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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 29 Recap

Yingying recovered very well after giving birth. She suddenly developed a lot of rashes on her body. After several days of applying medicine, it didn’t work. Wang Ying asked Director Zhao of the dermatology department for consultation. Director Zhao gave her a series of tests such as allergens. No abnormality was detected. Liu Nianbai found that there were also many rashes on the neck of the newborn, and Liu Nianbai came to Liu Zhenghua for help.

In the past few days, an academic seminar is being held. Liu Zhenghua invited the most well-known experts in the country to consult Zhang Xiufen. They were all helpless and could only expect a miracle to happen. Liu Zhenghua admired Du Di’s persistent professionalism and worried that she would ignore her family. Nianbai thought clearly, Liu Nianbai was ready to advance and retreat with Du Di, Liu Zhenghua told him to be kind to Du Di and her family, Liu Nianbai just wanted to ask Liu Zhenghua for advice, but Wang Ying had already told Yingying about her allergy Liu Zhenghua, Liu Zhenghua suspected it was caused by a detergent allergy.

Liu Nianbai packed up the newborn’s underwear and detergent and prepared to take it for testing. He accidentally saw a mother and baby energy stone from a friend. He also took it for testing. It was found that the energy stone had nuclear radiation. A radiation test was conducted, and Liu Nianbai and Yingying’s family of three were transferred to the isolation ward.

Du Di came to see Liu Nianbai and greeted him through the door. Du Di never dared to pretend to be his girlfriend. She felt that she was not worthy of Liu Nianbai, and there was an insurmountable gap between them until Liu Nianbai was isolated. , she really realized the worry and reluctance to Liu Nianbai, Du Di decided to wait for him to come out and open their relationship, Liu Nianbai was ecstatic, Liu Zhenghua came to see Liu Nianbai, saw Du Di and Liu Nianbai chatting hotly, quietly left.

Li Junxiao invited Wu Congrui to a high-end restaurant for dinner, Du Yongfu suddenly sent a message to Wu Congrui, Wu Congrui left without eating, and Li Junxiao took the opportunity to kiss her. After Wu Congrui left, Ye Ying came to Li Junxiao. Liu Nianbai was finally released from isolation, and Du Di came to pick him up. Liu Nianbai couldn’t help hugging Du Di tightly, and took pictures with her and posted them on the Moments. Liu Zhenghua gave them a like at the first time.

Du Di felt that something was wrong with Lin Wei recently. As long as Xiaoke was mentioned as a patient, he became hysterical. Liu Nianbai revealed that Lin Wei’s wife was in the same situation as Xiaoke. After Lin’s marriage, he and his wife Feng Ke are in love with each other, but he leaves early and returns late every day. He doesn’t even have time to celebrate his wedding anniversary. Feng Ke has no complaints and fully supports his work. A large table of dishes was specially prepared for him to celebrate. Lin Wei hurried home before twelve o’clock. He vowed to take Feng Ke on a trip after he was promoted to director.

The hospital invited gynecological experts from other hospitals to talk about the treatment plan for pregnancy complicated with cervical cancer. The experts talked about the newly admitted cases. Lin did not find the patient’s wife Feng Ke. Feng Ke underwent ovarian cystectomy in Shengji Hospital, and finally became pregnant. The child, Feng Ke insisted on preventing the miscarriage despite the objections of experts.

The reason why she went to see a doctor in another hospital was because she did not want Lin Wei to be burdened. Lin Wei learned about Feng Ke’s condition in detail from the attending doctor. The cancer cells in Feng Ke’s uterus have spread. Even if the pregnancy is terminated to treat cervical cancer, the uterus must be removed. If he wants to save the child, Feng Ke will die before the child grows up.

Lin Wei tried hard to persuade Feng Ke to remove the uterus, but Feng Ke firmly disagreed. In addition to studying Xiaoke’s condition every day, Lin Wei kept performing operations until he was exhausted and refused to stop. Liu Nianbai saw that he wanted to use work to numb himself, so he persuaded him nicely. Lin Wei will never forget that day. Feng Ke fought against the disease for two months and asked Lin Wei to help her take a video as a souvenir.

Feng Ke died shortly after due to the deterioration of her condition. Since Feng Ke’s death, Lin Wei has been afraid to open the video taken before Feng Ke’s death. Feng Ke learned from Director Zhang that the tumor had spread to the abdominal cavity. She knew that her time was short, so she said goodbye to Lin Wei through the video. Lin Wei burst into tears after watching Feng Ke’s video.

Li Xiaojuan wanted to marry Wang Dacheng, so she quietly came to Wu Congrui for help, wanting to check whether she could be pregnant, Wu Congrui agreed, and quietly paid Li Xiaojuan. Lin Wei explained the treatment plan to Xiaoke in detail. Xiaoke did not accept anti-cancer treatment and was worried that it would affect the development of the fetus. Lin Wei explained the stakes to her, but Xiaoke did not let go, and Lin Wei took out Feng Ke’s deathbed. In the video, Xiaoke persuaded Xiaoke not to risk her life to protect her child.

Du Di, Liu Nianbai and Wu Congrui forcibly drag Lin Wei out of the operating room and take him to a bar to relax. Liu Nianbai performs a talk show and discloses his love relationship with Du Di. Du Di blushed with shame. Nurse Li Fei She has been secretly in love with Liu Nianbai, she cried sadly, and she no longer fans Liu Nianbai because of her anger.

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