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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 18 Recap

Memorial was dissatisfied with the use of emotion to kidnap his life and work. After the two had a big fight, Memorial felt aggrieved. Scarred foot.

When he got home, Zhao Pengchao came to the door and saw the swollen ankle of the memorial. Zhao Pengchao hurriedly picked up the memorial and went to the hospital. After treating the affected area, he sent the memorial home, and intimately told the memorial to take more rest.

Zhang Xiaoming and He Yidong went to the resort of the Four Seas Group to investigate. The two went there as tourists, but found that the resort was being closed for rectification. , rented out to someone related to the Zhao family.

Lu Jian and Guo Liang went to the location of the No. 5 mine as fishing enthusiasts. The collapsed mine contained very deep water, so this reason is also plausible. When they arrived at the scene, they were expelled by several administrators.

Peng Duo and Li Mingqi investigated the situation around Zhao’s house and found that there were surveillance cameras everywhere and sentries all around. It was difficult for people who entered Zhao Xiaosheng’s villa area to hide. For the sake of safety, Yan Guohua ordered Peng Duo to suspend the action, so as not to be found out by the Zhao family.

Xue Wei helped Chang Zheng to investigate the acquisition of the Zhao family. Not only was the process legal, but the acquirers also generally spoke highly of Zhao Pengchao, indicating that Zhao Pengchao’s emotional intelligence was very high.

After the conflict with the memorial, Chang Zheng was sitting in the office in a daze, and suddenly received a call from his friend Da Fei. The other party claimed that Deng Xiaojun was found near the Changbei Ferry. Chang Zheng immediately called the task force to arrange action. It turned out that Chang Zheng seemed to relax his vigilance and had been acting secretly. In order to find Deng Xiaojun’s whereabouts, he started from three aspects, inquiring about hotel accommodation information, short-term rentals, and Deng Xiaojun’s social network.

In order to avoid the Zhao family, Deng Xiaojun suddenly ran away, defecting to acquaintances and hotel accommodation is obviously not advisable, the focus is on short-term rental. Chang Zheng contacted several friends around Changwu to help investigate black intermediaries, group rental houses, and urban villages. Sure enough, he found Deng Xiaojun’s whereabouts.

Due to the undercover investigation, Chang Zheng was inconvenient to come forward, so he asked Ning Yu and Song Guangming to rush to Changbei. When the two set off, they met Jia Xiaoqiang, an auxiliary police officer, and the news was leaked.

Under Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement, Xia Zongtao was infected with drugs. Zhao Pengchao promised to provide Xia Zongtao with a steady stream of supplies. Although the Zhao family acquired Xia Zongtao’s seafood market, they would keep half of the shares for Xia Zongtao. The premise is to help Zhao Pengchao kill Deng Xiaojun.

In commemoration of recovering from his foot injury, he will soon return to work in the company. Zhao Peng sent his care frequently, and inquired about the cases that the Zhao family was currently involved in. Zhao Pengchao avoided the important points and analyzed the difficulties faced by him and Chang Zheng from the standpoint of commemoration. Win favor.

Under the leadership of Da Fei, Ning Yu and Song Guangming found Deng Xiaojun’s residence. The two were about to take the ferry back to the Criminal Investigation Brigade. The news leaked again. Xia Zongtao got on the same ferry. Deng Xiaojun stabbed a few times, and Ning Yu asked Song Guangming to chase the murderer. Song Guangming happened to have a gout attack, and the murderer fled the scene. With the only breath left, Deng Xiaojun said that his father was framed by Cao Dalong. Chang Zheng and Jinyan arrived immediately.

After Deng Xiaojun was picked up by 120, Ning Yu asked Song Guangming why he had a gout attack every time at a critical moment, as if he had calculated the time. Although Song Guangming repeatedly explained, Ning Yu simply directly To be honest, he has been observing secretly for a long time. Every time he encounters the case of the Zhao family, Song Guangming’s gout will attack, which is completely intentional.

Li Bodong accused Chang Zheng of acting without authorization and asked what Deng Xiaojun had revealed before his death. Chang Zheng firmly denied that Li Bodong and Zhao Pengchao met and asked Zhao Pengchao to confirm to Zhao Xiaosheng who the murderer who killed Deng Lijun was.

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