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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 7 Recap

The leader of the Spirit Race, Zhu Rong, sucked the energy of that Spirit Race, but he felt that it was far from enough. Three thousand years ago, Lu Yan broke into the hall of the Spirit Clan and assassinated Zhu Rong. Zhu Rong was shot through the chest by Lu Yan at the time, and now he can only repair his Yuan Neng by absorbing the essence of others. And he inadvertently learned that Deng Deng had Yun Xi’s Yuan Dan hidden in his body, so he wanted to capture Yuan Dan to resurrect the Black Saintess and lead the entire Kyushu.

After going through all kinds of things, Deng Deng can more or less guess that Lu Yan is not a hunter, but most likely a spirit race. It’s just that Lu Yan didn’t want to say it, and she didn’t want to mention it either. Lu Yan injected Deng Deng with some of his own energy, and handed her a bag of glutinous rice cakes. Deng Deng was very moved, so he approached Lu Yan and sat down.

Deng Deng discussed his funeral with him, and asked him to protect Qingquan Village for himself. Lu Yan comforted Deng Deng that he would never let her have any trouble. Deng Deng became more and more moved, and asked Lu Yan why he was so kind to himself. Lu Yan took this opportunity to mention the keel of the Yu family’s ancestral hall. Deng Deng didn’t quite know what it was, but since it was what Lu Yan wanted, she promised to give it to him.

Gu Beixi was worried about Deng Deng’s body, and he had to go out to find the Spirit Race no matter what. After a long time, A Xin sent back news that Gu Beixi had disappeared. Lu Yan hurriedly went out to investigate the situation and asked A Xin to stay to take care of Deng Deng. Unexpectedly, after a while, Gu Beixi suddenly came back. Deng Deng was very happy, but in just a moment, she realized that the person in front of her was not Gu Beixi. After some testing, Deng Deng was more certain that this person was not Gu Beixi.

Deng Deng hinted that A Xin, the two plan to join forces to deal with this Spirit Race. But A Xin was not the opponent of this Spirit Race, and was knocked to the ground in no time. At the critical moment, Deng Deng took out his hairpin and stabbed the Spiritual Race, forcing him out of Gu Beixi’s body. In order to attract the attention of the spirits, Deng Deng hurriedly ran outside. At this moment, Lu Yan suddenly appeared and stood in front of Deng Deng. Lu Yan shattered the spiritual energy, and the poisoned people finally recovered.

After returning, Deng Deng and Lu Er went to pay homage to Uncle Ya. Deng Deng felt a little emotional. She grew up so big, and she hadn’t gone to pay homage to her mother, and she didn’t even know where her mother was buried. The bright moon hangs high, and the moonlight shines all over the Qingquan Village. Deng Deng went to Lu Yan’s appointment to come to the hospital and gave him the keel. Lu Yan had mixed feelings in his heart and decided to thank her.

Lu Yan asked Deng Deng to sit in the sedan chair and set up a snow scene for her. Dengdeng was very happy, everything in front of her was exactly the same as when she was a child, she seemed to see her mother in front of her. Deng Deng also saw himself when he was a child, and couldn’t help telling her to protect and be filial to her mother. With that said, the mother came out. Seeing that Deng Deng was wearing thin clothes, her mother hurriedly took off her scarf and gave it to her. Deng Deng was very emotional and couldn’t help reaching out to touch his mother’s face.

Walking out of the sedan chair again, Deng Deng returned to reality, only to feel mixed feelings in his heart. She hugged Lu Yan tightly and thanked him. Lu Yan looked at the moon and invited him to go down the mountain for a lantern festival on the night of the full moon. It was rare that Lu Yan took the initiative to invite, and Deng Deng of course readily agreed.

A Xin quietly came to the city and set up a spirit gathering array in the designated place, but Gu Beixi discovered it unexpectedly. The old Taoist priest invited told Gu Beixi that what he could do now was to tell that person not to step into the formation. As he said that, the old Taoist also gave Gu Beixi a few bullets that had been cast. Before you know it, the night of the full moon arrives. Deng Deng came to the Lantern Festival happily, but he was suddenly stopped by Gu Beixi. Dengdeng didn’t know what Gu Beixi was talking about, or why he forced himself some bullets.

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