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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 19 Recap

Mu Chuan explained to the emperor why Lu Qingzhou was framed, hoping to clear his grievances. The emperor learned that the sisters were cruel to each other, but he didn’t know if the sisters wanted to make trouble, or if they wanted to tell the truth of the Lu family. The emperor said that as long as the Lu family could hand over the ownership of the shipping, he would treat this as a farce, and Lu Qingzhou would be fine. Although Mu Chuan felt that this was unfair to the Lu family, the royal family was a bit rude.

But he couldn’t make the emperor change his mind, so he had to beg Mu Ze to enter the palace to testify for the Lu family, and to return the Lu family’s innocence, but Mu Ze also believed that the ordinary merchants of the Lu family were in control of Dahan’s water transportation, and the emperor would not. Miss this opportunity. Mu Chuan couldn’t agree with what Mu Ze thought of the emperor’s power, and left in anger.

In private, Mu Ze also wanted to take the opportunity to threaten Lu Anran to compromise. After all, he held Lu Xinran’s handwritten letter in his hand. As long as Lu Anran compromised, he could bring the letter to the emperor to prove his innocence to the Lu family.

Lu Anran learned that because of Lu Xinran’s incident, the Lu family’s business was already unable to make ends meet, and many boatmen resigned and left. Lu Anran instructed his subordinates to let the steward of Thirty-Six Ports take care of the list, and discuss the matter in Hanjing Lu House on the first day of next month.

Lu Anran knew that Mu Chuan had been running around for a day to find evidence for the Lu Mansion, but all came back without success. Lu Anran was willing to give up the Lu family’s business name, after all, life is better than anything else. Mu Chuan was annoyed that he had no military power, could not protect Lu Anran, and could not help her solve her troubles. I also understand that when we have weaknesses, we must use power as armor.

The next day, Lu Anran went to the palace to meet the emperor and presented the Pisces decree ordering the Lu family and the deed to transfer the court. Lu Anran asked the emperor to let him continue to manage the shipping of the Lu family, so as to avoid chaos in the shipping, and prevent the shipping from becoming a bargaining chip in the dispute between the previous dynasties. The emperor agreed to Lu Anran’s request, and then the emperor asked Lu Anran to accompany him for a walk.

He also told her about his past with Mu Chuan’s mother-in-law, and Mu Chuan was so similar to his mother-in-law that he was also willing to devote his life to love. It turned out that when Mu Chuan pleaded for the Lu family before, he told the emperor that he liked Lu Anran and wanted to marry him. The emperor thought that Lu Anran was not worthy of Mu Chuan’s future, and warned Lu Anran to stay away from Mu Chuan. He also agreed to let Lu Qingzhou return to Su City to take care of his old age, and whether Lu Qingzhou could die well depends on whether Lu Anran could be loyal to Dahan.

When the snow was blowing, Lu Anran walked out of the palace step by step. In her past life and this life, she was unable to be fulfilled emotionally. Now she has no way to escape, unless the ending is subverted, Mu Ze is no longer the emperor. Although he knew it was going to be difficult, Lu Anran was unwilling to admit defeat.

Lu Qingzhou was acquitted and learned that Lu Anran gave the Lu family’s business name to the emperor, but he did not blame his daughter. Lu Anran decided to stay in Hanjing to fight, and firmly believed that one day he would meet his father again. Mu Ze did not expect that Lu Anran would hand over the Lu family to the emperor, and was unwilling to come to him for help, and then arranged for a dark guard to follow Lu Qingzhou.

Lu Anran asked Lingxi to send a letter to Mu Chuan to meet the next day. Lingxi was pleased that Lu Anran finally knew that he had taken the initiative in the relationship, but he did not know that Lu Anran had planned to break up with Mu Chuan. Mu Chuan made a wooden carved rabbit lamp by himself overnight and gave it to Lu Anran after meeting. The two were hanging out in the street market and joined hands to make Dingsheng cakes. They were misunderstood by passers-by as husband and wife. The two did not explain much, but enjoyed the sweetness of getting along.

In the evening, Lu Anran and Mu Chuan had a heart-to-heart talk by the lake, and they both had to tell each other a story of love at first sight. Lu Anran told the past and present feelings in a story, and gave the story a perfect ending, but only she knew in her heart that she had no choice. I also hope that if there is an afterlife, she will be willing to marry the person she loves and have a white head with Sauvignon Blanc. Lu Anran bought fireworks as a surprise for Mu Chuan, and hoped that one day Mu Chuan’s improved rice seeds would be planted all over the world.

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