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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 23 Recap

Now that the court is investigating corruption again, Mu Ze did not expect Xiao Jingque to become so arrogant and vain. Xiao Jingque’s behavior and vision were not worthy of the title of princess, and Mu Ze punished her to kneel under the vine for a day and a night to reflect on her past.

At dinner time, Dan Qing delivered dinner to Xiao Jingque according to the etiquette. Although Xiao Jingque refused the meal, Xiao Jingque was shocked when she heard Dan Qing said that Lingxi died on the stone next to her. After this punishment, Xiao Jingque hated Lu Anran even more, but under the advice of the mama next to her, she decided to endure the grievance for the time being.

Since Lu Anran got married, Mu Chuan had not had a good rest for several days. Hearing from his subordinates that King Yi was dissatisfied with the demolition of the manor, he seized the fields of many farmers in the north of the city, and even caused a fatal accident. Mu Chuan then listed the crimes of King Yi one by one and planned to report it to the emperor.

Xiao Ying came to visit his sister at the Qing Palace to discuss matters. Xiao Jingque did not tell his brother what he was wronged, but only admitted that Mu Ze was very good to him. Xiao Ying suggested that Xiao Jingque organize a family banquet to show the hostess’s bearing, and Xiao Jingque readily agreed. Xiao Jingque invited Lu Anran and Mu Chuan to the family banquet. Mu Ze learned that Xiao Jingque had organized the family banquet and praised her for doing a good job.

Mu Chuan came to attend the family banquet at night, and met Lu Anran who was also attending the family banquet in the courtyard. He wanted to invite her to go with him, but Lu Anran simply refused to avoid suspicion. Mu Chuan was worried about the darkness of the night and left the lantern to Lu Anran. Ann then left alone. Mu Chuan gave the sweet-scented osmanthus cake he brought to Mu Ze, saying that he planned to present the Emperor Yi’s seizure of the land to the emperor today, but Mu Ze thought the time had not come yet. Then Lu Anran came to the dinner, Xiao Jingque apologized to Lu Anran in public, and then planned to pay respects to Mu Ze. After all, Mu Ze had already had a drink with Lu Anran, and it would be fine to have another drink.

Mu Ze rejected the proposal, Xiao Jingque was jealous, duplicitously expressing his envy of the affection between Mu Ze and Lu Anran. In order to explain Xiao Jingque’s doubts, Lu Anran had to explain that he and Mu Ze fell in love at first sight in Su City, and that the only reason for marrying him was because he was fighting against Mu Ze. After all, she had always wanted to find a single-minded husband, so she misunderstood Mu Ze. Ze had promised to marry him for the Lu family. Later, the Lu family was wandering, her father was imprisoned, and the Lu family’s shipping was confiscated. She accepted Mu Ze again after despairing.

After listening to Lu Anran’s words, Mu Chuan believed that she and Mu Ze had been concealing the fact that they had a relationship. Xiao Jingque thought that Mu Chuan envied Mu Ze and wanted to arrange a marriage for him, but Mu Chuan rejected Xiao Jingque’s kindness because he had someone he liked in his heart. Although he has no relationship with the girl he likes, he has no intention of getting married at the moment.

After the family dinner, Mu Chuan wanted to leave. Xiao Jingque’s mother came to report and did not investigate the source of the bracelet, thinking it was Lu Anran’s conspiracy. Xiao Jingque couldn’t bear it any longer, and simply hit Lu Anran. He also told Mu Ze that the bracelet he was wearing was Lu Anran’s own conspiracy, but because Xiao Jingque had no direct evidence, he was finally ordered by Mu Ze to be locked in the room for self-examination.

Mu Ze personally relieved the swelling of Lu Anran’s face after being beaten. Although he didn’t care about the whole matter of the bracelet, he was very happy to see Lu Anran vying for jealousy in the affair of the inner house. Although Lu Anran didn’t want to cause trouble, he didn’t want to be bullied either. Tonight, Mu Ze stayed overnight. Although he did not force Lu Anran, he also thought that one day he would wait until Lu Anran was willing to take him as her husband and Qing Wangfu as her family.

Xiao Jingque accidentally heard that the maid mentioned that the grapes in Lu Anran’s courtyard were green grapes from Sucheng, and they were cultivated by Mu Chuan, the king of Qi. Xiao Jingque suspected that the two had an affair, and sent her servants to investigate.

Dan Qing was preparing grape cool cakes for Lu Anran, and a maid came to inquire about the green grapes in the courtyard. Dan Qing had not been fortified and said that the grapes were planted by King Qi, but also realized that this maid was someone sent by Xiao Jingque to inquire. Although Xiao Jingque confirmed that Lu Anran and Mu Chuan had had an affair, but at present he couldn’t directly prove that the two were in a relationship.

Mu Chuan’s subordinates reported that Xiao Ying’s barracks had appeared in the farmland in the north of the city. Mu Chuan thought that it was too early to play what Mu Ze said, so he had to come to Qing Wang’s mansion to ask whether the matter was related to Mu Ze. The housekeeper of Qing Wangfu took Mu Chuan to the study, and Xiao Jingque, who learned that Mu Chuan was coming, also took the opportunity to frame Lu Anran.

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