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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 19 Recap

Zhao Pengchao was always skeptical about whether Deng Xiaojun had disclosed valuable information before his death, so he specially asked Zhao Xiaosheng about the real situation and the murderer. You have to take the initiative to get out of the way. Zhao Xiaosheng brought Zhao Pengchao to the Zhao family ancestral hall and revealed another “protective umbrella” – Zheng Guangtian, the former vice chairman of the Binjiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference.

Zheng Guangtian was behind the scenes. The two answered the phone, and Zhao Xiaosheng asked the murderer of Deng Lijun. Zheng Guangtian admitted that this person has been working under Zhao Xiaosheng and his name is Cao Dalong.

Zhao Xiaosheng was the director of the Public Security Office at that time, and Deng Lijun was the safety supervisor. After the mine accident, Deng Lijun began to investigate. He found that the safety facilities in the mine were a complete tofu slag project, which was the root cause of the mine accident. The investigation report was a disaster for the managers.

Zheng Guangtian was then the manager of the Qiongya No. 5 Mine and instructed Qing Chenglin, the director of the Supervision Office, to cover up the truth. Qing Chenglin asked Deng Lijun to revise the report, but Deng Lijun insisted on being fair. work. The Public Security Office also received an order from a superior, requesting access to the investigation.

Zheng Guangtian panicked, and found Zhao Xiaosheng with a large amount of money that night. Even if he knew there was a risk, Zhao Xiaosheng could not resist the temptation of money anyway, so he agreed. Zheng Guangtian sent Cao Dalong to lead Deng Lijun into the mine. Cao Dalong attacked from behind while Deng Lijun was not paying attention. After beating Deng Lijun to death, he ignited the explosives used for blasting in the mine, creating the illusion of a mine explosion.

After recalling the events of the year, Zhao Pengchao discovered that the level of Zheng Guangtian was only a “small role” in this matter. Zhao Pengchao was curious about the bigger behind-the-scenes characters and wanted to ask further questions. Zhao Xiaosheng said that there is no need to worry, When the time comes, it will be revealed.

Ning Yu found Cao Dalong, who is now a security manager in the tourism department of Sihai Group. Zhao Pengchao thought that when Cao Dalong should keep his mouth shut forever, he asked his subordinates to meet Cao Dalong and prepare to secretly get rid of him.

Seeing Cao Dalong’s panicked expression, Ning Yu followed closely behind. Chang Zheng blocked him from the other end, and the two captured Cao Dalong.

Knowing that Cao Dalong was arrested, Zhao Pengchao called Li Bodong as soon as possible and asked to inquire about the situation. Chang Zheng suggested to Xiao Zhenbang that Cao Dalong be interrogated, and Xiao Zhenbang carefully asked whether Cao Dalong had confessed. Chang Zheng believed that although Cao Dalong had not confessed for the time being, Deng Xiaojun mentioned Cao Dalong’s name before he died, so it was necessary to interrogate him, and he also visited Zhao’s family by the way. movement.

Cao Dalong knew that the police had no definite evidence, was irritable in the interrogation room, and knew that he could not ask for the result. He had to release the person within 24 hours, and put on a cynical attitude. When asked if he had killed Deng Lijun, Cao Dalong had a slight hesitation. , but quickly denied it. Chang Zheng knew that if he continued to ask, there would be no result. Instead, it made Cao Dalong even more resistant, so he signaled to suspend the interrogation.

Li Bodong told Zhao Pengchao to find a way to get Cao Dalong out of the police station as soon as possible, and let Xia Zongtao hide so that he would not be discovered by the police.

Chang Shi borrowed money from Zhao Pengxiang for live broadcast delivery. When it was time to pay back the money, it had not been turned around yet. Zhao Pengxiang led someone to collect the debt. Lynx reports Tsuneishi for selling fake health products.

Chang Shi asked Memorial for help. Memorial brought back Chang Shi from the police station, and happened to be seen by the deputy director. The deputy director had a good relationship with Lin Bai, so he told Lin Bai what happened to Chang Shi. Lin Bai was worried that Chang Shi was involved in the Zhao family’s strategy. He called Hana and asked for help.

Zhao Pengchao asked Xia Zongtao to do things with him. Xia Zongtao was bitter about Xia Zonghai’s death and rejected Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao was not angry, but told the cattle to die, and everything followed Xia Zongtao’s intention.

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