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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 28 Recap

Du Di slept in a daze. She came to the hospital overnight and saw Wu Congrui helping her mother clean up the bedsore. She was deeply moved. Du Di woke up Liu Nianbai, who was dozing on the bench in the corridor, and told him to go back to rest first. . Wu Congrui helped Zhang Xiufen clean up the bedsore. Seeing that Du Di had been waiting for her, Du Di thanked her. Wu Congrui treated Du Di as a good sister, which is what she should do.

Huang Yunling had a dystocia and needed an operation, Lu Yu refused to sign, Tian Yunshan decided to perform the operation on Huang Yunling, Huang Yunling asked Wu Congrui to do the surgery, Tian Yunshan could not beat her, so he had to let Wu Congrui come to power, Tian Yunshan sat on the side for her, Du Di cheered for Wu Congrui, Wu Congrui calmly did it for Huang Yunling After a caesarean section, a girl was born smoothly. Wu Congrui asked Du Di to sew up Huang Yunling.

Li Junxiao recently went out to solicit clients in addition to going to work. Wu Congrui couldn’t see him for a few days in a row. He didn’t know what he was doing. Huang Yunling asked her to ask Li Junxiao in person. Wu Congrui was afraid of marriage, and Huang Yunling persuaded her kindly. Du Di accidentally saw Ye Ying driving Li Junxiao back, and hugged Li Junxiao before getting out of the car. Du Di wanted to tell Wu Congrui, but he didn’t want to make her sad.

Since Liu Nianbai started the perinatal depression project, few people have been interested in it. He had to recommend it to pregnant women, but he ran into obstacles everywhere. You can do the test quietly, and Liu Nianbai opens the plug.

Liu Zhenghua announced one thing at the regular meeting. He took out several wards from Shenwai to set up an inter-departmental joint ward to help pregnant and lying-in women with perinatal brain damage. Tian Yunshan didn’t want to let people go, and even brought out Liu Nianbai’s success in making a small program for perinatal depression. Liu Zhenghua still didn’t let go, so Tian Yunshan had to give in.

Liu Nianbai invited Liu Zhenghua to dinner, and asked him to find an expert to consult with Zhang Xiufen. Liu Zhenghua was entangled but had to agree. He felt that Du Di was too strong and devoted himself to work, which was not suitable for family and marriage at all, but Liu Nianbai recognized Du Di and Liu Zhenghua Also helpless.

Lin Wei received Xiaoke, who was six months pregnant. She was pregnant with cervical cancer. Lin Wei suggested that Xiaoke abort the child. Xiaoke insisted on giving birth and begged Tian Yunshan to help her. Tian Yunshan held an emergency meeting, and also called Huang Yunling, who was meeting in other places. Huang Yunling suggested to follow the pregnant woman’s idea to try to protect the fetus. Lin Wei insisted that Xiaoke should terminate the pregnancy first to save her life. Tian Yunshan also agreed with Huang Yunling’s idea. Lin Wei turned his face on the spot, Hetian Yunshan argued for it.

Xiaoke had another nightmare. She dreamed that her daughter was eating too slowly. She was worried about being late, so she sent her to school without letting her finish eating. Along the way, Xiaoke kept berating her daughter, but she accidentally ran a red light and got into a car accident. die. Xiaoke woke up from a nightmare and begged Wu Congrui to help her keep the child. She had lost her daughter. The biggest wish in her life was to have a child to make up for her regret. Wu Congrui agreed to give it a try.

Wang Ying revealed to Du Di that Liu Zhenghua asked her to go to the joint ward by name. Li Junxiao believed that Du Di was in power through Liu Nianbai’s relationship, but Du Di did not know about it. Li Junxiao sneered at her. Wu Congrui hurriedly called Li Junxiao aside, believing that Du Di was not that kind of person. Li Junxiao suddenly received a call from Ye Ying, and he was so frightened that he hurriedly hid in the utility room to pick it up. Ye Ying pestered Li Junxiao hard, but Li Junxiao categorically refused. He was about to propose to Wu Congrui, and Li Xiaojuan hid in the utility room and slept late. When she heard that Li Junxiao was going to propose to Wu Congrui, she was overjoyed.

Wang Ying’s niece Ying Ying was about to give birth, Su Ye helped her deliver the baby, Liu Nianbai cheered Ying Ying on the side, Ying Ying loved watching food shows, Liu Nianbai talked with her about food from all over the world, and the two chatted hotly. When giving birth, Yingying couldn’t do anything, Su Ye was too anxious to do anything, Liu Nianbai brought a box of hot and sour noodles on a whim to eat in front of the pregnant woman, and Yingying would give birth to a little boy soon. Wang Ying was overjoyed, and distributed wedding candy to her colleagues, and gave Su Ye a voucher for Yingying’s restaurant to express her gratitude.

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