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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 24 Recap

Li Xiaojuan was waiting for Wang Dacheng to deliver food at the door of the hospital, but when Wang Dacheng’s colleagues came, she learned that someone in the hospital called and complained that Wang Dacheng was unsanitary while delivering food and collecting garbage. Wang Dacheng was expelled because of this. Li Xiaojuan thought Su Ye was behind the scenes. , Unexpectedly, Li Junxiao called and reported Wang Dacheng, Li Xiaojuan was furious, Li Junxiao just refused to give in, forcing her to break up with Wang Da as soon as possible.

Tian Yunshan held a consultation meeting again to discuss a solution together, try to help Gao Ying strive for a longer pregnancy period and ensure the survival rate of the child, and the operation should be performed under cardiopulmonary bypass. Tian Yunshan suggested to find a stable resident doctor to follow the bed, Du Di was eager to try, Tian Yunshan recommended Li Junxiao.

Li Junxiao didn’t want to do this thankless job, so Wu Congrui encouraged him to give it a try and gave him some cheer. Li Junxiao just followed Tian Yunshan to explain the situation to Gao Ying. The more Du Di thought about it, the more angry she became. She ignored Liu Nianbai’s dissuasion and went to Tian Yunshan to try to be Gao Ying’s bed doctor.

Tian Yunshan explained the danger of surgery to Gao Ying. Gao Ying refused general anesthesia and extracorporeal circulation, worried that she would not be able to get off the operating table, and would not even be able to see the baby for the last time. Tian Yunshan explained to her the stakes, if general anesthesia and extracorporeal circulation were not used, Circulation, the fatality rate is 90%, but Gao Ying refused to let go, and kept claiming that this child was a gift from God, the crystallization of their love, and she would give birth at all costs.

I can’t live without this machine for the rest of my life. Lin Yong tried hard to persuade Gao Ying to do a caesarean section together with the heart and lung replacement surgery. The risk of the surgery was too great, and Tian Yunshan could not do it. The surgery should be arranged as soon as possible, otherwise she will sue the hospital.

Li Junxiao carefully looked at Gao Ying’s case and found that she was taking the most expensive medicines. Gao Ying risked pregnancy in order to change her heart and lungs. Li Junxiao came to check Gao Ying’s fetal heart rate and advised her not to rush to undergo a heart transplant when Lin Yong was not around, but Gao Ying insisted on taking a risk.

Gao Ying’s caesarean section was successfully completed. Tian Yunshan asked Li Junxiao to sort out the surgical data and sign his name on the paper. Not long after that, the director of cardiac surgery performed a heart transplant operation on Gao Ying. Huang Yunling, Tian Yunshan, Li Junxiao, and Du Di observed the operation in the observation room. With the full cooperation of the medical staff, Gao Ying’s operation was successfully completed. Breathed a sigh of relief.

Gao Ying published an article on the public account, describing in detail the whole process of her childbirth and heart change, which attracted many women with congenital heart disease. They followed her example and risked pregnancy. Tian Yunshan was furious and worried. The incident caused even more trouble. He asked Li Junxiao to persuade Gao Ying to delete the article, and then arranged for medical staff to publicize it to remind women with congenital heart disease not to become pregnant.

Li Junxiao tried hard to persuade Gao Ying to remove the article, but she resolutely refused. She also called on women like her to go to Shengji Hospital to give birth and have their hearts changed. Heart, clamoring for another heart transplant, Lin Yong advised her not to be self-willed, worried that her body would not be able to bear it. If Gao Ying wanted to change the heart of a young man, he would be able to accompany Lin Yong and his child for a few more years. Li Junxiao was anxious in his eyes.

Although the director of cardiac surgery called on medical staff to state many times on the Internet that women with congenital heart disease are not recommended to get pregnant, Gao Ying’s article gave those people confidence and hope. . Gao Ying’s heart rejection reaction was strong. Tian Yunshan and the director of cardiac surgery immediately went to see what happened. The nurse gave Gao Ying hormone medicine to rescue him. He suspected that Gao Ying did not take the rejection medicine. The director of surgery clearly stated that this heart is the best, and Tian Yunshan hoped that Lin Yong would persuade Gao Ying not to have another heart.

Gao Ying finally came to her senses. She admitted that she deliberately did not take the rejection medicine and wanted to change her heart again. Lin Courage was furious and complained that she shouldn’t be joking about her life. , Gao Ying claimed to have doubts about the hospital’s treatment and asked Lin Yong to record it. Lin Yong was forced to take out a computer record. Gao Ying died because of emotional difficulty breathing.

Gao Ying died because the toxin invaded her heart because she didn’t take the rejection medicine. Tian Yunshan worried that Gao Ying’s family would not give up and reminded the medical staff to be extra careful. Lin Yong suddenly came to the conference room, bowed deeply to Tian Yunshan and Li Junxiao, and apologized to the medical staff for Gao Ying. Lin Yong named the child Lin Sheng, so that the child would always remember that Shengji Hospital gave her life. Yong also decided to delete the article on Gao Ying’s official account.

Tian Yunshan came to the bar to relax. He didn’t know how to drink, so he ordered Moheto, a dessert, and took the opportunity to spit bitterness to the waiter, telling the ups and downs of being a director. Du Di and Liu Nianbai also came here to relax, and they took Tian Yunshan to drink and talk together. Du Di used the wine to act like a spoiled child to Tian Yunshan. If she won the first place in this competition, Tian Yunshan would promote both her and Wu Congrui to the top spot. The hospital chief, Tian Yunshan agreed, and Liu Nianbai photographed it as proof.

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