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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 27 Recap

Mu Ze brought Lu Anran to give Xiao Ying the incense. Xiao Jingque was so angry that he wanted to kill Lu Anran. Mu Ze taught her a lesson and warned her not to mess with Lu Anran from now on, but to stay safe in the Qing palace. Live the day, or you’ll end up dead. Lu Anran was not happy, instead, he felt a sense of sadness. Xiao Jingque met Xiao Ying’s loyal subordinates at night, and wanted them to help kill someone. Then Xiao Ying’s men led people to ambush in the forest to assassinate Mu Chuan. Mu Chuan fought the assassin by himself, but he was also seriously injured in the end.

On the other side, Xiao Jingque brought the wine to look for Lu Anran. She was warned by Mu Ze that she did not dare to touch Lu Anran again, but she was also a woman, so how could Lu Anran’s eyes that really love Mu Chuan be hidden. Xiao Jingque simply stated the purpose, she just wanted to let Lu Anran taste what it was like to lose Mu Chuan, only then did Lu Anran know that Xiao Jingque sent someone to assassinate Mu Chuan and hurried to save him.

Lu Anran informed Shen Changqing to save the people, but when he came to Shen’s house, he only saw Mu Chuan’s body. Dong Qing knew that Su Cheng’s family and Mu Chuan depended on Lu Anran’s support until now. If Mu Chuan was gone, what would Lu Anran do in the future. Lu Anran looked at the silent Mu Chuan and cried bitterly, regretting that the last time the two met was when a bureau was set up to take advantage of Mu Chuan. He also told Mu Chuan that the protagonist of the shadow play story he told was himself, but who would believe that she lost everything in that nightmare, and now she is marrying Mu Ze to protect Mu Chuan and the Lu family.

Lu An then regretted that she pushed Mu Chuan away and ruined his sincerity. She should have told Mu Chuan that she liked him a long time ago. The world is so bad, only Mu Chuan can make Lu Anran feel happy in this ghost hell. Now that everything is gone, Lu Anran is determined to die and wants to kill himself with a hairpin. Mu Chuan stopped Lu Anran in time. It turned out that Mu Chuan and Shen Changqing teamed up to act in a show, just to know Lu Anran’s sincerity and answer. Seeing that Mu Chuan was not dead, Lu Anran told Shen Changqing to take care of him and then left and returned to the mansion.

At that time, Shen Changqing came to the forest, and although Mu Chuan was seriously injured, his life was worry-free. Shen Changqing explained that Lu Anran stabbed himself to save people, and that Mu Chuan misunderstood Lu Anran’s good intentions. Mu Chuan simply pretended to be dead, wanting to take the opportunity to understand Lu Anran’s intentions. Mu Chuan thought he didn’t think carefully, but now the answer is unbelievable, and he believed everything Lu Anran said without a doubt.

Seeing Lu Anran’s strangeness, Mu Ze came to question Xiao Jingque’s mother, thinking that Xiao Jingque had provoked Lu Anran. He also warned her that Xiao Ying’s death was her own fault, and that she made Xiao Jingque take the position of the princess as compensation for her, so don’t take an inch. Facing Mu Ze’s cold heart, Xiao Jingque was heartbroken.

Through this matter, Mu Chuan completely understood Lu Anran’s intentions, and also knew that the other party wanted to be with him in this life, so he sent the letter Lu Anran once wrote to him to the Lu Mansion, so that Lu Anran could understand her intentions. Mu Chuan told Shen Changqing that he had too many worries and left too many regrets before, and now he just wants to rescue Lu Anran from the Qing Palace. Mu Chuan came to meet the emperor and said that Lu Anran needed help when the dam was closed. After all, Lu Anran was the most familiar with rivers in the Great Han Dynasty.

Mu Chuan invited the imperial decree and took the imperial decree to King Qing’s mansion to take Lu Anran away. Although Mu Ze was unwilling, he watched Lu Anran accept the imperial decree. Knowing that Mu Chuan’s move was to rob people, Mu Ze panicked and feared that Lu Anran would leave him completely, and told Lu Anran to wait for him to pick her up when the dam was closed. On the day when the dam was closed, Dong Qing pretended to be Lu Anran and was followed by the servants of the Qing palace, while Mu Chuan wanted to send Lu Anran directly out of Hanjing City. Mu Chuan did not want Lu Anran to only think about the Lu family and himself. He would arrange for Lu Anran to cheat and leave. , it will also make the happy ending of the shadow puppet play that Lu Anran imagined to come true.

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