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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 10 Recap

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Lu Yan, and Deng Deng was a little flustered, so he hurriedly passed him and walked into the room. Deng Deng clenched his fists, implying that he was more awake. Lu Yan looked down at the bottle in his hand, sighed softly, and then quietly left Qingquan Village.

The next morning, Deng Deng opened the door and saw the bottle. She suddenly remembered that Lu Yan heard that she had a toothache last night, so he came here to deliver medicine. Just thinking about it, the sea rushed over. Deng Deng walked forward with the bottle, handed the bottle to the sea, and asked him to distribute the medicine in it to the brothers.

As soon as she entered the door, Lu Er told Deng Deng with a solemn expression that her father was missing. The father in Deng Deng’s eyes felt itchy after three days without gambling, and he has been missing for half a month now, which is really unusual. In order to find out his father’s whereabouts, Deng Deng decided to go to Yingdu. On the way to Yingdu, you will pass through a strange city.

It is said that it is a different space between Qianhe Town and Yingdu. Only the spirits can enter and exit. Many spirits do business and live in it. Although humans cannot come and go in this place at will, once there are spirits, it will be dangerous. But Deng Deng and Da Hai insisted on going, so Lu Er had to agree.

When Lu Yan learned of this, he hurriedly called A Chang and A Xin to clear the obstacles on the road in advance. Before Qingquanzhai refused to help, Yanhuozhai held a grudge for this. When he heard that Dengdeng was going to go out, he gathered a crowd of horses to guard the road. Unexpectedly, without waiting for Dengdeng, he was tortured by Lu Yan.

After leaving Qingquan Village, Deng Deng walked forward quickly, looking very anxious. But the sea on the side can always ask some questions, it seems to be deliberately slowing down Deng Deng’s pace. Just as he was talking, Gu Beixi suddenly came from behind, claiming that he was going to Yingdu to see his doll kissing the bride. Deng Deng was naturally reluctant to go with him, but Da Hai and Gu Beixi were singing in harmony, so she had to agree.

The journey is long, Deng Deng has already made a plan, and needs to rest at Luo Wu Village tonight. They had long guessed that the people from Yanhuo Village would be ambushed in front of them, but they didn’t expect that they would not be greeted by a fight, but by the warm hospitality of Yanhuo Village. Dengdeng was a little puzzled at first, but since he came, he was at ease and followed Yanhuo Village. On the way, Gu Beixi felt more and more strange. After some further questions, he realized that it was all Lu Yan’s actions.

The group came to Qianhe Town smoothly, Deng Deng and Hai Hai hurriedly found a restaurant to have a full meal. But after that, the two of them were worried. Although they brought enough dishes and the food they just ate was not expensive, because they gave Yanhuo Village a bag of money, they really didn’t have that much money now.

The two searched for a suitable foot shop on the street, but unexpectedly won the lottery and stayed in the most luxurious hotel in the city at a low price. Deng Deng didn’t think much, followed the boss into the room. As soon as the door was opened, a plate of glutinous rice cakes came into view. Deng Deng tasted a piece excitedly, and somehow remembered Lu Yan.

After packing up, the sea came to find Deng Deng to go out to play with. Seeing that there is a ring game, Dengdeng stepped forward to try it. She set one standard, and the onlookers couldn’t help applauding and cheering, and Deng Deng was also very happy. But what she didn’t know was that Lu Yan was standing upstairs at the moment, watching her every move with doting eyes. The boss said that Deng Deng had too many items, so he offered to exchange it with money. Now, the problem of the wallet is solved, and Deng Deng can’t stop laughing.

Just as the two were happily preparing to return to the hotel, they met a thief by accident. Because of Lu Yan’s secret help, Deng Deng and Hai Hai quickly sensed the existence of the thief, and hurriedly put down their things and chased after them. The thief who was caught huddled in the corner and shivered like a frightened deer.

Deng Deng quickly stepped forward to check, and found that the thief was actually a spirit race. The thief told Deng Deng that he was entrusted by General Yan to send them money. Deng Deng recalled the experience along the way and felt that what the thief had said was true. Deng Deng didn’t want to get involved with Lu Yan, so he let the thief leave with the money. But the thief said that if he did not complete the task, the family and the young were afraid that their lives would not be guaranteed.

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