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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 26 Recap

After Yan Guohua left the Four Seas Hotel, Zhao Pengchao told Zhao Xiaosheng that Yan Guohua took the opportunity to browse the people in the signature book. Zhao Xiaosheng analyzed that Yan Guohua had already set his sights on the Zhao family, so he instructed Zhao Pengchao to finalize Australia as soon as possible after the discipline was over. acquisition projects and transfer assets as soon as possible.

Xia Zongtao led Chang Zheng to an abandoned parking lot, and he attacked with viciousness. He wanted to kill Chang Zheng. Chang Zheng also fought with all his strength. Xia Zongtao left first and solved Chang Zheng himself.

When the bobcat saw Chang Zheng passing by clutching his wound, he followed him with a gun. Unexpectedly, he was discovered by Chang Zheng and looked for a place to hide. The bobcat did not find Chang Zheng, so he left the abandoned parking lot, and happened to meet Qiu Tao driving out, so he asked Qiu Tao. Tao’s mission to go out, Qiu Tao did not disclose. Jin Yan found Chang Zheng’s deliberately left cell phone based on location sharing, so he found the injured Chang Zheng and sent him to the hospital.

Yan Guohua left the Four Seas Hotel and got into the taxi at the entrance of the hotel. The first thing was to ask Jin Yan about Chang Zheng’s situation. Jin Yan said that he had initiated location sharing and locked Chang Zheng’s location. Yan Guohua instructed him to ensure the safety of Chang Zheng. .

Tang Shaowen reported to Zhao Pengchao the meeting between Xia Zongtao and Chang Zheng. Only then did Zhao Pengchao know that the cattle had been attacked, but he had woken up, and Zhao Pengchao continued to keep an eye on Xia Zongtao.

The task of observing the people entering and leaving the Zhao family has ended, but Lu Jian did not return to the team on time. After everyone waited for a while, Lu Jiancai hurried back to the station. He told Yan Guohua that he was found when he passed the entrance of the Sihai Hotel. Starting to chase, Lu Jian tried his best to get rid of the stalker. Yan Guohua ordered Lu Jian to leave the task force immediately and return to the original unit to report, so as to protect himself and the task force. Although Lu Jian was not reconciled, he could only obey the order and take the train to the high-speed rail station to leave. The task force immediately moved the station.

Jin Yan brought Chang Zheng to the new location to meet with Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua told Chang Zheng about the establishment of a secret investigation team and the case-handling ideas of both light and dark lines. Chang Zheng applied to join, and Yan Guohua had received a decision from his superiors to recruit Chang Zheng as the secret task force. full member. Chang Zheng told Yan Guohua that in addition to Xia Zongtao, Qiu Tao also attacked himself in the abandoned parking lot.

Yan Guohua said that he would take Chang Zheng to meet a mysterious person. When the two arrived at the meeting place, Chang Zheng found out that it was Qiu Tao. It turned out that the person who had been sending messages to the secret investigation team was actually Qiu Tao. They all deliberately left clues to Chang Zheng. Qiu Tao also told Chang Zheng that Zhao Pengchao paid special attention to Chang Zheng, and even turned his face with the boss and the third because of Chang Zheng several times. Group doubts.

Qiu Tao reported to Yan Guohua the news that Ji Ju had returned to China. The two agreed that Ji Ju returned to China in the name of birthday wishes to help Zhao Pengchao transfer assets. Yan Guohua let Qiu Tao watch his son’s video, and Qiu Tao burst into tears. . It turned out that Yan Guohua noticed the Zhao family very early, so he deployed in advance and sent Qiu Tao to Australia. After his son was born, Qiu Tao began to carry out secret missions and did not reunite with his family for many years.

Ji Ju and Zhao Xiaosheng had dinner together, and had a private conversation with Memorial, asking about the conflict between Memorial and Chang Zheng, and instructing Memorial to not interfere in Zhao’s affairs and only concentrate on work. Zhao Pengchao sent Heitou to look for Lu Jian, and Heitou followed him all the way and found that Lu Jian had left Changwu by high-speed train.

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