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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 27 Recap

Knowing that Qiu Tao was an informant of the police, Chang Zheng couldn’t help but have doubts. Since the police can spend a lot of time to set up undercover agents in the Zhao family, they can’t guarantee that the Zhao family will not deeply corrupt the police. This suspicion made Yan Guohua immediately alert and asked Chang Zheng if there was any specific object of suspicion. Chang Zheng said that there was no definite evidence and he could not make a judgment easily, and further investigation was needed to confirm.

Zhao Pengchao told Ji Ji about his plan to acquire Jiubijiu Mining in Australia. As a senior investor, Ji Ji believed that the risk was very high, and funding was a problem that he had to face. Zhao Pengchao said that he could solve the funding problem. Ji Wei had doubts about Zhao Pengchao’s intentions. This was not his usual prudent style, so he asked Zhao Pengchao to reveal his true purpose.

Zhao Pengchao explained that he mainly wanted to make Sihai Group bigger and stronger as soon as possible and stabilize the assets of the Zhao family. Ji An saw through Zhao Pengchao at a glance, and added another purpose of Zhao Pengchao, which was to transfer the Sihai Group to Australia so that Zhao Pengchao could take full control. Zhao Pengchao did not deny it, and only asked Ji Ju to help him complete the acquisition of Jiubijiu Mining as soon as possible. At that time, he would return to Australia with the memorial. Ji Ju reminded Zhao Pengchao not to include the memorial in the plan, and let the memorial contact the Zhao family less. .

Ning Yu had always suspected that Song Guangming was an “inner ghost”, and when he saw Chang Zheng was parking, he ran forward to express his suspicions. Xia Zongtao appeared on the ferry on time and escaped smoothly. Both incidents are suspected of being inextricable with Song Guangming. Chang Zheng didn’t agree. When Song Guangming suffered from gout, his feet were red and swollen, and it didn’t seem like he was pretending.

Ning Yu explained that the pathological part was real, but it might be that Song Guangming had eaten taboo food beforehand, which happened to happen. Chang Zheng interrupted Ning Yu directly, saying that without evidence, he could not be trusted. He and Song Guangming had been partners for many years, and he believed in Song Guangming. The conversation between the two was heard by Song Guangming who happened to pass by. Chang Zheng’s remarks touched Song Guangming.

The secret meeting between Zhao Pengchao and Ji Ji caused Zhao Pengzhan’s suspicion. He couldn’t find any news about Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengzhan was even more uneasy, so he told Zhao Pengxiang of his doubts, so that Zhao Pengxiang would often go to the orchard recently to win over the people outside the Zhao family. If you have the upper hand, those people can help. Qiu Tao heard the conversation between the two in a hidden corner.

Zhang Xiaoming analyzed the vehicle license plates that appeared on Zhao Xiaosheng’s birthday banquet, and determined that most of the vehicles often came and went near the orchard, and a large number of daily necessities were purchased into the park every day. It is likely that Zhao Pengchao hid people with criminal records.

Yan Guohua then arranged for someone to track the purchase of vehicles, and found that there was only one road to enter the orchard, and the road was full of surveillance, and it was impossible to break in hard.

Song Guangming submitted a resignation application to Chang Zheng and decided to change careers. Chang Zheng repeatedly asked the reason, and Song Guangming revealed the scars in his heart. A few years ago, I stopped Zhao’s overloaded vehicle on the road, but the ticket was not issued, and I was scolded by the driver. After that, I was beaten by the driver with a few gangsters and personally humiliated.

The superior leaders knew what happened to them, but they turned a blind eye. Since then, Song Guangming has learned to protect himself, as long as the case related to the Zhao family can be avoided, he will never cause trouble for himself. But before Deng Xiaojun died, he looked at his eyes with anticipation, which made Song Guangming sad, thinking that there was no need to be a policeman anymore, and he could neither protect himself nor serve justice.

Chang Zheng told Song Guangming that it was precisely because of these experiences that he could not resign, otherwise he would never have a chance to be ashamed, and he was sorry for Deng Xiaojun’s trusting eyes before his death, and he would find an opportunity to prove Song Guangming’s excellence. , Song Guangming’s hardships will not be in vain.

The staff of the secret investigation team pretended to be the staff of the telecommunications company. They wanted to touch the orchard to understand the situation on the grounds of installing telecommunications facilities in the orchard. The blackhead was very alert. Anywhere near the orchard. Qiu Tao and Yan Guohua met, and after reporting the information they already had, Yan Guohua signaled Qiu Tao to know the information about the people inside the orchard while ensuring his own safety.

According to Zhao Pengzhan’s suggestion, Zhao Pengxiang prepared some tobacco and alcohol to win over the brothers in the orchard. Bobcat loaded the supplies in the car and suddenly had diarrhea. This was because Qiu Tao secretly snatched the laxative in advance. Tao accompanies him to the orchard.

Zhao Pengxiang thought that Qiu Tao was Zhao Pengchao’s eyeliner, and he was on guard everywhere. Qiu Tao left early, leaving Zhao Pengxiang to talk with his subordinates. When Qiu Tao went to the car, he found Xia Zongtao hiding in a room in a corner of the orchard.

Qiu Tao reported the discovery to Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua asked Chang Zheng to arrange the arrest of Xia Zongtao as soon as possible. When Chang Zheng arranged for Song Guangming and Ning Yu, he was overheard by Jia Xiaoqiang.

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