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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 15 Recap

Zhang Qiufeng was very angry and reprimanded Chang Zheng and Jin Yan. Chang Zheng was unconvinced and contradicted Zhang Qiufeng every sentence. Jin Yan was more tactful and accepted criticism with humility. . After returning to the office, Chang Zheng ridiculed Jin Yan for “licking a dog into a sperm.” Jin Yan told Chang Zheng that as long as he did not violate discipline or violate the law, how to investigate the case is the task force’s own business.

After reviewing, you can still do things according to your own ideas, and insisting on being more sincere with your leaders is of no use except to make yourself uncomfortable. Chang Zheng still disagreed with Zhang Qiufeng’s approach, but kept Jin Yan’s words of persuasion in his heart.

After thinking for a while, Chang Zheng took the initiative to admit his mistake to Li Bodong; Li Bodong’s change to Chang Zheng was unexpected. Zhao Pengchao asked Zhao Xiaosheng about the case of Deng Lijun’s corpse. Zhao Xiaosheng said that he just wanted to divert Chang Zheng’s attention, but he didn’t expect Chang Zheng to follow the vine and start investigating the cause of the mine accident, which was beyond Zhao Xiaosheng’s expectations.

Jin Yan secretly handed Zhao Pengcheng’s newspaper clippings to Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua believed that the most urgent task was to find Deng Xiaojun, but everyone knew about the news of Zhao’s family, and Deng Xiaojun would definitely not dare to show his face.

Tsuneishi made a friend named Old Smelly. The two of them made loans together to make quick money, but when they encountered many clients who were not able to repay the money, the two began to intimidate them. Unexpectedly, a female student almost committed suicide without being intimidated. Now that Chang Shi is being targeted by the Criminal Investigation Brigade, he wants Chang Zheng to intercede with Captain Xue of the third team. Chang Zheng wants to bring Chang Shi back to the bureau to surrender himself, but Chang Shi disagrees.

After all, it is his own family. Chang Zheng can’t ignore it, so he has to ask for memorial help. Chang Shi went to Tieshi Mining Group to find a memorial, but Zhao Pengchao found him. Zhao Pengchao asked Zhao Pengxiang to stop Chang Shi. Zhao Pengxiang sincerely expressed his willingness to help Chang Shi, and invited Chang Shi to join the Zhao family. In the group, Tsuneishi did not understand the intentions of the Zhao family, and agreed in a confused manner.

Yan Guohua asked Jin Yan to send Chang Zheng a list of survivors of the mining accident. The list was left by a reporter named Lu Yuan. This person was going to do an in-depth interview about the mining accident, but the application was always rejected by the mining area management department. Things continued to drag on, and in the end, Lu Yuan left the list.

Lu Yuan had passed away, but Yan Guohua expected Chang Zhenghui to meet with reporters, so he asked Zhang Xiaoming, a member of the secret investigation team who was close in age, to pretend to be a member of the secret investigation team. Zhang Xiaoming analyzed various doubts about the mining accident. Memorial intends to resign from Tieshi Mining and needs to discuss with Chang Zheng. Chang Zheng is eager to find survivors of the mining accident and delayed the meeting time.

After meeting with the survivors of the mine disaster, Chang Zheng learned that before him, Chang Fei and Zhao Pengcheng had both learned about the situation in person. Several people agreed that the group would not allow anyone to speak casually, otherwise it would not receive compensation.

Chang Zheng reported to Xiao Zhenbang the progress of the investigation of the Qiongya Mine accident. Deng Lijun suffered a mine accident and Zhao Pengcheng was killed, so he pointed the finger at the Zhao family. Therefore, he applied for the investigation of the two matters.

Xiao Zhenbang did not immediately agree, saying that Deng Lijun’s death Twenty-eight years later, there was no case to file a case, and it is even more difficult to file a case 28 years later, and the last time Changzheng privately investigated the iron stone mining industry, which is a star enterprise and a major taxpayer in the province, has alerted the provincial leaders. Therefore, it is not advisable to rush forward, and a roundabout approach can be adopted. During the entire conversation, there were always ears eavesdropping outside the door.

Zhao Xiaosheng told Zhao Pengchao that Deng Lijun was deliberately murdered because he found the reason for the mine accident, but it was not Zhao Xiaosheng’s actions. He was just an insider. gold.

Zhao Pengchao continued to ask questions. Zhao Xiaosheng led Zhao Pengchao to the Zhao family ancestral hall. There was a large umbrella-shaped structure in the hall, and there were fifty-four small umbrellas. Each small umbrella represented a layer of “protective umbrella”. Zhao Xiaosheng opened it. In several of them, the faces of Li Bodong and Zhang Qiufeng appeared respectively. On the other hand, Li Bodong asked Zhang Qiufeng to meet and ordered the investigation of the mining accident to be stopped immediately.

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