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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 28 Recap

Lu Anran could not accept Mu Chuan’s arrangement to leave, because she knew that she could not face the pain of losing Mu Chuan from the last time Mu Chuan faked his death, so she did not want to leave Mu Chuan alone. When Mu Ze lost the news of Lu Anran, he thought she would never return to the Qing palace again, but when he saw Lu Anran returning to the mansion, he embraced Lu Anran.

Mammy told Emperor Xiao Jingque that he knew about the past between Lu Anran and Mu Chuan. If the emperor knew that Lu Anran was lying between Mu Chuan and Mu Ze, causing the palace to be uneasy and the brothers separated, the emperor might take action against Lu Anran. Xiao Jingque made up her mind to let Lu Anran and Mu Chuan be buried with her brother. Xiao Jingque came to the palace and forced his way into the imperial study to complain about his injustice, claiming that his brother Xiao Ying was wrongly killed.

In front of the emperor, Xiao Jingque said that Lu Anran had been in love with King Qi since he married into the Qing palace, and he instigated the relationship between Mu Ze and Xiao Ying in every possible way. In the end, his brother Xiao Ying was designed by Lu Anran and killed by Mu Ze himself. When the emperor heard about this, he was furious at what Mu Ze and Lu Anran had done, and said that he would give the Xiao family an explanation.

The emperor summoned Mu Ze and Lu Anran, and Mu Chuan also learned about it later, knowing that if the emperor knew that Xiao Ying’s death was related to Lu Anran, he would definitely not let Lu Anran go. The emperor met Mu Ze and Lu Anran, charmed the lord with Lu Anran, and ordered him to be beheaded. In order to save Lu Anran, Mu Ze admitted that he killed Xiao Ying, and this matter has nothing to do with Lu Anran. The emperor gave King Qing two choices.

If King Qing was at ease as his King Qing, he could protect his life’s prosperity and wealth, but if he was not at ease with the position of King Qing, and wanted to seize the crown prince, he would drink the wine as a reward. . Mu Ze had always wanted the crown prince position, but he learned that the wine running for the crown prince position was poison through the intestines, and Mu Ze obeyed the emperor’s advice and agreed to be the king of Qing. However, the emperor asked him to give Lu Anran the bowel-piercing poison. Otherwise, he would lose the position of King Qing. Facing the position of King Qing and Lu Anran, Mu Ze was in a dilemma, but in the end he still gave Lu Anran the wine.

Lu Anran knew that Mu Ze would never have a chance to be with the throne after today, so he had no regrets and was willing to drink. At the critical moment, Mu Ze hesitated to block the wine glass. Mu Chuan came to the palace to overturn the wine glass in Lu Anran’s hand, and presented the memorial for taking over the military power in Gyeonggi. Mu Chuan never wanted to understand whether he should escape reality and be a cowardly and incompetent person, or whether he should hold the power and become the person he least wants to be. But he has people who do everything in their power to protect them. Since he can’t watch the people he cares about as a mermaid, he wants to work hard to become the person who dominates the fate of others.

Mu Chuan believed that this turbulent and clear-cut ceremony should not be reduced to an execution ground, and that no one should die here without being convicted. The emperor agreed to Mu Chuan’s request and spared Lu Anran’s life. Afterwards, Eunuch Li was asked to read out the imperial decree to make Mu Chuan the general of Huaihua and command the heavy army of 30,000 Gyeonggi.

Mu Ze lost his lifelong desire overnight, thinking that Lu Anran’s calm expression was mocking him. The position that is so close at hand is no longer available, but it is easily accessible to others. Mu Ze is reluctant to accept the glory and wealth of his life as King Qing, and vows to remember today’s shame, and let those who shamed themselves spend their blood. repay.

After Mu Ze returned to the mansion, he found Xiao Jingque and killed the mother who was protecting her in front of her. Xiao Jingque now recognizes Mu Ze’s true face, and knows that even if Mu Ze becomes emperor, there will be no way for the Xiao family to survive when she is so cold. Xiao Jingque regretted that she insisted on marrying Mu Ze, which led to the death of her brother, who did not like party disputes. Seeing Xiao Jingque cursing that no one truly loves him anymore, Mu Ze was angry and wanted to kill her, but Lu Anran stopped him because the princess was pregnant.

After confirming that Xiao Jingque was indeed pregnant, Mu Ze warned him to leave. Xiao Jingque wondered why Lu Anran had rescued him. Lu Anran said that Xiao Jingque was very much like an old person he knew. She couldn’t bear Xiao Jingque to save her like this. Xiao Jingque didn’t know that Lu Anran stayed by Mu Ze’s side only to deal with him.

The wheel of fate finally pushed Mu Chuan to the opposite of Mu Ze. Mu Chuan asked Lu Anran to meet in private. In order to avoid being followed, Lu Anran came to Buzhuang to meet Mu Chuan. It is difficult for two lovers to take care of others and embrace each other. Mu Chuan didn’t want to waste time and miss the relationship between the two. He didn’t want to avoid reality and wanted to take the initiative to fight for power in the DPRK. Although he took risks, he only hoped that things would end as soon as possible. Mu Chuan also hoped that Lu Anran could believe in him. .

As New Year’s Eve approached, Mu Chuan recommended himself to be the person who lit the eye of the lamp in the lantern ceremony, praying for the emperor and Dahan to light the lamp. Although King Yi opposed and supported by King Qing, the emperor finally decided to appoint Mu Chuan to light a lamp to pray for blessings. After this incident, the officials around King Yi also reminded him that his real rival for power was Mu Chuan. After all, the emperor really liked Mu Chuan, the King of Qi. Then the officials gave King Yi an idea to kill Mu Chuan while he was preparing for the lighting ceremony.

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