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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 21 Recap

Liu Nianbai asked Du Di to study the subject of perinatal depression with him. Du Di was only interested in gynecological tumors. Liu Nianbai came up with a bad idea to put these two subjects together, so that they could be together every day. Du Di He was so angry that he could not laugh or cry.

Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui entered the room and were unhappy to see Du Di and Liu Nianbai talking and laughing. Li Junxiao sneered at Liu Nianbai, but he didn’t expect him to be Liu Zhenghua’s son. Liu Nianbai learned that Liu Zhenghua had disclosed their father-son relationship and went to Liu Zhenghua immediately. To settle the account, Du Di chased after him, Lin Wei blocked him at the door of the office, and Liu Nianbai was not allowed to make trouble. Liu Nianbai denied that he did not send the video of Liu Zhenghua collecting money, and suspected that Liu Zhenghua and Liu Zhenghua sent it himself. Nianbai persuaded to leave.

As expected by Liu Nianbai, the video on the Internet was posted by Liu Zhenghua himself. He did not want to be threatened by Liu Nianbai, so he wanted to prove his innocence. Liu Zhenghua cleared his name and was elected as the vice president. Tian Yunshan was sullen after losing the election, and locked himself in the office to feel sullen. Huang Yunling came to comfort him, encouraged him to find a new way, and went out to promote the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shengji Hospital.

Tian Yunshan immediately decided to send someone to participate in the obstetrics and gynecology technology competition, reminding Huang Yunling to treat Du Dihe Wu Congrui treated them equally, worried that after one of them was promoted to hospital chief, the other would be poached by Nanling Hospital.

Huang Yunling informed Du Di and Wu Congrui to prepare for the skill competition, arranged for them to join the gynecological tumor treatment, and made adequate preparations for the competition. Du Di was eager to try, and she immediately started to act. Wu Congrui was also determined to win, and Huang Yunling cheered her on. Du Di and Wu Congrui came to the obstetrics and gynecology oncology ward together. Wu Congrui was very upset when he saw the helpless eyes of the patient. Du Di finally came to the department of his dreams, and she was very excited.

Wu Congrui sat outside feeling sad. Li Junxiao persuaded her nicely and encouraged her to complete the competition first. Li Junxiao also prepared a lot of props and patiently guided Wu Congrui to practice. Wu Congrui was so hungry that Li Junxiao invited her to eat at home. Only then did Wu Congrui know that Li Junxiao lived with his sister, and that his sister was Li Xiaojuan, a nurse at the hospital. Li Xiaojuan carefully prepared a large table of dishes and thanked Wu Congrui for his help all the time. Wu Congrui ate a lot and guessed that the steamed buns that day were also made by Li Xiaojuan. She suggested that she look at the restaurant next to the hospital, and the three of them happily finished a meal.

After the meal, Li Junxiao sent Wu Congrui home and took the opportunity to express his heart to her. Wu Congrui was worried that Du Di would mind this matter. Li Junxiao was Du Di’s ex-boyfriend after all. Li Junxiao persuaded her not to think wildly. Huang Yunling asked Wu Congrui to go out of the outpatient clinic. She guided her next to her. The first patient complained of abdominal pain for half an hour. Wu Congrui ruled out an ectopic pregnancy and asked her to do further examinations. Speaking of the lack of Wu Congrui’s consultation, Wu Congrui was embarrassed to ask those private questions. Huang Yunling asked her to put down her burden so that she could accurately judge the condition. Wu Congrui benefited a lot.

Lin Wei asked Du Di to see patients. He sat on the sidelines. Du Di received patients with menopausal bleeding and suspected endometrial cancer. Lin Wei denied her judgment on the spot and asked her to take a look at the routine blood test. Realizing that the patient was bleeding due to incomplete miscarriage, Lin Wei reminded her that she would set traps everywhere during the competition, reminding her to be careful, and Du Di kept it in mind.

Wu Congrui and Du Di finished the consultation and wanted to go to the cafeteria to eat together. Li Junxiao bought it back for Wu Congrui long ago, and Du Di had to go to eat alone. After the patient guidance of Lin Wei and Huang Yunling, Du Di and Wu Congrui made rapid progress. Huang Yunling firmly believed that Wu Congrui’s communication skills would prevail in the competition, but Lin Wei felt that Du Di’s skills were better. Tian Yunshan decided to find the most difficult patient in the oncology department. They both practice.

Ovarian cancer patient Yao Yao was irritable and scolded the general nurse successively. Wu Congrui was ordered to draw blood for her. Yao Yao insisted on letting the head nurse draw blood and threw the needle and instruments on the ground. Huang Yunling called Yao Yao to the office. After persuading her hard, Yao Yao didn’t buy it at all. Wu Congrui and Du Di persuaded Yao Yao respectively to explain the treatment plan of ovarian cancer surgery in detail, and Yao Yao was willing to let the nurse draw blood for her.

Du Di and Wu Congrui came to explain the operation process and precautions to Yao Yao, Wu Congrui explained patiently, Yao Yao doubted her medical skills, Du Di was very impatient, and truthfully stated the risks and problems in the operation, Yao Yao suddenly became angry and became angry with them Cursing and forcibly driving them out, Du Di was very annoyed and decided to quit the job.

Wu Congrui came to Huang Yunling for help, and wanted to learn about Yao Yao’s situation from the first doctor. Huang Yunling supported her idea. Wu Congrui came to the first doctor and learned that when Yao Yao was treating infertility, the doctor removed her healthy side of the ovary by mistake, and Yao Yao no longer trusted the doctor.

At night, Su Ye accidentally discovered that Li Xiaojuan had handed over the supplements and clothes left by the patient to the courier Wang Dacheng to sell on his behalf. She suspected that Li Xiaojuan had stolen it. Li Xiaojuan repeatedly explained that it was thrown by the patient. Su Ye did not believe it at all and wanted to take Li Xiaojuan there. To complain to the director, Li Xiaojuan said in a hurry that Li Junxiao was his younger brother. Li Junxiao pleaded for Li Xiaojuan, and Su Ye had a crush on Li Junxiao for a long time, but he didn’t expect him to be from the countryside. Su Ye condemned Li Junxiao for not lying and deceiving people all the time, and spoke ill of their sister and brother.

Li Junxiao forced Li Xiaojuan and Wang Da to break up, Li Xiaojuan resolutely quit, Li Junxiao worked hard for so many years, and wanted to get ahead as soon as possible, so that Li Xiaojuan could live a decent life, but Li Xiaojuan was actually with the courier Wang Dacheng, Li Junxiao was not reconciled and forced her to leave Wang Dacheng.

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