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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 33 Recap

Zhao Xiaosheng sternly rebuked Zhao Pengchao, for the sake of an outsider, the brothers started killing each other, which was indecent. Zhao Pengchao was repeatedly questioned, very helpless, and directly told Zhao Xiaosheng that Chang Zheng was actually the Zhao family, his own brother. According to the naming habits of the Zhao family, it should be called Zhao Pengzheng. Zhao Xiaosheng was greatly surprised, drove Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang away, and asked carefully. Zhao Pengchao told Zhao Xiaosheng that he knew through Ji Ju, and Ji Ju got the news directly through Hana’s midwife doctor. Because the relationship between Chang Zheng and the Zhao family had always been tense, Zhao Pengchao did not tell Zhao Xiaosheng.

Because Tang Shaowen disclosed Zhao Pengchao’s behavior to Zhao Xiaosheng, Zhao Pengchao criticized Tang Shaowen, and Zhao Pengchao asked Tang Shaowen’s achievements in the “Strongest Brain” competition and about giving up the opportunity to be admitted to a famous school. Tang Shaowen clearly remembers every number. Zhao Pengchao questioned Tang Shaowen why he gave up many opportunities to prove himself and chose to serve in the Zhao family. Tang Shaowen explained that he wanted to make a lot of money with Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao then asked Tang Shaowen about his relationship with Zhao Xiaosheng.

Tang Shaowen could only confess that although Zhao Pengchao placed himself next to Zhao Xiaosheng, Zhao Xiaosheng knew it very early on, but he trusted himself as always, and told himself about Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang’s little actions, Zhao Pengchao Finally asked the core question, how much Zhao Xiaosheng knew about Zhao Pengchao’s behavior, and Tang Shaowen’s explanation was within the scope of what he should know. Zhao Pengchao couldn’t help thinking of the leaks of his whereabouts several times, and began to doubt Tang Shaowen. Zhao Xiaosheng hid outside the door and heard the conversation between the two.

Zhao Pengxiang asked Bobcat to prepare a large sum of cash to give to Mr. Guo, so that the other party would no longer have to take care of Yaya. Mr. Guo knew that Yaya was not Zhao Pengxiang’s biological daughter and was worried that Yaya would not be well taken care of, so he offered to take care of Yaya. Yaya, Zhao Pengchao was very moved, and asked Mr. Guo to bring money and Yaya to fly away and never return to Changwu.

After Zhao Pengxiang learned Chang Zheng’s true identity, he became cautious and silent, worried about Zhao Pengchao’s retaliation. Drinking boring wine with Zhao Pengzhan, jealous of Zhao Pengchao’s treatment and Chang Zheng’s luck, Zhao Pengzhan proposed to put aside the grievances of the two first and clean up Zhao Pengchao together. Zhao Pengxiang thought that he could not fight, and it would be risky to get ahead, so he decided to obey Zhao Pengchao in the future. Zhao Pengzhan was not reconciled, he handed over his solid foundation to Zhao Pengxiang, and made himself anxious. He could do anything. Zhao Pengcheng was killed by the bomb, which was arranged by himself.

Zhao Pengxiang asked Zhao Pengzhan to pay tribute to Zhao Pengcheng with a glass of wine. When Zhao Pengzhan was bombed and disabled by Xia Zongtao, everyone in the Zhao family was ready to give up. Only Zhao Pengcheng took good care of Zhao Pengzhan, arranged for transfer, and rescued Zhao Pengzhan abruptly. Zhao Pengzhan never knew about these circumstances. Thinking that I personally arranged to kill the only person in the Zhao family who cared about him, I felt even more guilty and sad.

Zhao Xiaosheng got Chang Zheng’s hair through Li Bodong, and it was identified that Chang Zheng was indeed his own son, so he asked Zhao Pengchao to arrange Chang Zheng to recognize his ancestors and return to the family. Damn, fortunately, there is still a feasible way through Tsuneishi to make Chang Zheng give up completely. Zhao Xiaosheng told Hana that he already knew the identity of Chang Zheng.

Chang Shi paid all the money from the illegal fundraising to the Zhao family’s debt, so he was chased by the police and was too scared to go home. Terri was admitted to the hospital, Han Ya visited Lin Bai and asked if he had discussed Chang Zheng’s life experience with others, but Lin Bai said he had never mentioned it.

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