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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 34 Recap

Chang Shi was burdened with a huge amount of debt, and Lin Bai was worried, so he asked Yan Guohua to meet to discuss the solution. Han Ya was more attentive about what happened to Chang Shi, and called Zhao Pengchao to his house for dinner, and asked Zhao Pengchao to be embarrassed if Chang Shi was targeting Chang Zheng. A trace of panic was caught by Zhao Pengchao, which further confirmed his doubts.

Han Ya offered to ask Zhao Pengchao to help Chang Shi pay off the arrears. Zhao Pengchao did not refuse, but asked that the money must be paid to Chang Zheng’s bank card to prevent Chang Zheng from pestering the Zhao family. In order to calm the bigger disturbance, he comforted Lin Bai and Han Ya can only agree. Immediately called Lin Bai and asked Lin Bai to mobilize Chang Zheng together.

Chang Zheng went to the hospital to visit Lin Bai. Lin Bai asked Chang Zheng to help Chang Shi get through the difficulties and not to track down the Zhao family. On the contrary, Chang Zheng blamed Lin Bai for being too indulgent to Tsuneishi, which caused the uncontrollable situation. Seeing that Chang Zheng’s attitude was firm and there was no room for reversal, Lin Bai told the truth and stopped investigating the Zhao family not all to help Tsuneishi, mainly because Zhao Xiaosheng was Chang Zheng’s biological father, Chang Zheng was stunned.

After Lin Bai was discharged from the hospital, he met Yan Guohua for the first time. Yan Guohua didn’t know Chang Zheng’s life experience before, and was greatly surprised. Lin Bai asked Yan Guohua to persuade Chang Zheng to avoid the investigation of the Zhao family. will be on the side of law and justice.

Chang Zheng went to Hana’s house to question why he made the wrong choice in the first place, hurting Chang Fei and Lin Bai and his wife as well. Now that they have abandoned themselves, they should stay away completely and should not have any intersection in life. Han Ya told Chang Zheng that she has lived in guilt every day for more than 20 years, but no mother was willing to leave her flesh and blood, so she could only choose to accompany her silently, but she did not hide it after all. Facing Hana, Chang Zheng was more dissatisfied. No matter how sad Hana was, he directly mentioned the Zhao family’s case and asked whether Hana acted as a “protective umbrella” for the Zhao family. Hana was so heartbroken that he couldn’t speak at all.

Yan Guohua reported Chang Zheng’s life experience to Yang Chaoxu and asked for the opinion of his superiors. Yang Zhaoxu said that Chang Zheng was the person who had the most clues about the Zhao family’s case and needed to seek Chang Zheng’s opinion. If Chang Zheng insisted on the investigation, he would still fully support him.

Jin Yan helped Xiao Chen pack up his belongings and send them home. Xiao Zhenbang was looking at things and thinking about people. Jin Yan sent back two cigarettes. It was Xiao Chen who specially instructed Jin Yan to help Xiao Zhenbang after being shot. They were the cigarettes Xiao Zhenbang had been smoking. There is a prominent prohibition sign on the cigarette case. Xiao Chen has seen the video of Xiao Zhenbang handing Cao Dalong cigarettes in the interrogation room, and obviously already knows the reason why Cao Dalong dare not spit. When Xiao Zhenbang saw Xiao Chen’s belongings, he took it sadly. Jin Yan only left one sentence. Xiao Chen was braver than Xiao Zhenbang.

Facing the pain of being torn apart by his family, Chang Zheng could no longer carry out his work normally, so he ran to the pier to borrow a drink to relieve his sorrow, asked Zhang Qiufeng to meet, and offered to resign in person. Zhang Qiufeng said that he knew about Chang Zheng’s life experience a long time ago, but he promised very very no. It will be leaked, and now Chang Zheng already knows it himself, and I believe that Chang Zheng will break through the scrutiny of the world and not forget the original intention of being a policeman.

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