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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 31 Recap

Zhao Pengchao’s plan to raise funds through the government has been implemented, and it is very smooth, but the funding gap still cannot be filled, so he asks Ji Ji to operate futures and use leverage to obtain huge funds first. Ji Ji is worried about the risk and has not started it. Emphasizing the coexistence of risks and benefits, Ji Ji is ready to start.

Zhang Xiaoming investigated Bai Xiao’s situation. This person is Zhao Pengzhan’s brother-in-law. He has always wanted to find a position in the Zhao family, but he is not popular. He has had contacts with the Zhao family for many years, but he has no chance to participate in substantive business. Yan Guohua motioned Zhang Xiaoming to take Bai Xiao. The information about the Zhao family that has been said is collected and verified item by item.

Zhao Pengchao instructed Tang Shaowen to pay Ji Ji a sum of money, so that Ji Ji manipulated futures trading to obtain more funds. Tang Shaowen carefully asked Zhao Pengchao, if Ji Ji’s illegal operations were discovered, would Sihai Group suffer? Zhao Pengchao said that Ji Ji would have It is the fund manager. After sending the money to Ji Xun, the rest of the operation has nothing to do with the Four Seas Group.

After a comparison, Zhang Xiaoming found that the information about the Zhao family that Bai Xiao mentioned was basically true, including business acquisitions, enemy revenge, etc. Zhao Pengzhan’s legs were blown off by Xia Zongtao, and the secret investigation team had grasped this information and it was completely consistent. Yan Guohua ordered He Yidong to find ways to approach Bai Xiao so that he could obtain more information.

As for Zhao Pengchao and Ji Ji jointly creating a large amount of capital flow, Yan Guohua also briefly disclosed it to Chang Zheng. In view of the relationship between Chang Zheng and the commemoration, Yan Guohua suggested that Chang Zheng should only focus on Zhao Pengchao, and would send the Economic Investigation Department to investigate Ji Ji, for the sake of Bai Xiao For safety, Yan Guohua signaled to Chang Zheng not to approach him on purpose.

Except for Chang Zheng, the members of the task force took their respective tasks. Jin Yan pretended to be cleaning and found that Ji Ru was trading futures. Ning Yu and Song Guangming tracked Ji Ru and Zhao Pengchao several secret meetings.

He Yidong went to work in Baixiao repair shop as a repairman. Zhao Pengxiang saw that Zhao Pengchao had successfully obtained the loan, and had more and more contacts with Ji Ji, and urged Zhao Pengzhan to use Bai Xiao again. Zhao Pengzhan also realized the seriousness of the situation and planned to invite Bai Xiao to dinner again, deliberately leaking information.

Zhao Pengzhan did what he liked to Bai Xiao, planned the future for Bai Xiao, made false promises, and told the truth about Ji Ji’s manipulation of the fund. Bai Xiao was eager to prove himself, and told Chang Zheng what he had just heard in a blink of an eye. Zheng then reported to Yan Guohua, from which the task force could prove that Ji Xue was the actual controller of Yuntong Fund, and through frequent buying and selling, raising the price, it had become a crime.

After analysis, the Economic Investigation Brigade decided to arrest Ji Ji in order to prevent him from causing harm to the financial market.

Chang Zheng participated in Ji Ju’s arrest, Zhao Pengchao told Memorial, because of this incident, the rift between Memorial and Chang Zheng deepened. Memorial also decided to defend Ji Ji, and the two were completely opposed to each other.

Zhao Pengchao knew how the news was leaked and beat Zhao Pengxiang hard. After confinement in the cold storage of Zhao Peng Zhanguan, he breathed a sigh of relief, and then went to the memorial to comfort him, and took advantage of the emptiness to show his love.

Chang Zheng borrows alcohol to relieve his worries, and Jin Yan has been quietly following to take care of the drunk Chang Zheng.

The result of Xiao Zhenbang’s handling was issued quickly. Zheng Guangtian signaled to Li Bodong to send someone to monitor Xiao Zhenbang’s every move and to close all possible ways of leaking information. Li Bodong asked his subordinate Zhang Xian to obtain the account numbers and passwords of all Xiao Zhenbang’s communication software.

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