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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 24 Recap

The housekeeper of King Qing’s mansion came to spread the word, saying that King Qing had something to discuss and let Lu Anran go to the study. Mu Chuan was checking the documents in the study, when he heard the door open, but unexpectedly found it was Lu Anran. Then the study door was locked, and Lu Anran realized that this was Xiao Jingque’s fabricated drama. Mu Chuan had been confused, sad and angry before, but he always felt that the good times in the past were the most memorable in his life. He really liked Lu Anran, but now he has really let it go. Mu Chuan sincerely hopes that Lu Anran can be happy.

Xiao Jingque rushed to report between Mu Ze’s return to the mansion, Lu Anran and Mu Chuan were in the study together. The housekeeper brought the housekeeper Kie Kee to testify that Lu Anran and Mu Chuan trespassed in the study. Mu Ze came to the study and asked why Mu Chuan and Lu Anran came here. Lu Anran admitted that it was the housekeeper who came to invite him, while Mu Chuan directly refuted Xiao Jingque if he came to the Qing Palace to be a tool to kill Lu Anran, then he would have no face to come here in the future.

Mu Ze did not delve into the matter and let the two leave. Xiao Jingque pointed out the affair between Lu Anran and Mu Chuan, and admitted that she designed today’s affairs. Mu Ze scolded Xiao Jingque in public to let her know what to do and what not to do as Princess Qing. Mu Ze slapped the housekeeper to death and ordered the housekeeper to slap himself.

Mu Ze brought autumn chrysanthemums to Lu Anran’s courtyard to watch, thinking that since Lu Anran can take good care of the vines, he can naturally take care of these autumn chrysanthemums. Lu Anran understood that Mu Ze cared about his past with Mu Chuan, and what Mu Chuan had done for him. Both Mu Chuan and Lu Anran privately wrote down the list they saw on Mu Ze’s study book. Lu Anran handed the list to Shen Changqing, and Mu Chuan also asked his subordinates to follow the list to protect the safety of farmers.

Mu Chuan personally came to guard the farmer, and found that someone had come to assassinate the farmer and stopped him. On the other side, Shen Changqing was entrusted by Lu Anran to protect his safety, and Mu Chuan was also found. Xiao Ying came to report that the assassination of the farmer was blocked by people in the rivers and lakes. Mu Ze guessed that the matter was related to Lu Anran, and simply arranged for his subordinates to capture Shen Changqing and threaten Lu Anran. Lu Anran, who got the news, knew that Mu Ze doubted him and planned to go to rescue Shen Changqing. To be on the safe side, Lu Anran took the opportunity to use Xiao Jingque to go to the courtyard in the suburbs of Beijing.

At the same time, Mu Chuan also guessed that the person who rescued that night was Shen Changqing. Xiao Jingque brought Lu Anran to the courtyard in the suburbs of Beijing. Xiao Ying did not know why her sister came. Lu Anran directly framed Xiao Ying for interfering in the affairs of the Qing palace, and framed himself for a private meeting with a foreign man, and even refused to admit that he had joined Shen Changqing for betrayal. King Qing even stated on the spot that he had made a clean break with Shen Changqing when he entered the palace. And Shen Changqing also said that he didn’t know any plan at all, he was just saving people in the boundaries of the Qinghe Gang.

Mu Ze then appeared, and Lu Anran accused him of never trusting himself and never being honest with him. In order to make Mu Ze trust him, Lu Anran drew his sword and planned to stab Shen Changqing to death. Knowing that Shen Changqing’s heart is different from ordinary people, Lu Anran intends to use this to mislead Mu Ze. Lu Anran acted ruthlessly and happened to be seen by Mu Chuan. Mu Chuan also stabbed Lu Anran in anger, and then took Shen Changqing away for treatment.

Shen Changqing was seriously injured, and the brothers of the Qinghe Gang planned to take revenge. Mu Chuan persuaded everyone to calm down and he would seek justice for Shen Changqing. Lu Anran’s injury finally made Mu Ze let go of his doubts, and said that from now on, he would not be entangled by plots and tricks and the past, and he would try to trust Lu Anran. Shen Changqing’s sword wound was an inch off, and he had no worries about his life, as long as he rested for three months.

Dong Qing listened to Lu Anran’s instructions to visit her brother. Although she learned from Mu Chuan’s mouth that Lu Anran’s injury caused Shen Changqing’s injury, Dong Qing still believed that Lu Anran was there to save people. Today, Lu Anran is facing a mortal situation between her and Shen Changqing, and what he is doing now must be to understand the predicament. Dong Qing learned that Lu Anran’s injury was caused by Mu Chuan, and she expressed heartache that she did not know whether Mu Chuan did not understand Lu Anran, or whether Lu Anran misunderstood Mu Chuan.

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