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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 17 Recap

Wu Congrui tried his best to avoid Li Junxiao’s affectionate gaze, and asked Huang Yunling’s son Lu Sichen casually. Huang Yunling said lightly that he was left at school and punished for copying his homework, so he hurriedly got up from the bathroom. When Wu Congrui heard the news, he hurried to take a look. When he entered the door, he saw that Huang Yunling had numerous scars on her back. At a glance, she could see that it was a belt pull. Wu Congrui suspected that Huang Yunling’s husband did it. Huang Yunling tried her best to cover it up and forcibly pushed Wu Congrui out.

Liu Zhenghua asked Lin Wei about Liu Nianbai’s current situation, and Lin Wei told the truth. Liu Zhenghua learned that Liu Nianbai worked hard and liked the best doctor in obstetrics and gynecology. , Liu Zhenghua asked Lin Wei to order a bunch of sunset corals as usual, and Lin Wei persuaded him to have a good talk with Liu Nianbai to resolve the misunderstanding as soon as possible. Liu Zhenghua has always regarded Liu Nianbai as a child. Unexpectedly, he grew up overnight. Liu Zhenghua decided to give Liu Nianbai what Bai Qing left on the 15th.

Tian Yunshan went to the academic exchange meeting on behalf of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Shengji Hospital. He only brought information about one operation. Colleagues in other hospitals were very puzzled. Tian Yunshan repeatedly explained that the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department was too busy recently and could not organize the cases. Colleagues revealed that The dean wanted to promote Liu Zhenghua as the vice dean and persuaded him to change jobs.

Tian Yunshan immediately called Huang Yunling to find out about the matter. Huang Yunling made an idea for him to win the support of Vice President Wang. Other members of the leadership team would naturally vote for Tian Yunshan. Tian Yunshan called on the spot to invite Vice President Wang to dinner. He excused the meeting in a different place. Unable to come back, Huang Yunling decided to take him to find the eldest disciple of Vice President Wang to clear up the relationship.

Tian Yunshan invited Huang Yunling to dinner, and accidentally saw Liu Zhenghua and Vice President Wang having dinner together, Tian Yunshan suddenly understood everything,

Unwilling to admit defeat, he sent a message asking Liu Nianbai to come to his office for an interview tomorrow morning. Du Di and Liu Nianbai’s second child is also a son. The 10-year-old eldest son suffers from the syndrome of self-destruction (commonly known as cerebral palsy). Liu Nianbai persuaded her to do a genetic test on her newborn son. She suspected that the younger son also had this condition. The disease, because the disease is passed on to males but not females, the husband and wife are desperate.

Liu Nianbai couldn’t bear to make them sad any more, so he concealed the fact that the disease could not live beyond the age of twenty. Liu Nianbai didn’t understand why they didn’t do genetic testing in advance. Wang Ying also felt sorry for the family. I asked for a consultation and wanted to include their cases in the scope of experimental treatment. Liu Nianbai agreed, Wang Ying was very grateful to him, and Du Di was also very distressed.

Liu Nianbai and Du Di brought the examination results of their youngest son. Wang Ying was trying to persuade the mother not to leave the hospital. The mother-in-law’s family decided that she had a genetic disease and left the divorce agreement. Wang Ying tried hard to persuade the mother to stay and agreed. To help her, Liu Nianbai has won the opportunity for them to go abroad for experimental treatment. It turns out that Wang Ying’s son, Winky, is also a child with cerebral palsy, and her mother has been helping her take care of Winky.

Liu Nianbai came to Tian Yunshan early in the morning, and Tian Yunshan gave him a copy of his mother Bai Qing’s medical records. Tian Yunshan treated Yang Shu, a pregnant woman suffering from uterine fibroids. He asked Du Di to be the doctor of the bed. Huang Yunling came later, excused that she was good at uterine fibroids, and handed Yang Shu over to Wu Congrui. Du Di was forced to hand over to Wu Congrui. Li Xiaojuan happened to be in the ward and quietly sent a message to inform Li Junxiao.

Huang Yunling believed that Yang Shu’s uterine fibroids were benign, and advised her mother-in-law and father-in-law to relax. Huang Yunling felt that it was not the right time for her to be pregnant, otherwise she would have been promoted to chief director long ago, and Wu Congrui would be able to be the chief inpatient. Instead, Wu Congrui comforted her not to think too much, the child was the most important thing, Huang Yunling helped Wu Congrui to grab the patient and encouraged her to catch it Opportunity to do well.

Huang Yunling suddenly received a call from the police station and learned that Lu Sichen was in trouble again. Wu Congrui wanted to accompany her to the police station. Huang Yunling asked her to complete relevant examinations for Yang Shu today, and then arrange a consultation to try to have an operation as soon as possible.

Medical staff from several departments came to the conference room early in the morning, but Huang Yunling was late. Wu Congrui had no choice but to call Tian Yunshan. Tian Yunshan brought Du Di to the meeting, and Du Di introduced Yang Shu’s condition to the participants. , Tian Yunshan asked everyone to express their opinions. Du Di suggested that the operation on the lower end of the fibroids would not only avoid heavy bleeding, but also ensure less damage to the mother. Tian Yunshan supported her idea. When Wu Congrui heard Du Di’s plan outside the door, she felt ashamed.

Li Junxiao suspected that Huang Yunling was in trouble at the police station, and asked Wu Congrui to take the time to ask the police station. Auntie Baojie came to the office to clean up, and accidentally knocked down a large pile of cases on Du Di’s table. She quickly picked it up and put it on the table. She didn’t know if the order was disrupted. Please Li Junxiao explain the situation to Du Di, Li Junxiao said nothing to Du Di.

Du Di came to the ward with Yang Shu’s case and explained the operation plan to Yang Shu’s mother-in-law and her father-in-law in detail, but the medical records belonged to another mother. Du Di hurriedly went back to the office to look through the medical records, only then did Li Junxiao tell the story that the cleaning aunt knocked down the medical records. Du Di found Yang Shu’s medical records under the table, and decided that Li Junxiao wanted to see her joke, but Li Junxiao did not explain it.

Du Di brought the medical records. Yang Shu’s father-in-law didn’t believe her and insisted that she explain the situation to Yang Shu’s former attending doctor. Du Di had to do it. Dr. Liu questioned the operation plan. On the phone, she made it clear that Tian Yunshan was the one who made the operation plan, and the chief surgeon was Tian Yunshan.

She was only responsible for explaining the matter. They had to sign the consent form for the operation. Mother-in-law Yang Shu and her father-in-law insisted that Tian Yunshan explain the situation to them. There is a meeting in the city now, and there will be two surgeries when they come back. If they insist on waiting, Yang Shu will not be able to have the surgery on time tomorrow. Yang Shu couldn’t wait, and persuaded her mother-in-law and father-in-law to sign the consent form, and they had to comply.

Liu Nianbai got the case of his mother, Bai Qing, and remembered the past. Bai Qing asked Liu Nianbai to watch TV obediently, and she committed suicide by jumping from the window.

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