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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 30 Recap

Zhao Pengchao’s asset transfer plan is getting closer and closer, and Zhao Pengzhan feels uneasy. If Zhao Pengchao’s plan is successful, he and Zhao Pengxiang will have no place to stand, so he decides to disclose Zhao Pengchao’s plan to the police, let the police intervene and stop Zhao Pengchao’s actions, even if faced with The Zhao family’s assets were frozen, and it was worth the risk. As long as the money didn’t leave Changwu, he could get it back, but neither he nor Zhao Pengxiang could come forward, and he could instruct Bai Xiao to do it.

Zheng Guangtian inquired about Li Bodong’s current situation. Li Bodong said that the alarm could be temporarily lifted. Zheng Guangtian warned Li Bodong not to take it lightly. Xiao Zhenbang’s indecision was probably a variable. Once Xiao Zhenbang did something unfavorable to himself, he needed to come forward to stop it.

Li Bodong then found Xiao Zhenbang’s house. Xiao Zhenbang was tortured by his conscience, and persuaded Li Bodong to join him in a showdown with the organization. Li Bodong said that he is under a lot of pressure, his wife is unemployed, his daughter is studying abroad, and he has a mortgage and a car loan. If he changed his position again, he should not only care about himself, but always think about his children. Xiao Zhenbang was shaken again.

Jiubijiu Mining saw that Zhao Pengchao was eager to purchase, and raised the purchase price by 50%. Even so, Ji Ju and Zhao Pengchao believed that it was worth the money. Zhao Pengzhan sent an eye to understand Zhao Pengchao’s acquisition plan, and Begin to liquidate the company’s assets, and have the next plan.

Zhang Qiufeng reported Jia Xiaoqiang’s number from Li Bodong’s mobile phone to Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua immediately applied to the provincial department for technical support, cracked Jia Xiaoqiang’s network disk, and obtained all the call information between Jia Xiaoqiang and Li Bodong. Zhang Qiufeng found out that Jia Xiaoqiang He deliberately called Li Bodong’s job title every time he called, both to show respect and to protect himself.

Chang Zheng finally understood the reason for the leaks of each plan. Yan Guohua suggested that he should not make a fool of himself, but carefully observe the actions of Jia Xiaoqiang and Li Bodong. At the critical moment, You can also use the two to pass fake news to the Zhao family.

Back at the police station, Jia Xiaoqiang was inviting the members of the task force to drink milk tea, and in the name of learning experience, he applied kindly to view the file. Chang Zheng tried his best to restrain himself and agreed to Jia Xiaoqiang’s request.

Zhao Pengzhan saw Zhao Pengchao’s true intentions clearly, so he pulled Zhao Pengxiang to find Zhao Xiaosheng’s theory, Zhao Xiaosheng did not let Zhao Pengchao avoid, Zhao Pengxiang asked Zhao Pengchao if he wanted to transfer his assets to a foreign country to establish his own business, Zhao Pengchao still insisted that it was to avoid the investigation of the police, Zhao Pengxiang saw Zhao Pengchao With a hypocritical expression and scolding, Zhao Xiaosheng came forward to mediate, and asked the eldest and third of the Zhao family to obey Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement.

Later, Zhao Xiaosheng brought Zhao Pengchao to the Zhao family ancestral hall, and told Zhao Pengchao the biggest umbrella of the Zhao family. Zhao Pengchao opened it and saw that it was himself. Zhao Xiaosheng told Zhao Pengchao that at any time, the person he can rely on the most is himself. When Zhao Pengchao Law Firm was first established, the first three cases it received, robbery, drug smuggling, and gang vendetta, were all deliberately arranged by him. It was Zhao Pengchao who dealt with the gang in advance to facilitate the handling of the Zhao family’s gray industrial chain in the future.

Chang Zheng approached Bai Xiao, Bai Xiao was in the middle of Zhao Pengzhan’s strategy, and told Chang Zheng about Zhao Pengchao and Ji Ruo’s plan to acquire Australian iron ore, and Chang Zheng reported it to Yan Guohua. The flow of funds coincided with each other, and Yan Guohua asked Zhang Xiaoming to find out the details of Bai Xiao, so as to collect more information about the Zhao family.

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