness. Lu Yan was walking on the street and felt very uncomfortable when he saw this. If you want to determine that Deng Deng is Yun Xi, you must find the second half of the “Millennium Zhenti”. Now that the Spiritual Race is secretly eyeing Deng Deng, Lu Yan can’t let go.

Lu Yan followed Deng Deng to the teahouse and noticed that something was wrong with someone. In order not to startle the snake, he hid to the side to observe in secret. After waiting for a long time, Gu Beixi hadn’t come yet, but the troupe leader brought a little student named Lu, claiming to be dedicated to Deng Deng. Deng Deng was about to divert his attention, so he left Xiaosheng to try one or two. Dengdeng asked Xiaosheng if he could punch. I never thought that this handsome little student actually knew the stuff in the market. When the troupe master saw this, he hurriedly drove the others out.

Taking advantage of the wine, Xiaosheng was about to move his hands and feet on Deng Deng. Lu Yan walked in quietly, and when he saw this, he hurriedly cast a spell to stop Xiaosheng. Deng Deng suddenly thought of something, and told Xiaosheng the story of a big white rabbit and a big stupid rabbit. And this big white rabbit is Lu Yan, and the big stupid rabbit is naturally Deng Deng who was betrayed by the big white rabbit. Talking, Deng Deng burst into laughter. But she herself knew that at this time, she was very uncomfortable.

Deng Deng hated Lu Yan, and even more hated himself for not discovering his true colors earlier. After saying that, she stumbled onto the bed. Seeing Deng Deng falling asleep, Xiaosheng reached out to touch her face. Seeing this, Lu Yan wanted to step forward to stop it, but Gu Beixi suddenly flashed out and beat the little boy. The sleeping Deng Deng is very cute, and Gu Beixi can’t help but feel ripples in his heart when he sees such Deng Deng. Afterwards, Gu Beixi carried Deng Deng into the carriage. In the car, Deng Deng leaned against Gu Beixi’s arms, like a weak kitten.

When they arrived in the forest, there was a sudden movement, and Gu Beixi brought his brothers forward to check. But somehow, they suddenly lost consciousness and walked forward like a walking dead. Lu Yan asked A Xin to follow them, and then planned to take care of Deng Deng. But just as it approached the carriage, a butterfly flew from somewhere. Lu Yan sent the butterfly flying with one palm, and then planned to put a hairpin on Deng Deng. Unexpectedly, Deng Deng suddenly woke up at this time.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lu Yan, and Deng Deng immediately became alert, pushed him away and jumped out of the carriage. Over there, after Gu Beixi and others were rescued by A Xin from the cliff, they hurried to find Deng Deng. Deng Deng didn’t want to have a conflict, so he led the crowd away quickly. A Xin investigated that the phantom spirit energy is low, and it is good at manipulating butterflies. The scales and powder on the body can create the most realistic illusions for humans or spirits. Ordinary people who do not have a lot of determination can easily be tricked. These phantoms are secretive, and it is not easy for humans to detect their presence.

Lu Yan quietly came to Dengdeng’s room with the glutinous rice cake from Li’s second family’s family. Seeing that the room was full of his own portraits, he couldn’t help but have mixed feelings. At this moment, Hai Hai came in with a bag of glutinous rice cakes. While the sea was not paying attention, Lu Yan cast a spell to replace the bag of glutinous rice cakes with his own. Deng Deng seemed to notice something, and let the sea divide the glutinous rice cake. Dahai could see that Deng Deng was seriously injured by Lu Yan’s incident. In order to let Deng Deng come out as soon as possible, he had to signal to Gu Beixi to let him pursue Deng Deng well.

At night, Gu Beixi brought a bowl of nourishing soup to Deng Deng, and chatted with her about his childhood. Deng Deng was amused by Gu Beixi, and his mood was much better. Deng Deng wanted to thank Gu Beixi, but he was annoyed by his words, “I hope there is always something going on in Qingquan Village, so that I can accompany her”, and kicked him out. Seeing Gu Beixi walking away, Deng Deng turned his head to go back to his room, but unexpectedly saw Lu Yan.

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