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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 6 Recap

Deng Deng couldn’t untie the wedding dress, so Lu Yan had to step forward to help. But Dengdeng suddenly felt that his body was moving uncontrollably, as if the wedding dress was controlling her. Lu Yan hurriedly used the spell and took off Deng Deng’s wedding dress. When Da Hai and Lu Er heard the movement inside, they thought Lu Yan was bullying Deng Deng, and hurriedly pushed the door in. The strange thing was that the wedding dress was hanging on the wall, and there was thick black smoke around.

Lu Yan told everyone that the black smoke sucked the consciousness and essence of those people, and also poisoned them, so those people would become old and demented, like a monster. If you want to save these people, you have to find the black smoke as soon as possible and put it out. Deng Deng suddenly remembered that these poisoned people had never touched their wedding dresses, but she had touched their belts. Coincidentally, Lu Er also has such a belt, and this belt was brought by Boss Bu.

These people wore belts all day, and were sucked away by the Spirit Race, so they became like this. But Deng Deng also wore a wedding dress all day, but nothing changed, she couldn’t help but feel a little strange. Lu Yan reached out and took off the hairpin on Deng Deng’s head, and then her hair turned white in an instant. Deng Deng was a little flustered in her heart, but in order to stabilize everyone, she pretended to be calm, firmly believing that she and Lu Yan would be able to find the Spirit Race.

On the way, the two met Gu Beixi. Deng Deng was also worried that Gu Beixi would stay in the village to make trouble, so he agreed to follow him. Entering the city, Lu Yan used his mana to find the whereabouts of Boss Bu. Deng Deng went out to inquire about the situation first, but was called a grandma by a child. Deng Deng was a little angry, but she accidentally saw that her white hair was getting more and more.

While Deng Deng was away, Gu Beixi declared his sovereignty to Lu Yan, saying that Deng Deng was his own woman. Having said that, he also wanted to use some methods to eliminate evil spirits and exorcise Lu Yan, but none of them worked. Lu Yan warned Gu Beixi that if he delays time like this, Deng Deng will die faster. Hearing this, Gu Beixi had no choice but to give up.

After searching for a long time, there was no sign of Boss Bu. But Lu Yan clearly felt that Boss Bu’s energy was here. Several people waited for a while, and Boss Bu came on stage. However, after a while, his face was covered with strange lines, his body was twisted, and his hair instantly turned white. When everyone saw this, they quickly hid back, but the door was suddenly closed. Lu Yan hurriedly cast a spell to open the door, allowing the crowd to escape. Deng Deng accidentally bumped into Uncle Ya and hurriedly sent him out.

The few people who didn’t have time to go out were trapped in a cocoon by Boss Bu casting a spell. By the time everyone escaped, Boss Bu had long since disappeared. Several people came to the backyard and found Boss Bu. Boss Bu admits that he is a spiritual race, and those clothes do have his own energy attached to them. They can absorb people’s fat, but they can’t absorb the essence. Although Boss Bu was crazy at this time, what he said was somewhat believable. As for why he suddenly appeared in public, Boss Bu explained that it was because the camera flash under the stage suddenly stunned him.

At this time, Deng Deng found Uncle Ya’s camera outside. Just when she felt sorry for Uncle Ya, she didn’t know that danger was approaching her. Uncle Ya slowly approached Deng Deng and wanted to do something to her. Fortunately, Lu Yan appeared in time to stop him. Lu Yan told Deng Deng that it was not Uncle Ya who was in front of him, but the Spirit Race who had transformed into Uncle Ya’s appearance. With that said, the Spirit Race turned into a cloud of black smoke and disappeared in front of everyone.

Several people went to Uncle Ya’s photo studio to find clues and found photos of those who were poisoned. A Xin guessed from this that the Spirit Race may have released toxins when taking pictures, and then used the toxins as a medium to inhale the energy of the poisoned person into his body, and Deng Deng Xu was not completely because of his special constitution. trick. At this moment, news came from the eyeliner, saying that some clues had been found. But at this time, Deng Deng is already old and powerless.

When they came down the mountain to their destination, they only saw the bones of those beggars and Uncle Ya. Seeing that Deng Deng was physically weak, Lu Yan proposed to rest here. After sitting down and checking carefully, Lu Yan realized that Deng Deng’s body had already been riddled with holes, but she had been holding on.

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