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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 22 Recap

On the night of the bridal chamber, Lu Anran wiped away his tears and dealt with Mu Ze. Mu Ze gave Lu Anran the jade pendant from the beginning again, expressing that he wanted to live a good life with Lu Anran. Lu Anran knew that Mu Ze never touched alcohol, but he never knew why. Mu Ze said that when he was eight years old, he personally used a glass of poisonous wine to send his biological mother away.

At that time, Concubine Liang was raising herself, and in order to test herself, she would let him hand over the poisonous wine to her biological mother. Since then, when he sees the wine in the glass, he will think of the tragic death of his biological mother in front of him. The emperor knew all of this, but no matter how hard Mu Ze worked, he was a disgrace to the emperor in the heart of the night.

Mu Ze told Lu Anran that he had no other secrets in his life. He hoped that they could share weal and woe as husband and wife from now on. Lu Anran drank a glass of wine with Mu Ze, but he did not express his sincerity. Mu Ze said frankly that although there were many misunderstandings between the two before, but now that Lu Anran has married him as his concubine, he will keep his promise to protect the old and young of the Lu family, and hope that Lu Anran can accompany him to accomplish his great cause.

Lu Anran thought that his concubine was naturally at the mercy of King Qing, and willingly served the bed, but seeing Lu Anran who was like a corpse, Mu Ze left angrily. Although Xiao Jingque has become Princess Qing, what he cares about is always Mu Ze himself. Seeing Mu Ze come to his own courtyard, he was even more delighted. Because Mu Ze was angry with Lu Anran, he did not stop Xiao Jingque’s plan to stand in front of Lu Anran.

The Anxin Rice that Mu Chuan had meticulously cultivated, saw a bumper harvest but was infected with dryness. Mu Chuan burned all the rice in order to keep the field healthy. Whether it’s love or rice, it needs to be broken when it is broken. Seeing that Anxin rice was burned, Mu Chuan also bid farewell to his relationship with Lu Anran in his heart.

Lu Anran wanted to drink the sterilization pill, but Dan Qing hoped that Lu Anran could leave a way out for him. But Lu Anran thought that he and Mu Chuan had missed out, so in order to succeed, he would not leave any way out for himself. Lu Anran drank the sterilization pill and planned to end the grievance with Xiao Jingque on the first seven days of Lingxi.

Early the next morning, Lu Anran came to serve tea to Xiao Jingque, Xiao Jingque embarrassed Lu Anran in every possible way, but he did not know that Lu Anran was more ruthless, and he knelt down on the broken tile without fear of being injured. Lu Anran knew that Xiao Jingque’s move was also Mu Ze’s plan to knock the mountain and shake the tiger. He ran into Mu Ze while dragging the injured pace, and took the opportunity to show weakness to Mu Ze, and his words also brought out the truth that Lingxi was killed by Xiao Jingque.

Xiao Jingque admired the congratulations everyone gave to her to be promoted to Princess Qing, and when she saw the beautiful jade bracelet, she put it on her wrist. After hearing from the housekeeper that Lu Anran used a bitter trick to win Mu Ze’s attention, Xiao Jingque went to the Lu Mansion to teach Lu Anran a lesson. When he came to the Lu Mansion, Xiao Jingque, as a princess, asked his servants to whip Lu Anran, but he didn’t know that Lu Anran asked his servants to invite Mu Ze in advance, and just saw this scene.

In front of Mu Ze, Lu Anran understood that Xiao Jingque was dissatisfied with the fact that there was one more woman in the palace, but she knew the difference between high and low. Even if Xiao Jingque pushed Lingxi to the ground and died of blood loss, she still endured it.

Before leaving, Lu Anran pointed out the value of Xiao Jingque’s bracelet. Seeing that Xiao Jingque was so greedy for money, regardless of the reputation of the Qing Palace, Mu Ze ordered her to kneel under the vine where Lingxi died tragically.

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