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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 16 Recap

Zhao Xiaosheng told Zhao Pengchao about Li Bodong’s corruption. Li Bodong was just an ordinary police officer. He was worried about his children going to school at that time. He happened to see a school district room developed by Zhao Xiaosheng. Li Bodong refused to set up a house at first, but after finishing elementary school, junior high school, and high school, he always opened his mouth to Zhao Xiaosheng, and gradually moved closer to Zhao Xiaosheng.

The closer you get, the less clear boundaries are there for many things. But Li Bodong has a characteristic, only for Zhao Xiaosheng, the eldest and third of the Zhao family have looked for Li Bodong, but Li Bodong did not connect smoothly. And Zhang Qiufeng is just a pawn in Li Bodong’s hands, and he is at his mercy, just to gain Li Bodong’s appreciation.

Zhang Qiufeng called Chang Zheng to the office and took out the case closing certificate for Chang Zheng to sign. Chang Zheng was puzzled. Zhang Qiufeng was the one who blamed him for closing the case in a hurry. Now, how could he forget what he said and in turn want to close the case in a hurry. Zhang Qiufeng replied, DNA identification has been done, which can prove that the deceased is Deng Lijun. Moreover, Chang Zheng pulls Jin Yan back and forth every day, wasting police, material and financial resources, so there is no need to investigate further.

Chang Zheng sees through Zhang Qiufeng’s mind, Knowing that it is useless to explain, after all, the first-level official crushed people to death, and remembering Jin Yan’s statement of obedience to the leader, Xiao Zhenbang mentioned the roundabout strategy, so he agreed to Zhang Qiufeng’s proposal.

After Chang Zheng signed, Li Bodong hurriedly told Zhao Xiaosheng that after Zhao Pengchao understood the situation, he wanted to invite Li Bodong to Zhao Jiawei for dinner. Li Bodong received the call and hung up directly. Zhao Pengchao was not reconciled and instructed Heitou to come to Li Bodong’s house to threaten him at night. Li Bodong was forced to agree to go to Zhao Pengchao’s dinner.

When Li Bodong came to Zhaojiawei, he didn’t want to be involved with the next generation of the Zhao family, but Zhao Pengchao grabbed the key as soon as he opened his mouth, and Li Bodong could not refuse. So we started a calm conversation. Zhao Pengchao did his homework in advance. Knowing that Li Bodong’s daughter was applying for a century-old prestigious school in Paris, he mentioned it.

Li Bodong said that his daughter had her own ideas and insisted on going, but it was still unknown whether she could apply. Zhao Pengchao hurriedly answered the call. He has a friend who has a doctorate in biology in Australia and can help write a letter of recommendation, so he can do it with confidence. At this point, Li Bodong began to express his gratitude and promised that Zhao Pengchao could contact him directly in the future.

Chang Zheng has stopped temporarily, and Li Bodong has been dealt with, and Zhao Pengchao has begun to rectify the interior of the Zhao family. First of all, Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang were forced to close down four casinos. The casinos were the money bag of Zhao’s family, and the two could also profit from them, so they both disagreed. Do relatively safe business with acquaintances.

Zhao Pengchao’s deeds were passed on to Zhao Pengsheng, Zhao Xiao declared that Bai Zhao Pengchao was good for the Zhao family and did not want to leave behind a handle, but why didn’t he discuss it with himself in advance. Zhao Pengchao explained that he did not want to make the old man embarrassed, and all of them were his own children. Zhao Xiaosheng was speechless, and Zhao Pengchao also told Zhao Xiaosheng that there would be a big move next.

Zhao Pengchao intends to optimize the structure of the industry owned by the Zhao family and integrate resources. The first step is to ask Zhao Xiaosheng to inscribe the word “Sihai”, and to change the name of Tieshi Mining Group to Sihai Group. Chang Zheng finally had time to have a meal with Memorial, and persuaded Memorial to leave Zhao’s company. Memorial also had this idea. After dinner, he returned to the group office building and was about to resign to Zhao Pengchao, but he felt that he could not speak. Please come into the office, describe your grand blueprint, and also say that everything is ready, only to commemorate the joining, and the sincerity of the attitude makes the commemoration impossible to refuse.

The secret investigation team moved its station to Hezi Lane and closely followed Zhao Pengchao’s actions.

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