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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 26 Recap

Zhang Xiufen was severely hit and caused a cerebral hemorrhage. The medical staff tried their best to rescue her. Grandma poured all her anger on Du Di, yelled at her, and threatened to kill her as a broom star. Liu Nianbai hurriedly grabbed her grandma, Tian Yunshan asked Du Di Yongfu pulls grandma out.

Du Di saw Zhang Xiufen’s intracranial hemorrhage. She blamed herself and felt that she had harmed Zhang Xiufen. Liu Nianbai stayed by her side. Tian Yunshan brought Zhang Xiufen’s examination results and found that she had suffered a brain hemorrhage before the crash. Grandma chose to be conservative. The treatment tried to save the child as much as possible. Du Di insisted on letting Zhang Xiufen perform a craniotomy. Du Yongfu couldn’t make up his mind for a while. Du Di wanted to scold him to wake him up. Liu Nianbai advised her not to be impulsive and persuade Du Yongfu well.

Du Di wanted to sign the consent form for the operation. Grandma grabbed it and Du Di explained the stakes to Du Yongfu. Du Yongfu reluctantly signed it. Liu Nianbai wanted to ask his father Liu Zhenghua to perform an operation on Zhang Xiufen, and Lin Wei happened to come to invite Liu Zhenghua as well.

Liu Nianbai and Lin Wei came to Liu Zhenghua for help together. Liu Zhenghua was not sure. Liu Nianbai knelt on the ground and begged him to save Zhang Xiufen. Operation. Du Di shaved Zhang Xiufen’s hair with his own hands and vowed to cure her so that she could witness herself becoming a person like Lin Qiaozhi.

Liu Zhenghua performed a craniotomy on Zhang Xiufen. Du Di, Liu Nianbai and others observed it in the observation room. The operation was successful. Zhang Xiufen had a hemangioma in his brain that had already burst. If he couldn’t wake up within 48 hours, he might become a vegetable. , Grandma became angry and smashed at Du Di with the water cup, smashing Du Di’s forehead to bleed, she stood still.

Du Di stayed in front of Zhang Xiufen’s bed all the time. She didn’t eat, drink or sleep for two days. Liu Nianbai’s hard persuasion was of no avail. Wu Congrui came to see Zhang Xiufen and tried his best to comfort Du Di. Du Di put all the blame on Wu Congrui and complained. She shouldn’t have given Du Yongfu and grandma any hope, but Zhang Xiufen ended up like this. Du Di thought that Wu Congrui would do anything to win, and announced a clean break with Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui repeatedly explained that he was helpless. Du Di didn’t buy it at all. Walk.

Liu Nianbai sent Du Yongfu and his grandmother away, and specially bought meals to send to Du Di. Du Di reluctantly took a few bites. Liu Nianbai accidentally discovered that Du Di was losing a lot of hair and secretly put it away. In addition to going to work, Du Di chats with Zhang Xiufen, tells her about the daily delivery, and various anecdotes, looking forward to her waking up soon.

Tian Yunshan took the medical staff to round the room. Wu Congrui knew the patient’s situation like the back of his hand. Tian Yunshan handed over the most important patients to her, and Du Di followed in despair. Wu Congrui took over a pregnant woman named Duan Tingting. She remembered that Duan Tingting was a high school flower, but Duan Tingting turned a blind eye to her.

When Wu Congrui saw Du Di’s face was bad, he greeted her with condolences. Du Di didn’t appreciate her at all, and even spoke coldly to her. Liu Nianbai advised Wu Congrui not to take it to heart, and even asked Du Di to Tian Yunshan to let them both be promoted to hospital chief. When she took it out, Wu Congrui felt guilty. She came to take care of the stray cat and wanted to wait for Du Di to come to her. Li Junxiao advised her not to waste her efforts.

Wu Congrui learned that Duan Tingting suddenly had a high fever, and hurried to the ward to visit. Duan Tingting’s husband was deaf and mute. He briefly explained Duan Tingting’s diabetes to Wu Congrui. .

Wu Congrui has been unable to contact Huang Yunling, so she had to send a message to her and ask her to perform surgery on Duan Tingting tomorrow. Huang Yunling sent a message to let Wu Congrui take the lead. Wu Congrui suspected what happened to Huang Yunling, so she immediately came to the house to find someone, but was rejected by Huang Yunling’s husband In addition, Wu Congrui insisted on seeing Huang Yunling, otherwise she would call the police. Huang Yunling talked to Wu Congrui through the walkie-talkie, excused her tiredness, and asked Wu Congrui to go back as soon as possible. Wu Congrui didn’t believe it at all and wanted to find out the truth.

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