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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 27 Recap

Wu Congrui came to the school to ask Lu Sichen about Huang Yunling’s situation. Lu Sichen asked three questions. Wu Congrui asked him to help rescue Huang Yunling. Lu Sichen advised her to give up as soon as possible. Wu Congrui encouraged Lu Sichen to be like a man and not to be like his father Lu Yu. ran away.

After the medical staff tried their best to treat her, Duan Tingting finally had her fever. Due to the large size of the fetus, Wu Congrui suggested Duan Tingting to have a caesarean section. Duan Tingting wanted to have a second child as soon as possible and insisted on giving birth naturally. Duan Tingting was advised to listen to the doctor, but Duan Tingting was still stubborn, and her husband slammed the door in a fit of anger. Wu Congrui pulled out the photos of Tingting in high school, Duan Tingting denied that she was a classmate, and Wu Congrui didn’t say more.

Wu Congrui called Li Junxiao for help. Li Junxiao also believed that Duan Tingting should have a caesarean section, but if she insisted on giving birth naturally, she would have to find an experienced midwife and a doctor to deliver the baby. Excessive tension, he hurriedly hung up the phone to order an engagement ring.

Wu Congrui plucked up the courage to tell Du Di about Huang Yunling. Du Di put all his heart on his mother Zhang Xiufen and didn’t take it seriously at all. Li Junxiao wanted to make more money to customize expensive wedding rings for Wu Congrui, so he registered a public account on the Internet and made some extra money by answering netizens’ medical questions. Li Xiaojuan was very distressed to see him working so hard. Duan Tingting was suffering from the pain of dilated uterine contractions. Her husband immediately came to Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui called Lin Wei for consultation, and Lin Wei asked the nurse to give her painkillers.

Du Di stayed by his mother Zhang Xiufen’s side and told her what he saw every day. Liu Nianbai persuaded Du Di to go back and have a rest. Du Di was worried that his mother would not be there after she left. Duan Tingting fainted from pain, and Lin Wei immediately performed a caesarean section on her to give birth to a healthy baby boy. Both Duan Tingting and her husband were very excited.

Duan Tingting’s husband explained the whole story to Wu Congrui. He used to be a tenor and lost his voice because of an illness. In order not to make him sad, Duan Tingting cut off all contacts with his former friends. Wu Congrui suddenly received a call from Lu Sichen. Lu Sichen promised to open the door for her and let her rescue Huang Yunling as soon as possible. Wu Congrui went out and saw Du Di, briefly explaining that Huang Yunling was under house arrest by her husband Lu Yu, and Du Di would accompany her to rescue him. people.

Wu Congrui and Du Di came downstairs to Huang Yunling’s house. Lu Sichen was waiting for them. He quietly opened the door and took them to the house. He lied that he couldn’t find a math tutoring book and called Huang Yunling out. Quickly pull Huang Yunling away. Lu Yu came out of the room, not allowing Lu Sichen to make trouble, let him go back to the room to sleep, and Du Di asked Lu Sichen to follow Wu Congrui away quickly.

Lu Yu excused Lu Sichen’s habit of lying, because he passed the last test this time, in order to retaliate against his parents. Du Di asked Huang Yunling to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Lu Yu immediately turned his face and raised his hand to hit Du Di. He knocked him to the ground, and Lu Yu suddenly fainted. Lu Sichen hurried back to get Huang Yunling’s ID card. When he saw Lu Yu fainted, he admitted that he had put all the medicine Huang Yunling usually took in Lu Yu’s beer. Du Di immediately called an ambulance to take Lu Yu away.

Du Di handed over the medicine Huang Yunling usually takes to the doctor, only then did he know that they were all medicines for mental depression. Du Di called Wu Congrui to inform him. Wu Congrui asked Tian Yunshan to protect Huang Yunling well. Lu Yu must not be allowed to visit. Tian Yunshan immediately informed the general medical staff, and no one was allowed to take Huang Yunling out of the hospital without his permission.

When Huang Yunling finally woke up, Wu Congrui struggled to ask what medicine Lu Yu had given her and what happened to her. Huang Yunling only remembered taking several kinds of medicines, but she didn’t know what medicines. Huang Yunling told her experience with tears. Lu Yu was a lawyer, and he was always depressed, so he poured all his anger on Huang Yunling, beating or scolding Huang Yunling. Huang Yunling gave in again and again, Lu Yu intensified, forcing Huang Yunling to take medicine for depression, Wu Congrui vowed to expose Lu Yu’s true face, Huang Yunling asked Wu Congrui to send Lu Sichen to her mother’s house.

Wu Congrui was very relieved to see that Duan Tingting’s mother and child were healthy, and he chatted with Duan Tingting about interesting things about going to school before. Du Di developed a high fever due to overwork, and Liu Nianbai took her back to the dormitory to rest. Wu Congrui learned of this and took care of Zhang Xiufen together with Liu Nianbai.

Wu Congrui came to negotiate with Tian Yunshan. She wanted to be promoted to the hospital chief with Du Di, otherwise she would resign. Tian Yunshan promised to fight for it from his superiors and asked her to persuade Du Di to cheer up as soon as possible. Li Junxiao asked his brother for advice on how to make money. The brother asked him to recommend clients to the confinement center, and he could get a large commission. Li Junxiao was immediately tempted.

Wang Dacheng proposed to Li Xiaojuan, and also brought a gift from the boss to Li Xiaojuan. Li Junxiao was just returning to the hospital, and Li Xiaojuan asked him to help him carry it up. Li Junxiao was very anxious when he saw the ring on Li Xiaojuan’s hand. Li Junxiao recommended the confinement center to the pregnant woman Yingying, and Yingying signed the contract soon. Li Junxiao received a benefit fee of 10,000 yuan, not to mention how happy he was. It should be Wang Ying’s niece. Wang Ying came to Li Junxiao for a showdown, reminding Li Junxiao not to be an example and not to ruin his future.

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