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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 4 Recap

In order to let Deng Deng live until the full moon night, Lu Yan gave her a hairpin for self-defense. How could Deng Deng know Lu Yan’s real purpose, he just took the hairpin and looked at it carefully, he couldn’t put it down. The next day, the whole stockade was preparing for the wedding, but some people strongly opposed this marriage, feeling that stockade could not be handed over to a little white face. Lu Er came forward to stop it, and this allowed the wedding to be held as scheduled.

On the wedding day, Qingquan Village was full of lanterns and colorful lights. Deng Deng sat in the room and dressed up, full of anticipation. After waiting for a long time, the dress was finally delivered, but it broke after wearing it, so I had to go to the cloth boss to change it. When Deng Deng saw the sea coming in, he couldn’t help but sighed why he was not a girl, so that when he got married, he could have a beautiful girl by his side. Unexpectedly, when Da Hai heard this, he suddenly twisted and went to get a jar of wine. Afterwards, Hai Hai’s face was hideous, his body twisted into a ball, and he turned into a woman in front of Deng Deng.

Deng Deng was so frightened that he stepped back again and again, unable to believe what was in front of him. Dahai told Deng Deng that as long as he drinks, he will become a woman. Deng Deng suddenly thought that maybe the sea became like this because he was attacked by savages in the woods last time. Deng Deng, who accepted the reality, laughed so hard that he simply let the sea change into women’s clothes, and he could also help himself to keep out the wine.

Boss Bu then came to repair Deng Deng’s wedding dress. In fact, Boss Bu can see that at this wedding, Lu Yan was just playing on the scene, but Deng Deng himself fell into a quagmire. In the opinion of Boss Bu, if a man likes a woman, his eyes, ears, nose and throat will definitely follow the woman he likes, care about everything about the woman, and worry about the safety of the woman. Deng Deng couldn’t help but recall all the experiences he had with Lu Yan, and suddenly felt a little sad in his heart. But now, she has to continue the wedding.

Gu Beixi came with many precious gifts, which caused everyone to smack their tongues. But Dengdeng felt that Gu Beixi was trying to win over him, because he wanted the caravan he covered to smuggle tobacco soil and pass the Qingquan Village site. Hearing this, Gu Beixi suddenly became discouraged, and his face was full of unhappiness. He explained to Deng Deng that he did support the tobacco business, but today’s ceremony is really simple. Looking at the sea on the side, he suddenly felt that Gu Beixi was very good, rich and powerful, and he cared about Deng Deng. But Dengdeng still felt that Gu Beixi’s hospitality must have no intentions, and he was worried about what kind of stolen goods these gifts were.

Gu Beixi mistakenly thought that Deng Deng only likes men with short hair, so he simply cut all his hair. After thinking about it, he decided to meet Lu Yan. Gu Beixi wanted to send Lu Yan away with money, but seeing that he was unmoved, he took out a gun and threatened him. But for some reason, he was suddenly tied with his hands and feet and lay in the woodshed.

Deng Deng was thinking wildly, suspecting that the hairpin Lu Yan gave him was from another woman. It happened that the second father came over and asked her to take off the hairpin. But Dengdeng swayed from side to side, wondering if he should take off the hairpin. After thinking about it, Deng Deng finally decided to keep the hairpin. As everyone knows, the black fog surrounding her suddenly dissipated. As the wedding preparations began, Lu Er suddenly woke up, surprised how he could appear in the Deng Deng room. Deng Deng didn’t have time to pay attention to his abnormality, and urged him to prepare for the next ceremony.

The auspicious time has come, and the wedding officially begins. Lu Yan reluctantly got on the sedan chair, but he was very stubborn and did not step on the brazier. Deng Deng saw this, a trace of displeasure flashed on his face, and then he put on a full smile. In the following ceremony, Lu Yan refused to cooperate. Deng Deng was in a hurry, stepped forward to hold his hand, and warned him that he had better stay calm.

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