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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 20 Recap

Mu Chuan sent Lu Anran back to Lu Mansion, saying that he would share his story with Lu Anran next time. Then he kissed Lu Anran’s forehead and left happily, but he didn’t know that Lu Anran had already made up his mind to end his relationship at this time. Lu Anran came to Qingwang’s mansion late at night and agreed to marry Mu Ze, hoping that Mu Ze would let the Lu family go and keep the Lu family safe from now on.

Mu Chuan came to the Lu family early in the morning and saw that the servants of the Lu family were happily setting up the Lu family, and only after asking did he learn that Lu Anran was going to marry Mu Ze. Mu Chuan hurriedly came to Lu Anran’s boudoir, but Lu Anran did not want to see Mu Chuan, and only let Dongqing spread the word that he really wanted to marry King Qing, and only had a confidant affection for Mu Chuan. Dong Qing said that Lu Anran had already figured it out, so he made such a choice, but Mu Chuan couldn’t figure out why Lu Anran would make such a decision every day, so he could only leave in frustration. Lu Anran, who was separated by a door, was sad and weeping, but he did not dare to go out and stop Mu Chuan.

Lingxi couldn’t understand why Lu Anran refused Mu Chuan’s affection. It was obvious that they both had each other’s hearts, and it was obvious to her that Lu Anran liked Mu Chuan very much. Lu Anran reprimanded Lingxi not to do these things. Lingxi doesn’t matter, Lingxi leaves angrily, wondering why the lady talks to herself like this.

Lu Anran told Mu Ze that she didn’t want to live in the Qing Palace after marriage. After all, she didn’t want to compete with Xiao Jingque to be jealous, and she could be quiet when she moved out. Mu Ze warned Lu Anran to know the rules of being a concubine. He could allow Lu Anran to live here, but Lu Anran had better find a way to make Mu Chuan give up on her. Mu Ze didn’t want to see Lu Anran’s tears, and warned her that if he lost interest one day, he might torture Lu Anran’s beloved younger brother Lu Yun.

Mu Chuan came to Shen Changqing’s house in the rain, where he borrowed wine to relieve his worries, and also stated to his good brother his sincere love for Lu Anran, but now he doesn’t know what to do. Mu Chuan suffered from the wind and cold in the rain, and finally fainted due to the high fever. Xiao Jingque learned that Mu Ze was going to marry Lu Anran as his concubine, but she did not understand why the Lu family was taken away by the imperial court, why Mu Ze kept saying that marrying Lu Anran was an expedient measure. Xiao Jingque’s remarks provoked Mu Ze to beat people and drive them away. But Xiao Jingque also put down her words, once Lu Anran entered the mansion, he would definitely not make her feel better.

When Mu Ze came to the barracks, Xiao Ying said that he was busy with border affairs and neglected to pay attention to King Yi. At the same time, he also expressed his dissatisfaction with Mu Ze. Mu Ze’s attitude towards Xiao Jingque made him Xiao Ying dissatisfied. Xiao Ying wanted to be the concubine of Qing Wangfu for his sister, and Mu Ze wanted to allocate troops to the southern border, and the two reached an agreement.

Shen Changqing sent someone to Lu Mansion to invite Lu Anran to visit Mu Chuan, but Lu Anran refused, but Shen Changqing came to Lu Mansion to invite Lu Anran in person. At the same time, he told Lu Anran that Mu Chuan was ill from the rain and that he could not take medicine after having a high fever, and only thought about Lu Anran. Lu Anran felt sorry for Mu Chuan, knowing that what he should face must be faced eventually, and agreed to visit Mu Chuan with Shen Changqing. Shen Changqing persuaded Lu Anran, and Mu Chuan had an attitude of indifference on the surface, but in fact he grew up in the family of an emperor, and there were also difficulties. And only Lu Anran was the one who Mu Chuan loved, and hoped that Lu Anran could also understand Mu Chuan’s intentions.

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