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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 16 Recap

Lin Wei delivered a pregnant woman weighing 200 pounds. After the operation, Liu Nianbai and the medical staff tried to lift the mother down, but they remained motionless. Du Di took over from Liu Nianbai and lifted the mother off the operating table easily. Du Di reminded Liu Nianbai wanted to exercise more, Liu Nianbai wanted to exercise with Du Di, and threatened to be better than her in every item. Du Di hummed contemptuously, and Lin Wei hummed.

From that day on, Liu Nianbai followed Du Di to exercise together. Du Di ran 10 kilometers easily. Liu Nianbai was exhausted and exhausted. He was not convinced and followed Du Di to dance exercises. Du Di chose the one with the most intensity. , Liu Nianbai complained incessantly, but still persevered.

In order to catch up with Du Di, Liu Nianbai made a careful plan, which was completely rejected by Lin Wei. Lin Wei encouraged him to take the initiative to attack and confess to Du Di. Liu Nianbai was worried about being beaten by Du Di, so he came up with a plan that Du Di did not dare to do. place. Du Di and Liu Nianbai went to the operation together. The two of them changed into surgical clothes. After brushing their hands, Liu Nianbai took the opportunity to confess to Du Di. Du Di didn’t dare to hit him, so he hit his nose with his head, and Liu Nianbai’s nose was caught on the spot. Bleeding. After the operation, Du Di found Liu Nianbai sleeping soundly on the chair in the office, so he put a white coat on him.

Zhang Ying had nowhere to go, so she had to go to Huang Yunling. Huang Yunling asked her husband to go to sleep in her son Lu Sichen’s room. She prepared breakfast early in the morning, but Lu Sichen ignored Zhang Ying in a fit of anger. Huang Yunling was very angry. Guo Caiting left without eating. Huang Yunling gave Lu Sichen a hard lesson. Lu Sichen often fights with classmates at school. If there is another time, the school will expel him, but her husband disagrees and reminds Huang Yunling to take good care of the miscarriage.

Zhang Ying came to see Guo Caiting as scheduled. Guo Caiting insisted that the person Zhang Zilu loved was her, and it was only because Zhang Ying was pregnant that she did not divorce. However, Zhang Zilu said that she and Guo Caiting were pregnant because of a drinking mistake, and they couldn’t get rid of them. I guessed the result. Since she gave Zhang Zilu the high-risk examination report of her child’s Tang syndrome, Zhang Zilu never went to her again. Guo Caiting concluded that Zhang Zilu went to Zhang Ying to get back together.

When Guo Caiting was in college, she went to Zhang Zilu’s company’s annual meeting to do etiquette. Zhang Zilu fell in love with her at first sight and lied that her wife was dead. Zhang Zilu developed together through weal and woe. She decided to break up with Zhang Zilu, but she did not want Zhang Zilu to be forgiven so easily. Guo Caiting wanted to join forces with Zhang Ying to make Zhang Zilu pay the price, but Zhang Ying categorically refused.

Li Xiaojuan often helps pregnant women take takeaways, and gradually became familiar with the takeaway brother. The takeaway brother accidentally spilled the food. Li Xiaojuan not only did not let him pay, but also reminded him to pay attention to safety. When the pregnant woman saw that the food was spilled, she was furious, and Li Xiaojuan hurriedly said good things with her smiling face. When Du Di came to hear the news, he prohibited pregnant women from eating such greasy takeout, and asked Li Xiaojuan to throw it away. The pregnant woman refused to do it. The two had a dispute. Wu Congrui came to persuade him in time and took Du Di away first.

Wu Congrui explained the stakes to the pregnant woman and agreed to take a few bites to relieve her cravings. The pregnant woman readily agreed, and the matter was easily resolved. Li Xiaojuan was very grateful to Wu Congrui and repeatedly praised her for her high emotional intelligence. She wanted to introduce Li Junxiao to her, but she did not want people to know. She is Li Junxiao’s sister, Li Xiaojuan hesitated to speak, Li Junxiao happened to be passing by, Li Xiaojuan hurriedly stopped him and told Wu Congrui’s help. Li Junxiao wanted to invite Wu Congrui to dinner, but Wu Congrui found various excuses to shirk the blame.

Du Di looked at his mobile phone while eating. Liu Nianbai confiscated the mobile phone on the spot and took the opportunity to ask her to be his girlfriend. Du Di strongly opposed it. Liu Nianbai threatened to kiss her in public, and Du Di was helpless. Liu Nianbai recommended Du Di to participate in the project he introduced. Du Di wanted to compete fairly with Wu Congrui for this opportunity. Liu Nianbai asked Du Di to be his assistant.

Li Junxiao heard the conversation between Liu Nianbai and Du Di, and sent a message to remind Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui told Huang Yunling about the matter. Huang Yunling felt that it was impossible. If Liu Nianbai really let Du Di participate, Huang Yunling would directly let Wu Congrui join her project. Guo Caiting hung up Huang Yunling’s number, her Tang’s screening has returned to normal, Guo Caiting asked Huang Yunling not to tell Zhang Zilu the result, Huang Yunling advised her to think about it, and not let the child recognize Zhang Zilu as an unreliable father.

Guo Caiting wanted to have an abortion, but she was reluctant. She sat in the hall and cried for two hours. Wu Congrui couldn’t stand it any longer, so he persuaded her nicely, and even enlightened her with his miscarriage. Zhang Ying came to negotiate with Guo Caiting. She originally wanted to divorce Zhang Zilu, but she did not expect her mother-in-law to come to her house to find her. Her mother-in-law knelt on the ground and confessed to Zhang Ying. She always thought that Zhang Ying could not have children, so Zhang Zilu asked the young Guo Caiting. Unexpectedly, the child Guo Caiting was carrying was unhealthy, and her mother-in-law begged Zhang Ying to keep the child.

Zhang Ying came up with a bold decision. She divorced Zhang Zilu first and asked Guo Caiting to tell Zhang Zilu about the child’s health. Zhang Zilu would definitely continue to be with Guo Caiting. Guo Caiting would divorce Zhang Zilu and let Zhang Zilu get rich. Two empty, two people hit it off.

Wang Ying convened the obstetrician and gynecologist for a dinner, and talked about the interesting stories between pregnant women and doctors. Wang Ying inadvertently said that pregnant women have the habit of eating nails. Liu Nianbai suspected that it was caused by genetic problems, and Du Di was immediately alert. She also has a bad nail-eating habit that she’s been trying to overcome.

Zhang Ying and Zhang Zilu soon finished the divorce procedures. She came to Huang Yunling’s house to celebrate. Huang Yunling couldn’t drink, so she called Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui to accompany the drink. Zhang Ying saw that Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui were a natural pair, and Huang Yunling also tried her best to match them up. Saying that he would work hard, Wu Congrui hurriedly changed the subject.

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