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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 21 Recap

Although Lu Anran kept saying that he didn’t care about Mu Chuan, he did not dare to look directly at Mu Chuan. Facing Mu Chuan’s eagerness for an answer, Lu Anran had no choice but to tell Mu Chuan that she only treated Mu Chuan as a confidant, and the person she truly loved was Mu Ze. If Mu Chuan misunderstood her feelings before, Lu Anran was deeply sorry. . Lu Anran said that he really understood his intentions when he was buried alive by Lu Xinran, so he was willing to join the Qing Palace.

Mu Chuan looked at Lu Anran who was leaving, still carrying the bracelet he had given him, dragged his seriously ill body on horseback to catch up with Lu Anran’s carriage and questioned her, why did Lu Anran still carry the bracelet if he didn’t have him in his heart, and Lu Anran wanted to let Mu Chuan Completely heartbroken, he threw the bracelet away, which made Mu Chuan even more disappointed.

Seeing that Lingxi was gloomy, Dan Qing persuaded Lingxi not to be angry with the young lady, but Lingxi said that she didn’t, but she felt sorry for Lu Anran. Lu Anran was someone he wanted to serve for the rest of his life. She was also going to cook red bean soup to make Lu Anran happier. Dan Qing praised Lingxi for being sensible, and told Lingxi that the reason why Lu Anran liked Mu Chuan but chose not to stay with him was because he had more important things to do in his heart.

Mu Chuan took a drink to relieve his worries. Mu Ze came to visit his sick brother. Looking at his lonely and decadent face, he didn’t know how to relieve Mu Chuan. After all, Mu Chuan never thought about why Lu Anran chose to marry his second wife. Gomuse.

Lu Anran accidentally discovered that the vines that Mu Chuan personally planted in Lu Mansion’s courtyard had died. She was very sorry, and she felt even more sorry for her relationship with Mu Chuan, so she turned back to the place where she threw the bracelet in the daytime and wanted to retrieve it. In order to teach Lu Anran a lesson, Xiao Jingque came to Lu Mansion late at night, but could not find Lu Anran, so she planned to destroy the arrangement of Lu Mansion and the vines in the courtyard. In order to protect the vines, Lingxi was accidentally pushed down by Xiao Jingque and hit her head.

To the stone tragic death. Lu Anran finally retrieved the bracelet, but when he returned to the Lu residence, he found that Lingxi had died tragically. Because of the marriage, Lu Anran was unable to place Lingxi in a mourning hall, so he could only instruct the servants to bury Lingxi, while she lay on the grape trellis for the next night. Accompanying Lingxi who has passed away.

Lu Anran was already deeply saddened, but Mu Ze thought that Lu Anran used the death of the dowry maid to design him, and said that no matter what, Lu Anran would marry into Prince Qing’s mansion tomorrow. When Mu Chuan learned of Lingxi’s death, he bought zongzi candy and came to Lu’s house. He accidentally heard Lu Anran blame himself for designing Lu Xinran to marry instead, but ignored Lingxi’s feelings from beginning to end, which made her feel wronged. Mu Chuan left angrily, completely misunderstanding Lu Anran.

All things are born from the right way, just like a long river, if it blocks its direction, it will inevitably find another way, but in any case, it will never stop. No matter the past or present, it seemed that Lu Anran could not change the fate of the people around him.

Mu Chuan asked Mu Ze to let him take Lu Anran into the Qing palace, and Mu Ze agreed to his request. Lu Anran, dressed in red, was greeted by Mu Chuan out of the door of Lu Mansion. In order to break his own thoughts, Mu Chuan asked Lu Anran whether he was going from Sucheng to Hanjing, and even concocted Lu Xinran’s affair, whether it was only to protect the Lu family and whether he was included in all Lu Anran’s plans; Back then, Dongqing asked herself if she wanted Xuechanzi to prepare for marriage. Lu Anran did not deny the three questions. Seeing that Lu Anran did not regret stepping into the Qing Palace, Mu Chuan was completely heartbroken.

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