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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 18 Recap

Liu Nianbai remembered the various pasts when he was a child, and couldn’t help weeping secretly. Du Di specially bought wine and snacks to find Liu Nianbai to relax. Liu Nianbai hurriedly went to the bathroom to wash his face. Du Di accidentally saw Bai Qing’s case, so he flipped through it. Liu Nianbai came out of the bathroom and grabbed the medical record. , shouted at Du Di, Du Di apologized to him repeatedly, then got up and left, before leaving, Du Di proposed to share the pain with Liu Nianbai.

Liu Nianbai carefully reviewed the medical records of his mother Bai Qing, and found that her postpartum depression lasted for six years, and she was still treated in a psychiatric department for a long time. Liu Nianbai believed that her father Liu Zhenghua had caused her mother’s postpartum depression, but his memory was full of brilliant mothers. With a smile, Liu Nianbai’s thoughts fell into chaos.

Yang Shu’s operation was carried out as scheduled. With the full cooperation of the medical staff, Yang Shu gave birth to a baby boy and the uterus was preserved. Du Di told Yang Shu’s mother-in-law and father-in-law the news immediately. They couldn’t wait to see the child and give it to their son. Wei Yang shared the photo, but the newborn was weak. Now it is observed in the incubator in the intensive care unit. The mother-in-law suspected that the child was injured during the operation, so she deliberately did not show it to them. Du Di repeatedly emphasized that the child was healthy, but they did not believe it at all. The phone called Wei Yang.

Wu Congrui did not participate in Yang Shu’s operation, and felt very disappointed. Du Di opened the operation video and explained the whole process of the operation in detail to her. The results of the newborn examination were all normal. Du Di carried the baby to the ward. The mother-in-law felt that the baby was not like Yang Shu and Wei Yang. Paternity Testing. Yang Shu firmly believes that the hospital will not make mistakes. She firmly disagrees with the test, and feels that her mother-in-law does not believe her. Since she became pregnant, her mother-in-law has been suspicious. Her mother-in-law denied it and insisted on doing a paternity test. Had to make concessions.

Tian Yunshan severely reprimanded Du Di for the first pass. The operation was smooth, but because of the communication between Du Di and his family members, the family members have to do a paternity test, and they also asked the media to report the matter. Huang Yunling hurried to report to Tian Yunshan that the genes of the newborn Wei Yang did not match.

Tian Yunshan and Huang Yunling accompanied the director of the Neonatology Department to retrieve the surveillance video of the Obstetrics and Gynecology and Neonatology Department, and found nothing abnormal. Huang Yunling suspected that Yang Shu was pregnant with someone else’s child. Tian Yunshan asked Du Di to explain the truth to the family and let them solve it on their own. Make things bigger, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Du Di waited all morning and made sure that Wei Yang and his parents were not in the ward. Du Di came to Yang Shu and made it clear that the child was not Wei Yang’s, but Yang Shu and other men. Yang Shu swore to God that she did not. cheating. She and Wei Yang have been married for three years and have not conceived a child. After Wei Yang went to Africa to aid construction, her mother-in-law and father-in-law guarded her strictly. Yang Shu stayed at home except for commuting, and bought everything online. Wei Yang went home last year. On vacation, she didn’t expect Yang Shu to be pregnant. Yang Shu was ecstatic. She could finally raise her eyebrows and go shopping and have dinner with friends normally. Yang Shu begged Du Di to get justice for her.

Tian Yunshan brought Huang Yunling and Du Di to clarify the facts to the reporter. Tian Yunshan repeatedly emphasized that there would be no wrong child, and Du Di never touched the newborn from beginning to end. She only accompanied him throughout the whole process. Tian Yunshan found that Yang Shu had cheated, and Du Di felt that she Unlike lying, the reporter saw that Du Di was hesitant and suspected that there was a hidden secret. She refused to write a clarification report and left in a hurry. Tian Yunshan was very annoyed and wanted to expel Du Di. Huang Yunling stood up to intercede for Du Di and persuaded Tian Yunshan to investigate thoroughly.

Lin Wei sent a message to Liu Nianbai about Du Di’s dismissal. Liu Nianbai remembered that his mentor Lawrence once said that a genetic mismatch is not necessarily his own. This is the mystery of the human body. Liu Nianbai immediately called Lawrence, claiming to be a helper. Girlfriend consultation.

Early the next morning, Liu Nianbai asked Tian Yunshan to gather all the medical staff in the general practice, and then video-connected with Lawrence. Lawrence explained in detail that this rare situation is the phenomenon of human genetic mosaicism, and two sets of chromosomes have formed in the newborn’s father. , It is necessary to carry out genetic testing on both husband and wife, and there have been less than 100 cases of such cases worldwide. Finally, Lawrence wishes Liu Nianbai’s girlfriend good luck.

Li Junxiao objected to genetic testing. There is no need for such a big fight, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but Liu Nianbai felt that it should be thoroughly understood, and that Shengji Hospital could become famous in one fell swoop. Tian Yunshan finally decided to do genetic testing, which could rectify the name of the hospital and help Du Du. The emperor cleared his injustice, and Tian Yunshan asked Liu Nianbai to take charge of the matter.

Du Di and Liu Nianbai explained the situation to Wei Yang and asked him and Yang Shu to do a genetic test. Wei Yang firmly disagreed and insisted that it was the hospital’s mistake. The emperor and Liu Nianbai persuaded Wei Yang to think about Yang Shu and the children before Wei Yang was willing to make concessions.

Liu Nianbai stayed in Yang Shu’s ward. Du Di thanked him for clarifying himself, brought him a cup of milk, and greeted him. Liu Nianbai told the secret in his heart. He is the son of Liu Zhenghua and Bai Qing. When he was six years old, Liu Zhenghua sent him to his aunt’s house abroad and lied that Bai Qing had died in a car accident. The more sad, he leaned on Du Di’s body and cried bitterly.

Liu Nianbai brought Yang Shu to the neonatal ward to see her child. Yang Shu was very distressed that she could not breastfeed her child. The test results came out. It was confirmed that the child belonged to Yang Shu and Wei Yang. Wei Yang had two sets of chromosomes in his body. Tian Yunshan praised Liu Nianbai for winning glory for the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shengji Hospital, and gave him a bonus of 800 yuan. Tian Yunshan asked Huang Yunling to open the official account. And the video number, to popularize medical knowledge to the majority of patients, Huang Yunling handed over the matter to Wu Congrui, Liu Nianbai pleaded for Du Di in public, and Tian Yunshan hurriedly changed the topic.

Yang Shu’s mother-in-law and father-in-law apologized to Du Di, and Du Di asked them to apologize to Yang Shu. Yang Shu returned milk because she was overthinking, and she couldn’t breastfeed the child. Wei Yang tried his best to comfort her. Wu Congrui was officially broadcast live today. Li Junxiao helped her to prepare for the work. Wu Congrui mentioned that some sensitive words were limited by the platform. Wang Ying called to remind Wu Congrui to avoid these sensitive words.

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