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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 19 Recap

Li Junxiao asked the customer service of the live broadcast platform for consultation. The customer service revealed that Wu Congrui mentioned sensitive words in popular science. The platform needs to review their live broadcast accounts before they can restore their live broadcast accounts. Wu Congrui is in a dilemma. For the minors in the live broadcast room, Li Junxiao proposed to replace them with easy-to-understand words, which made Wu Congrui laugh. Li Junxiao saw her so happy again, not to mention how happy. Wu Congrui wanted to invite Li Junxiao to dinner and thank him for his help all the time. , Wu Congrui couldn’t help holding Li Junxiao’s hand. Su Ye saw this scene inadvertently, and his heart was sour.

Su Ye sat at the nurse’s station and felt sad. Wang Ying came back from the meeting and complained to Su Ye that a new round of skill testing was about to be held in the hospital. She had to take the nurses to prepare as soon as possible. Su Ye was already full of grievances. When she heard Wang Ying’s words, she felt even more self-pity. She was a senior midwife in Shengji Hospital. She wanted to sleep and fly with Li Junxiao, but she didn’t expect Li Junxiao to love Wu Congrui. She was ashamed and wanted to go to a private hospital to make more money. Wang Ying persuaded her nicely, but Su Ye couldn’t let it go.

The child suddenly kept crying and Wei Yang was woken up, only to find out that Yang Shu was not in the room. He had to carry the child out to find someone, and met Liu Nianbai head-on, and Liu Nianbai asked Du Di to find someone separately. Du Di and Wei Yang found Yang Shu on the roof. The child cried again. Yang Shu was so anxious that she felt that she was unworthy of being a mother. She had been watching the child cry because of hunger, but she had no milk. Wei Yang tried to comfort her She wanted to hold the child close to her, but Yang Shu tried her best to dodge.

Du Di found that something was wrong with Yang Shu, and called Liu Nianbai to the rooftop. Liu Nianbai asked Du Di to turn on the speakerphone. He went upstairs and comforted Yang Shu on the phone, making it clear that Yang Shu had postpartum depression and hoped that she would be active. With the treatment, he will get better soon. Liu Nianbai climbed to the roof in one breath, persuaded Yang Shu with all his heart, and admitted that his mother committed suicide due to postpartum depression. Liu Nianbai has experienced the pain of not having a mother since he was a child, and encouraged Yang Shu to cheer up. As long as you support the country for three to six months, you can get out of depression.

Yang Shu tried to get close to the child, but the child suddenly started crying again. Yang Shu was so frightened that she backed away and fell from the roof. Thanks to Du Di and Liu Nianbai, they rushed over in time, grabbed her hand tightly, and rescued her. , Yang Shu and Wei Yang hugged each other and cried.

Du Di’s arm was bruised, Liu Nianbai’s elbow hit the railing and fractured, he and Lin Wei passed by, turning a deaf ear to Lin Wei, Lin Wei was worried about Liu Nianbai’s depression, and asked Du Di to persuade him more . Today Yang Shu was discharged from the hospital. Liu Nianbai and Du Di specially came to see her off. Liu Nianbai urged Wei Yang to take good care of Yang Shu.

The hospital decided to seal all the rooftops. Du Di and Liu Nianbai came to the rooftop for the last time. They were both very emotional. Tomorrow is Bai Qing’s death day. Liu Nianbai wanted to leave this sad place. Du Di was reluctant to let him go. but reluctant to admit it. Liu Nianbai came to visit his mother’s grave, and Liu Zhenghua came later. Liu Nianbai questioned his inaction about Bai Qing’s postpartum depression, which caused Bai Qing to suffer from depression for six years. Liu Zhenghua made it clear that Bai Qing was not postpartum depression.

Bai Qing is very professional. She threw herself into her work and wanted to be the head nurse who won the Nightingale Award. When she found out she was pregnant, she wanted to abort the child. Liu Zhenghua insisted on letting her give birth. She worked even harder to make up for the lack of pregnancy. When she gave birth to a child, she had a difficult labor. After giving birth, she started to work without a good recovery, resulting in repeated wound infections. She had to ask for sick leave. Her position as head nurse, Bai Qing suddenly collapsed, she couldn’t stand such a blow and jumped off the building to commit suicide.

Liu Zhenghua thought that Bai Qing was too strong and irresponsible to the family and children. He advised Liu Nianbai not to find workaholic women. Liu Nianbai felt that all this was Liu Zhenghua’s fault. Desperate, he slapped himself a few times, and threw the tape that was going to be given to Liu Nianbai on the ground.

Liu Nianbai exposed the video of Liu Zhenghua collecting money in the private room of the bar on the hospital’s intranet. The incident caused an uproar, and the medical staff were all talking about it. The vote for the vice president that was scheduled to be elected today was also postponed. Tian Yunshan was ecstatic. Lin Weiwei asked Liu Nianbai to settle the account. Liu Nianbai knew that Liu Zhenghua did not accept bribes. He was purely for revenge, and Lin Wei was speechless with anger.

Internet celebrity Wu Juan came to the obstetrics and gynecology department to give birth. Despite her husband Li Dabiao’s dissuasion, she insisted on broadcasting live in the ward. Wu Congrui is Wu Juan’s bed-steering doctor. During her 30th week of pregnancy, Wu Congrui came to the hospital early because of a congenital short cervix. Wu Congrui forced Wu Juan to lie down, explained the stakes to her, and persuaded her to take care of the fetus at any time. will be born.

Wu Congrui carefully read Wu Juan’s video and saw that she could sing, dance and interact with fans, and couldn’t help but admire her. Tian Yunshan learned that Wu Congrui only had 16 fans and reminded her to learn from Wu Juan. Wu Juan was broadcasting live in the ward and also stood up to interact with fans. Wu Congrui came to stop it in time, so Wu Juan had to lie back on the bed obediently.

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