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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 22 Recap

Li Xiaojuan felt that Wang Dacheng was very good, and it was not shameful to rely on food delivery to support herself. Instead, she felt that Li Junxiao was too vain and persuaded Li Junxiao to think about it. Li Junxiao was speechless with anger.

Before the operation, the nurse wanted to give Yao Yao an enema, but Yao Yao did not expel anything. She suspected that the nurse did not give her an enema and made a lot of noise in the ward. Du Di and Wu Congrui came to hear the news. Du Di warned her not to make trouble, otherwise she would not be operated on. Wu Congrui pulled Du Di aside, bowed deeply and apologized to Yao Yao, saying that the ovarian cyst was cut in the past. The wrong thing, Wu Congrui apologized for the doctor in the outside hospital, and hoped that Yao Yao would kindly supervise their every step of the operation and not always curse and get angry. Yao Yao didn’t buy it at all. Ten years ago, the doctor cut off her healthy ovary and destroyed it. In her marriage, Yao Yao forcibly drove away Du Di and Wu Congrui.

The operation was carried out on time, Yao Yao did not allow Du Di to participate in the operation, Du Di explained the stakes to her, Yao Yao cried and admitted that she wanted to live. Huang Yunling specially invited Professor Lu to perform the operation with her. The two explained each step and precautions in detail. Du Di and Wu Congrui studied carefully. Professor Lu learned that Du Di wanted to be an obstetrics and gynecology oncologist and promised to do well. Teach her, Du Di naturally can’t ask for it. Li Junxiao, Liu Nianbai and others were watching the operation in the observation room outside. Li Junxiao scoffed at Du Di, and even managed to get a leader like Professor Lu by an operation. Liu Nianbai tried his best to defend Du Di.

The operation was finally completed. Huang Yunling was so tired that her back was sore and her legs hurt. Wu Congrui helped her off the operating table. Professor Lu asked Du Di to suture Yao Yao. Du Di was skilled in her technique. Professor Lu praised her. Wu Congrui felt lost, Li Junxiao persuaded her kindly, Wu Congrui was worried about Huang Yunling, so he came to see her, Huang Yunling was exhausted, Wu Congrui greeted her and took the opportunity to ask about her scarred body, Huang Yunling tried her best to avoid it.

Yao Yao thanked the medical staff for buying milk tea before she was discharged from the hospital. Du Di gave Wu Congrui milk tea and advised her not to be with Li Junxiao. She also listed Li Junxiao’s shortcomings one by one. Wu Congrui admitted that she had fallen in love with Li Junxiao and felt that these were not Question, Du Di had to shut up.

Wu Congrui and his mother accompanied their cousin Chu Chu to buy baby products. Chu Chu was about to give birth. She suddenly fainted on the ground. 120 The ambulance arrived in time, and Wu Congrui called the emergency department to report Chu Chu’s condition. Tian Yunshan affirmed Wu Congrui’s treatment. Chu Chu was suffering from explosive myocarditis. If the operation could not be performed in time, the mother and child would be in danger at any time.

Chu Chu’s mother and husband came to hear the news, and they agreed to the operation. Wu Congrui took the initiative to request to participate in the operation. After the unremitting efforts of the medical staff, Chu Chu gave birth to his son by caesarean section, and Wu Congrui was relieved. Zhang Xiufen kept calling Du Di, but Du Di didn’t want to answer. Liu Nianbai was worried about something and persuaded Du Di to answer the phone, but she reluctantly agreed. Du Yongfu excused his grandmother to miss Du Di and asked her to come back, but Du Di categorically refused, Liu Nianbai agreed to accompany her home, Du Di worried that his family would misunderstand their relationship, Liu Nianbai had to give up.

Chu Chu was in a coma all the time. Li Junxiao, Wu Congrui, Feng Yuanhang and others stayed in front of the hospital bed. Chu Chu’s husband held her son and kept calling her, and Chu Chu finally woke up. Feng Yuanhang caught up with Wu Congrui and tried hard to question her relationship with Li Junxiao. Wu Congrui decided to be with Li Junxiao, and Li Junxiao naturally couldn’t ask for it. When Du Di bought a ticket to go home, relatives surrounded her and asked questions. Du Di was very impatient.

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