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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 25 Recap

In order to obtain the information of persons with criminal records through Zhao Xiaosheng’s birthday banquet, Zhao Xiaosheng asked the task force to remember the license plate numbers of the persons entering and leaving on the day, but they could not take pictures, which would be easily exposed. This was also thought by Zhao Pengchao. area, and take measures as soon as someone is found to be photographed.

Yan Guohua avoided this possibility and decided to use a stupid but safe method, relying on his brain to keep in mind. Driving around the Four Seas Hotel pretending to be crossing the road, several cars going back and forth in a row will certainly attract attention. Yan Guohua asked his superiors to prepare more than 30 cars, and the special team members recorded the license plate numbers on the cars.

Ji Ji called Memorial on the phone before returning to China, saying that the main purpose of returning to China is to mediate the conflict between the Zhao family and Chang Zheng, hoping that Chang Zheng and Memorial can get back together. Although he is not 100% sure, he will try his best. At the same time, he asked Chang Zheng to attend Zhao Xiaosheng’s birthday banquet the next day, and deliberately explained that he would be there fifteen minutes late for commemoration and Chang Zheng.

Lynx got the medical appraisal results of Zhao Pengxiang and Yaya. Yaya and Zhao Pengxiang are not related by blood. Zhao Pengxiang told Lynx that no third person is allowed to know about this matter. Zhao Pengxiang is still very sad about the status of Yaya, after all, he has always regarded Yaya as his own daughter. When he got home in the evening, Zhao Pengxiang played the piano with Yaya. When Teacher Guo was about to leave, he found the paternity test result on the hanger.

On Zhao Xiaosheng’s birthday, there were surveillance cameras around the Sihai Group. Zhao Pengchao arranged for Qiu Tao to pick up the discipline at the airport, and arranged for Tang Shaowen to follow Yan Guohua at the banquet. Tang Shaowen pretended not to know Yan Guohua and accepted Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement. Yu, took Chang Zheng to the Four Seas Hotel, Chang Zheng was not happy, so he called Ji Sui to commemorate the flight. Due to the delay of the flight, Ji Ji’s phone could not be reached, and the memorial had to explain, so Chang Zheng got off the car and left directly.

Zhao Pengchao invited many people who were related to the Zhao family, but Xia Zongtao was the only one who did not invite Xia Zongtao to guard him. Unexpectedly, Sang Niu was thrown down at once, and Xia Zongtao left the hiding place.

Heitou saw Chang Zheng’s car in the monitoring room and reported it to Zhao Pengchao to ask him whether to do it. Chang Zheng was about to take a taxi and just saw Zhang Xiaoming driving a taxi past. Before, Yan Guohua asked Zhang Xiaoming to pretend to be a reporter Lu Yuan to meet Chang Zheng, so Chang Zheng recognized it at a glance, and when he was about to cross the road, he saw Jin Yan wearing The clothes of the toll collectors in the parking lot were looking back and forth, and Jin Yan also saw Chang Zheng, so she hurriedly found a place to hide.

Chang Zheng followed Jin Yan into the underground parking lot, Jin Yan got into the car of the special team, and when Chang Zheng searched, Another member of the task force pretended to be a security guard and came out to relieve the siege. Chang Zheng pretended to leave, hid behind a car and saw Jin Yan. Jin Yan also found Chang Zheng, so he let the car leave the garage, and explained a few things to Chang Zheng. In other words, let Chang Zheng wait for him at the noodle restaurant first.

After Yan Guohua arrived at the Four Seas Hotel, he found that Zhao Xiaosheng had set up a large table to entertain himself. Yan Guohua took the opportunity of taking the money from his family to photograph the list of people participating in the birthday banquet with the miniature camera hidden in his cuff. He often went to the noodle restaurant to wait for Jinyan, and suddenly found Xia Zongtao. Passing by, he hurriedly followed. Xia Zongtao entered the underground parking lot of the Four Seas Hotel, followed by Chang Zheng, all of which were captured by surveillance cameras. .

Zhao Pengzhan knew that if Zhao Pengchao knew, he would definitely not agree to hurt Chang Zheng, so he made a call to Xia Zongtao and signaled Xia Zongtao to attack Chang Zheng.

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