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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 25 Recap

Because of Li Junxiao’s report call, Wang Dacheng was dismissed by the company. Li Xiaojuan called him to the hospital and discussed with him to go back to his hometown. Wu Congrui looked for the lost stray cat emperor, saw Li Xiaojuan and Wang Dacheng worrying in the pavilion, and hurried over to greet him. Li Xiaojuan asked Wu Congrui to help persuade Li Junxiao to accept Wang Dacheng, and Wu Congrui agreed.

Wu Congrui searched for the night and found no trace of Di Di. Li Junxiao comforted her not to worry about the stray cats, but Di Di and Rui Rui were two different stray cats. They were the witnesses of the friendship between Wu Congrui and Du Di. Li Junxiao felt that they were two stray cats. The relationship between the two was plastic. Wu Congrui took the opportunity to persuade Li Junxiao to cherish the relationship between the siblings and help Wang Dacheng find a job as soon as possible, so that Li Xiaojuan would not have to suffer with him, and Li Junxiao naturally could not ask for it.

Wu Congrui asked his father to introduce Wang Dacheng to a foreign company for the leader to drive. Wang Dacheng told Li Xiaojuan the good news immediately, and Li Junxiao also agreed to go home. Li Xiaojuan was grateful to Wu Congrui. During lunch, Wang Ying called Tian Yunshan to the cafeteria and asked him to explain to Wu Congrui the scope and types of questions in previous competitions. Wu Congrui recorded them one by one. Tian Yunshan also added Wu Congrui’s WeChat, so that she could contact her anytime if she had any questions. Li Junxiao heard that several judges who arrived early were giving lectures in the outer court, so he got the tickets for Wu Congrui through relationships.

When Lin Wei saw Wu Congrui mobilizing all his strength to prepare for the competition, he couldn’t help sweating for Du Di and advised Du Di not to sit still, but Du Di disagreed. Lin Wei asked Du Di to persuade Liu Nianbai and Liu Zhenghua to reconcile, but Du Di did not want to get involved. their father-son relationship. Zhang Xiufen came to Shengji Hospital for hypertensive eclampsia, and her grandmother came with Du Yongfu. Du Di saw Zhang Xiufen’s examination results and accused her grandmother that Zhang Xiufen should not stop her antihypertensive drugs. , determined that Du Di did not want this younger brother.

Du Yongfu was not reconciled, so he took Zhang Xiufen’s case to ask Wu Congrui for consultation. Wu Congrui felt that Zhang Xiufen’s condition was very bad, and his grandmother cried sadly. Wu Congrui analyzed Zhang Xiufen’s condition in detail. Zhang Xiufen is now 25 weeks pregnant. If Zhang Xiufen’s health The condition is good, and after 26 weeks, it is still possible to save the premature child. Du Yongfu and his grandmother have hope again in their hearts.

When Du Di learned of this, he complained that Wu Congrui should not give Du Yongfu hope. Zhang Xiufen’s urine protein has already four plus marks, and her body will not last for 26 weeks. At that time, both mother and child will be in danger. Wu Congrui can’t bear to say it to death. , She knew that Du Di could not accept Zhang Xiufen’s pregnancy from the beginning, and hoped that Du Di would understand Zhang Xiufen’s feelings as a mother and try his best to help Zhang Xiufen keep this child. Du Di did not buy it at all, and Wu Congrui was not allowed to interfere with their family’s affairs. When a person disagrees, they quarrel.

Du Di specially bought light meals for Zhang Xiufen. Zhang Xiufen was willing to take the risk of giving birth to this child and asked Du Di to help her. He also brought out Lin Qiaozhi’s penniless mother-in-law to deliver the baby. Zhang Xiufen advised Du Di not to hate grandma, mother and daughter. hug and cry.

Du Di and Wu Congrui and other five regular doctors went to participate in the national skills competition on behalf of Shengji Hospital. Tian Yunshan held an expedition ceremony for them, and specially invited Professor Lu, a veteran of the obstetrics and gynecology department, to lead the team. Professor Lu firmly believed that they would take the first place. Guarantee to complete the task assigned to him by the hospital.

Li Junxiao prepared chocolate and candy for Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui never saw Huang Yunling and felt uneasy. Liu Nianbai prepared a few bottles of wine for Du Di. He thought she was the cutest when she was slightly drunk. Du Di was worried about Zhang Xiufen, and asked Liu Nianbai to help him to keep an eye on him. Zhang Xiufen was not allowed to eat the remedies brought by his grandmother. Liu Nianbai agreed, and Du Di took the opportunity. Kiss him.

Professor Lu brought five doctors to participate in the competition. The first item was suture, which Du Di completed in an orderly manner, which was Wu Congrui’s weakness. The second place was the shoulder dystocia competition. Wu Congrui had learned this skill from Su Ye in advance, and both Du Di and Wu Congrui won with full marks.

The third item is the laparoscopy competition. Professor Lu specially came to cheer on Du Di and the others, and gave them some precautions. Du Di completed the operation successfully, and Wu Congrui fell behind by one point. The next step was the consultation. Professor Lu urged Du Di and Wu Congrui to be careful and careful, and be sure to dig out the information hidden by the judges.

Du Di and Wu Congrui drew patients with severe eclampsia at the same time. Wu Congrui complained in her heart. After unremitting efforts, she came out on top and finally won the championship. Du Di suddenly received a call from Liu Nianbai and learned that Zhang Xiufen was in critical condition, so Du Di hurried back to the hospital. Professor Lu was very puzzled and learned from the organizing committee the reason for Du Di’s failure. Du Di insisted on killing the child. Wu Congrui carefully inquired about it, asked for hidden information, and made a correct judgment.

Zhang Xiufen had severe eclampsia, Du Yongfu insisted on going to the intensive care unit to protect the fetus, Du Di strongly opposed it, and resolutely did not allow Zhang Xiufen to use her life as the price to protect the child. Grandma was also on the side. Du Di and Du Yongfu could not argue, and Liu Nianbai persuaded him , Tian Yunshan was disappointed to learn that Shengji Hospital won the first place and Du Di was the runner-up. Liu Nianbai sent Du Di home, and Du Di had to admit that she had lied to Du Yongfu that the child was a boy.

A celebration ceremony was held in the courtyard for Wu Congrui, Du Di and others. Tian Yunshan called on everyone to learn from Wu Congrui. After the meeting, Li Junxiao held a banquet to celebrate Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui briefly described the process of the competition. When I got to Du Di’s phone and learned that Du Yongfu had done the discharge procedures for Zhang Xiufen to leave, Liu Nianbai immediately rushed over to accompany Du Di to chase them.

Du Yongfu found an online car-hailing car to take his wife and mother out of the hospital, while Liu Nianbai drove Du Di and came later. When the driver learned that they were transferred without authorization, he let Du Yongfu and the three of them get off the bus. Zhang Xiufen wanted to go back to Shengji Hospital with Du Yongfu. She ignored Du Yongfu’s obstruction and tried to rush across the road to find Du Di, but was caught by a speeding car. Knocked to the ground.

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