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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 23 Recap

The cousin asked curiously if Du Di had a boyfriend. Du Di excused that he had not met a suitable one yet. Relatives persuaded her to find a good man to marry early. The cousin asked her son to talk to Du Di in English. The son was scared. He had to cry, and his grandmother hurriedly hugged him, saying that a woman who could speak English would not be able to enter the family tree.

Relatives believed that Zhang Xiufen could give birth to a boy who entered the family tree this time. The cousin took the opportunity to borrow money from Du Di to build a house. Grandma also helped. Du Di didn’t buy it at all and refused the cousin’s request on the spot. Du Yongfu hurriedly found an excuse to persuade his relatives to leave. Grandma was very dissatisfied with Du Di, and Du Di returned to his room in a fit of anger.

Liu Nianbai sent a lot of WeChat messages to greet Du Di, Du Di read it all in one breath, Zhang Xiufen hugged the quilt and slept with Du Di, Du Di couldn’t wait to know the reason why Zhang Xiufen called her back, only then did he know that grandma insisted that Zhang Xiufen go back to his hometown to support him. The pregnancy, Zhang Xiufen is not allowed to take antihypertensive drugs. Du Di has repeatedly stressed that pregnancy-induced hypertension is dangerous. He wants to go to grandma tomorrow. Zhang Xiufen just wants Du Di to find a way to get them into the city.

Early the next morning, many villagers came to see a doctor. They lined up in a long line to ask Du Di for a doctor. The villagers were sent away only after everyone’s prescription for symptomatic treatment was posted at the entrance of the village.

During lunch, grandma rambled about relatives and family Ding Xingwang, grandson and daughter Chenghuan, but their family only had Du Di, a granddaughter, and they sat at the table to eat in a grand manner. Grandma, listed the various bad behaviors of the boys in relatives’ homes one by one, and suggested that grandma adopt a few such boys, which will lose all the money in her hands.

Du Yongfu severely reprimanded Du Di and took her to the field. The best piece of land in the village was originally theirs, because no males were taken away from his family. When I received the city, I didn’t have to face this every day. Du Yongfu accused Du Di of being unfilial. Du Di retorted him and lied that Zhang Xiufen’s child was stunted. Immediately decided to take Zhang Xiufen back to the city.

Since Su Ye saw Li Xiaojuan give Wang Dacheng something last time, Su Ye has always looked at Li Xiaojuan unpleasantly, and the two had a disagreement, and a dispute broke out. Li Xiaojuan was glad that Li Junxiao did not date Su Ye, and Su Ye deliberately married Wu Congrui, Talk about having a baby. Li Xiaojuan put up the portraits of her parents when she came home, and forced Li Junxiao to swear to her parents to marry a woman who had never divorced or had a miscarriage. Li Junxiao forced her to swear that she would not marry Wang Dacheng, a deliveryman. Li Xiaojuan refused to agree. Unhappy break up, Li Junxiao piqued and left home.

Du Di came back from his hometown one day earlier, and Liu Nianbai had not returned from a business trip. Lin Wei took Du Di to attend a super-large consultation with twenty doctors. Du Di briefed Wu Congrui about the patient Gao Ying. Gao Ying is an internet celebrity lawyer. She is pregnant with pulmonary hypertension. She is currently 25 weeks pregnant. Other hospitals have advised her to terminate the pregnancy. Go to Shengji Hospital for treatment.

All doctors do not agree with Gao Ying’s risk of giving birth to a child, even if she induces labor now, she will take great risks. Wu Congrui saw that Gao Ying published Shengji Hospital’s treatment log on Weibo, made a sharp comparison with foreign successful cases, and sent out Tian Yunshan’s resume.

Gao Ying didn’t know that she had congenital heart disease until she was 30 years old. Her ex-husband cheated because she couldn’t have children, and they divorced soon after. When Gao Ying was disheartened, she met her current husband, Lin Yong, and she read There is a lot of information in this regard at home and abroad. She believes that she can give birth to a healthy baby, so she risked pregnancy. Gao Ying was rejected by other hospitals, and she finally chose Shengji Hospital.

Li Xiaojuan gave Wu Congrui a break-up fee to let her leave Li Junxiao, and bluntly told the real reason. Wu Congrui refused to agree. Those problems could not hinder her relationship with Li Junxiao. She also advised Li Xiaojuan not to care about other people’s gossip and agreed to persuade Li Junxiao Back, Li Xiaojuan had to give in.

Du Di came to the bar to relax, and the figure of Liu Nianbai lingered in her mind. She drank a lot of alcohol in one breath, and finally became unconscious. The waiter called her a car. Liu Nianbai came back from a business trip and brought his suitcase directly to the bar. Du Di mistook Liu Nianbai as a bad guy, beat and kicked him, and shouted that she missed Liu Nianbai. Liu Nianbai was beaten, but he was happy flower.

When Du Di woke up early in the morning, he realized that he accidentally injured Liu Nianbai while drunk last night, and apologized to him again and again. Liu Nianbai took the opportunity to act like a spoiled child and secretly kissed Du Di. Du Di made him a bowl of noodles to make amends. Liu Nianbai had asked Tian Yunshan for leave and asked Du Di to watch a movie with him. Du Di saw that he was drunk last night and practiced sewing with Liu Nianbai’s limited edition shoes, so he had to accompany him. He watches movies.

Du Di was deeply moved by the righteousness of the father in the movie. After the movie ended, Du Di spit out bitterness to Liu Nianbai. Du Yongfu’s reason for giving birth to a son was far-fetched and he never considered her feelings. Liu Nianbai persuaded her nicely. . Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui watched the movie hand in hand, Du Di and Liu Nianbai hurriedly hid aside, Du Di felt that Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui were not suitable, and Liu Nianbai advised her not to think wildly. Du Di couldn’t help kissing Liu Nianbai, Liu Nianbai hugged her tightly, and the two kissed affectionately in public.

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