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A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 Episode 3 Recap

Yu Meiren went to the office to find Jin Xi but found an umbrella. You must know that he never opened an umbrella. He also said that it was only a broken umbrella, but he did not agree that the beauty wanted to throw it away for him. When the beauty left, Jin Xi opened the drawer and took out the hearing aid, recalling the scene in the rain that day, when a sweet and lovely little girl gave him an umbrella. For him, it was a fairy who gave nothing in return and gave her wholeheartedly.

Tiantian took the things that Yu Meiren asked her to bring back to visit her parents. Both Yu’s parents and Yu’s mother were very enthusiastic. They didn’t forget to inquire about Meiren’s boyfriend. Tiantian could only help Meiren to smooth things out. The boyfriend is a professor who is exactly the same as the boyfriend in the recent hit drama. A man who combines aloofness, abstinence, gentleness, wisdom and talent is the perfect match for a beautiful, knowledgeable, lively and sincere woman like Xiaomei. . Let Tiantian say this, Meiren’s parents can’t wait to see her boyfriend.

Meiren was giving out red envelopes in Professor Zhuang’s plant communication group, and she even came to the laboratory where they work at the school. At this time, she received a video call from her family members and wanted to see her boyfriend, and Meiren secretly took a back view from behind. As soon as he hung up the phone, he turned his head and saw Zhuang Yu standing behind him, but he closed the curtain. The beauty went to the main entrance of the laboratory. Just when she saw the students who came out of the laboratory, she told them that she was a friend of Professor Zhuang and went in.

As a result, Zhuang Yu did not seem to welcome her very much. But the beauty told him that she was here to help her work. She knew what these devices were, such as ultra-clean benches, centrifuges and water baths, but she couldn’t, but brand endorsement was also work. She brought two ace products for him I tested it, but Zhuang Yu was very serious and avoided talking, and then he compromised.

After the beauty went home, she took off her makeup and was thinking about the progress of her work. Today, she did a product test with Zhuang Yu. The next step was to promote the plan, compare the effects before and after using it, the one-day store clerk experience, or the Weibo trial promotion. Later, it seemed that Thinking of something, I started writing quickly.

Colleagues can see that Zhuang Yu’s skin has been in good condition recently. Is it because of the use of Yu Meiren’s products that Zhuang Yu let him do it himself. After a while, Yu Meiren came over. She brought the test report of the third-party organization, and told everyone that Zhuang Yu personally checked the test items. She was really academic, and she was so responsible for the products on her platform. , and then brought the invitation letter for tomorrow’s La Mi brand conference, inviting them to come and guide.

After returning home, Yu Meiren finished wiping the photo frame, but the house was in a mess, but she didn’t want to clean it up, and then she started to motivate herself to persevere and pursue the victory. Zhuang Yu went out to throw garbage, and the beauty was ambushed next to him and startled him. In fact, he mainly wanted to ask him what he wanted to wear to the press conference tonight. After all, the two were going to go together. If the clothes were not coordinated, there might be Unsightly. Zhuang Yu didn’t think that what to wear was important, and the more beautiful the plant, the more poisonous it was. The beauty even asked shyly if she was talking about her.

In the evening, the beauty went to the conference site ahead of time. Jin Xi was going to be late for something, but Zhuang Yu still attended on time. As soon as she appeared, she attracted a lot of girls. Fortunately, the beauty came out to relieve him and told him that he would cover him. , This time the beauty was extra careful not to drink any alcohol.

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