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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 22 Recap

Zhao Xiaosheng and Zheng Guangtian met for fishing. Zheng Guangtian mentioned the news of Cao Dalong’s death lightly, saying that the Zhao family could finally breathe a sigh of relief, Zhao Xiaosheng immediately retorted, even if Cao Dalong didn’t die and really explained the process of the mining accident, he was not afraid, at most Corruption and bribery imply that Zheng Guangtian is more responsible than himself.

Zhao Xiaosheng also indicated that Zheng Guangtian could leave Changwu in peace, and then he would find someone to fight the yacht explosion. Xiao Zhenbang called and asked Zheng Guangtian to meet. Zheng Guangtian warned Zhao Xiaosheng before leaving that the two sides were grasshoppers on a rope.

Xiao Zhenbang was dissatisfied with Zheng Guangtian’s arrangement against Chang Zheng and the silence of Cao Dalong, so he asked angrily, Zheng Guangtian answered Xiao Zhenbang, only in this way can their family live a peaceful life. Xiao Zhenbang vowed that Zheng Guangtian and the Zhao family would never be allowed to hurt Chang Zheng again.

Zheng Guangtian saw that Xiao Zhenbang was indistinguishable from inside and outside, oil and salt did not enter, he raised his arms and prepared to teach Xiao Zhenbang a lesson as before, but was blocked by Xiao Zhenbang, Zheng Guangtian realized At that time, Xiao Zhenbang would no longer be at his own mercy as before, so he calmly reasoned and used his family as a bargaining chip to force Xiao Zhenbang to do work for Xiao Chen, and to take Chang Zheng’s case.

Zhao Pengzhan urged Zhao Pengxiang to create false evidence of Changzheng and bribery, and completely attacked Changzheng. Zhao Pengxiang was worried that he should discuss with Zhao Pengchao in advance. When Zhao Pengzhan heard it, he was angry and deliberately angered Zhao Pengxiang. Zhao Pengxiang really changed his mind.

Song Guangming had just arrived at the police station. When he was parking, he saw Jia Xiaoqiang receiving an envelope with money. Lin Bai called again and asked about Chang Zheng’s current situation. Song Guangming did not hide it and told the truth that Chang Zheng was framed. Lin Bai.

Lin Bai lost his mind and immediately asked Hana for help. Hana saw the public opinion report of the day and understood what happened to Chang Zheng. Zhao Pengchao was very angry when he saw the news, and blamed Zhao Pengxiang for making false evidence without his consent. Zhao Pengzhan also came forward to explain that he would not fall into the trap when Chang Zheng was in trouble. Once Chang Zheng turned over, it would be a threat to the Zhao family.

Zhao Pengchao analyzed for the two of them that the interrogation that Chang Zheng did not monitor for Cao Dalong can already be punished by suspension or dismissal of Chang Zheng, to achieve the purpose of the Zhao family. Zhao Pengzhan’s troubles opened up another breakthrough for Chang Zheng, which not only gave Chang Zheng a chance to turn over, but also disrupted all of Zhao Pengchao’s plans.

Hana learned about Chang Zheng’s matter from the procuratorate. It is still in the stage of evidence collection, and there is no conclusion. It is not convenient for him to come forward to deal with the matter in person. Lin Bai couldn’t hold back his anxiety and reminded Hana not to forget that Chang Zheng was Hana’s biological son. Han Ya couldn’t help thinking of how he was pregnant with Zhao Xiaosheng’s child more than 20 years ago, and was eager to draw a line with Zhao Xiaosheng, so he divorced.

Lin Bai supported Hana in giving birth to the child and helped raise it by himself. It was handed over to Lin Bai, who raised Chang Zheng and called Han Ya “Godmother”. Chang Zheng still doesn’t know that Han Ya is his biological mother.

Zhao Pengchao just wanted Chang Zheng to take off his police uniform, but he was dissatisfied with the framing of Chang Zheng by the eldest and third of the Zhao family, which made Zhao Pengzhan not understand. Three is completely confused. It turned out that Zhao Pengchao already knew Chang Zheng’s life experience.

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